Finally Spending Some of that Hard Earned Money; Time to Look Good for a Wedding (7/23/19)

Today was my day off, and though usually I spend one of my two days doing absolutely nothing, today was different. Today I was actually meeting with a gentleman for a fitting at 1:30, because now that I actually have some extra money, I want to buy a fitted suit for my dad’s wedding. Now he said we didn’t need to wear suits or anything, but one- it’s a wedding and I want to look good (but not as good as my dad because that’s just rude), and two- I just don’t have any suits that fit me really well, or any good suits in general. The gentleman I went to actually works for a company called Enzo Custom, and I was actually really excited coming into the appointment. Now the appointment was at 1:30PM, so I worked to get up at 11:30, took a shower, and hurried out of my apartment by 12:30, making it to Wall Street and to the 27th floor of the building and into the new Enzo office right at 1:30. I sat down with a gentleman named Pierre and we took the hour session to not only get my measurements, but also to design every bit of the suit; from the buttons to the seams to the color scheme. I am actually so damn excited. I ended up getting the suit jacket, along with a vest, dress-shirt, and a tie, which came in at just over 1200; which is the max I was willing to spend on a suit. It’s being made now and should be in for final retouches in a few weeks, so definitely get excited. I am going to look so damn snazzy for my dad’s wedding, though of course I’m not going to upstage him because I wouldn’t dare do that. Also it’s going to be a really relaxed wedding; my dad is definitely not gonna wear a suit.

I ended up leaving the building just after 2:30, and caught the A going back uptown for another errand. Also side note, the view from the building was incredible. It’s actually the picture I used for today. As I rode the A uptown, I debated whether or not to get a haircut, but decided against it because my barber was not in today, and I am not switching off from her. She has done a good job every time, and I ain’t gonna cheat on my barber. You just don’t do that shit. Instead I took the train all the way up to 168th St., where I made a quick stop at my dentist’s to pay the bill from my last appointment, before heading to Wendy’s for some food because I realized it was already 4PM and I still hadn’t eaten today. Big yikes. As I ate my chicken sandwich and fries, I could tell from the clouds that a storm was a brewin’ and ready to come down in the next few hours. The last stop on my trip was just to the post office so I could ship back my 23andMe and get my results. Real exciting stuff, but honestly terrifying. I hurried to the office, and after some confusion of where to drop my package off at, I finally got it done and headed back to the train station, just in time for an A going uptown.

I made it out of the train station and to my apartment without trouble, and since I hoped to still have a bit of time to spare, I took the cash I’ve been saving up from work and deposited it into my account thanks to a local PNC atm. Like holy shit in two weeks I had saved up $400 in cash, even with buying lunch all the time and having frequent grocery store runs. I only deposited around $200, because I need $100 for voice lessons tomorrow, and I think it’s good for me to have an extra $100 with me to carry around. After I finally got that done, which I will say took a bit, because I had $100 in 1 dollar bills, and ATM’s do not like that shit, but I got it done and made it back to my apartment before the rain hit. For the rest of the night I’ve just been playing League by myself, then with Mags and our friend Zach, and I’m about to pass out. Tomorrow is definitely gonna be really busy, because I have a voice lesson at 10AM and then gotta run to catch the ferry at noon for a friend’s birthday. Here’s hoping things go at least a bit smoothly, though you never know what’s gonna happen.

Until next time,


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