It’s Raining, So You Know What That Means Here at Eataly! (7/22/19)

Today it poured, which I have found (thanks to working at Eataly for a month now) means that we are going to get SLAMMED. Now today started out the same as normal. I woke up, lied in bed for a bit before getting up and playing a game of League. Normally the games don’t take too long, but today I got a bit nervous because the game kept going for much longer than expected. I ended up hopping in the shower at 1:35, after winning a long, hard fought game, quickly got ready, and still left by 2:12, making it to the subway and catching the 2:15 train down to Chambers. I caught a nap along the way, and as I got off the train and started walking to Eataly, I finally downloaded my new “Discover Weekly” playlist and started jamming. I actually made it to work by 2:52, which meant I had a few minutes to breathe, so I checked what was for lunch today, used the bathroom, and headed to clock in. Today I was doing wine and ice as my side-work, so I got to it, and before I knew it, it was already 3:28 and I had to clock out and take my break.

Lunch today in the break room was tuna fish, which meant I was going to make my way to Pret to eat, because after having tuna fish once and it messing with my stomach, I was not going to test my luck again. I got some Mac n cheese along with a little cup of happiness and a cookie, and sat down to relax before things got crazy. After looking at the weather, I saw that it was gonna start raining tonight around 6 and not stop, which meant things were gonna get busy. After coming back from break and clocking in, we got through pre-shift and prepped for the calm before the storm. I mean when I first started my shift today, things were pretty slow, even though I had to set up my section because we had it closed this morning, but everything was fine. My first table had a large bill and ending up leaving an almost $80 tip which we love, but as the storm clouds rolled in, so did the people. Like clockwork, as the rain fell towards the ground, the more people flooded into Eataly. All of a sudden I was swamped with table after table, and found myself running around trying to get all the orders in.

Thankfully my manager Sergio helped me out with a few tables tonight, but I definitely had my handful in my section. The good news was that I had a large table of 9 who stayed around for most of the night, so I didn’t have to deal with multiple huge parties, but as I walked around, checking on tables, I noticed a two top of mine were still sitting with nothing but their drinks in front of them. “But they already gave me their order! Wait, don’t tell me… Fuck.” It had been 15 minutes and I still hadn’t put in their food. I quickly their order in, and let them know their food was on its way. I ended up not charging them for the second glass of wine the lady had, but it still definitely felt bad. As the large table paid and got up and left, I noticed the elderly gentleman who seemed to have brought his family together for this night was waiting around still. I went up to him, and he told me that he wanted to personally thank me for how patient I was with them, and how he knew that tonight was stressful, but he appreciated how good of a job I did. He asked if I kept all my tips, or if it was shared between everyone, and I told him that it was. He then asked if cash got shared, and I said no, I kept all my cash. He then proceeded to take out his wallet and hand me $70 cash, before changing it on the check and heading out. I was floored. The fact that this man cared enough to do all of this for me just filled me up with so much emotion. Not only that, but tonight I also had another table that seemed to be a family who asked if I was an actor, and when I said yes they told me that they could tell I was going to make it. Like I swear I had no idea what to do with my emotions. I was so overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, and I’m so thankful I get to meet these really amazing people, even through the shitty people I deal with on a daily.

Just as I could finally take a breather, it was already 10PM and I was closing out my final tables, doing my side work, and trying to get out of here. I ended up leaving by 11:50, making it to the train and catching the express A uptown. I’m on the train now, and even though the train kept stopping and not moving for a bit, so it’s still getting closer to midnight then I’d like, I’m still grateful. I also had a bunch of change tonight, so when someone was on the train asking for money, I gave her all the coins I had. It was only a few dollars, but hopefully it helps her out and she uses it for what she says she’s gonna do. Tomorrow I have my fitting for my fitted suit, which is so exciting, and then Wednesday I’m meeting up with a few friends for my friend Maddy’s birthday. Before I get some sleep tonight I’m gonna stop by Rite-Aid because I need an umbrella, and I also need to stop by a mailbox because I need to send off my 23andMe kit! Time to figure out how fucked my genes are. Can’t wait~

Until next time,


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