A Busy Start With Rude Customers, But Teamwork Makes the Dream Work; Just Kidding Today Just Sucked (7/21/19)

Today was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer so far, hitting 99 degrees. Luckily for me, I really didn’t have to experience the heat at all, because I was inside all day, working. Now today started as it usually does; I was up late last night talking to my friend Zoe, so I woke up at 12:35, but I still managed to get up and play a League game before getting ready and leaving for work. As you can tell, I have my priorities in check. After winning the League game and showering, I pulled an outfit out of my hamper, since of course I didn’t fold my clothes last night, got ready, and sprinted to the train, (man my legs must be getting pretty damn strong thanks to my daily life), and got on the 2:16 A before heading downtown to Eataly. When I got to work, I checked what was for lunch today, hotdogs, before heading to the floor to do my side work. Today I was doing low boys, so I got to it, stocking everything I could, before heading off to take my 45 minute break.

Now before I continue, I forgot to mention something that is so incredibly important. Yesterday was the birthday of my dad, who is one of the most incredible and strong people I’ve ever met, and has always been my number one supporter since the beginning. Even though he knows how crazy of an idea it was for me to move to New York and try to become an actor, he trusted my decision and helped me, financially and physically, move into my apartment. He has shown insane strength through these years, bearing so much weight and sadness, and still managing to crack jokes and make me, my brother, and sister laugh and smile. I’m so grateful for him and my siblings, and will always do anything and everything I can for them. It sucks that I don’t get to see them a lot, because of the distance, but every time I get to see at least him, or Mags and Devon, or Jake, it just makes me light up and smile. I love them all so damn much, and I want everyone to recognize the best dad around- my dad. Love you dad ♥️ And don’t worry, I texted him and called him, because I’m a great son.

Now then, back to today. As I took my break, I took a pit stop into the break room, grabbed a hotdog, ate it, and left for Pret, because I am not filling up on hotdogs today. I waded through the heat to reach Pret. As I swung the door open, I was welcomed by air conditioning and headed in, grabbing their tomato and spinach Mac and cheese, along with their “little cup of goodness”, (the yogurt dish), and a cookie, sitting down and watching some pro League. My team started playing right before I got up, so I was keeping my eyes on the game as long as I could, even after I had left Pret and headed back to Eataly. After clocking back in and heading to pre-shift, we were introduced to a special we were running today, which was a pasta that had tripe in it. Now if you don’t know what tripe is, I sure didn’t, it’s cow stomach. Sounds gross I know. Apparently it’s a delicacy in Italy, but it still sounds nasty. I was very weary about trying it, but after debating it, I took the plunge and tried the special pasta. Now listen I’ll be honest with you, it tasted pretty good. It was surprisingly a bit spicy, but not bad at all. However, if I saw it on the menu, would I get it? Absolutely not.

As per-shift ended I headed to the floor, chatting with the server who’s section I would be taking over, and let him know if he wanted to transfer tables to me that weren’t finished yet he could, so he could get started rolling and get out of here. Little did I know that he was just going to give me all of his tables, aka I was given 8 or 9 tables at the same time to talk to and close out. I mean hey, free money don’t mind me, but still Jesus. Like I was running around non-stop for a good while, closing out tables and talking to new ones. My favorite part was when I had a large party sit down, and one of the hostesses took their order, which was awesome. They seemed to be doing alright, besides the fact that they didn’t have bread, but we were cutting fresh bread and they knew that. They got their food, the bread came, they seemed to be doing alright. They raked up like $170 bill, and yeah I guess I didn’t talk to them that much. But it’s also a very large table so why would I bother them? I’m not going to wait on their every need because not only do I have other tables, wouldn’t they much rather talk to each other than me? Like nothing went wrong, but they left me $21 as a tip, and wrote the note “sorry for the bad tip; but you need to improve your service. Thank you :)” Like are you fucking kidding me, you pretentious bitch. That’s the most conceited shit I’ve seen in a while. I’m so sorry I wasn’t your fucking slave kissing your fucking feet, but what the fuck. Right after that I had a table tip $3 on a $70 bill, so yeah, starting off real great there.

Luckily the day did get better, especially when I started chatting with a table of mine who just happened to be coming from Virginia. I found out the woman was actually originally from Maryland too, and after they found out I was in New York to become an actor, the guy said “I sincerely wish you the best of luck” after we discussed what I wanted to do as an actor. I know it’s a small thing, but it really was kind and it made me feel a lot happier. I know this is what I want to do with my life, and having strangers wish me luck is a confidence booster that I really need. The rest of the night was all as usual to be honest with you. It really wasn’t busy, which I was definitely surprised about, and I actually managed to close all of my tables out by about 10PM. I ended up having a rolling party with two other servers and a busser, and we all managed to get out of Eataly before 11, which is amazing. Now when I looked at the MTA app, it said the next A arrived at 10:59, and the next one wasn’t coming until 11:20, and since it was 10:55 you know I fucking BOOKED it to get to the subway before the A arrived. I passed by two of my coworkers who asked why I was running, and I just said “I’m going to catch a train!” before sprinting to the entrance. Thankfully I made it right before the A arrived, and low and behold it was an express A! The final one of the night I guess. Lucky me!

Or it would be lucky me, except for some reason or another this A decided to run local the entire way up. Great. I still made it home by like 11:35 and started making some dinner for myself- chicken and rice with vegetables. Now I was going to play League with Mags tonight, but of course my internet decided to drop at 12:15 and didn’t come back on for an HOUR. After it finally came back, I had already finished cooking everything, so I headed into my room to watch some YouTube before playing League. And honestly, the League games tonight were complete garbage. I played surprisingly well and had incredible scores, but because of useless teammates, I lost, doing by far the most damage on my team in both games, with other lanes doing barely any damage. Sad times and now I’m tilted at 3:30 in the morning. I want to play another one, but I really need sleep, so I’m gonna do that instead. Sorry for blabbering on about League, because most people have zero idea what I’m talking about. Tomorrow is Monday, and once I get through that, I’ll finally have my two days off. Thank god, I am so ready. Please let tomorrow be a better day than today, because I’m gonna be honest with you, today sucked.

Until next time,


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