A Hot Day with a Kind Note and a Sprint to the Finish Line (7/20/19)

So today was the day I finally texted W, and for once I didn’t chicken out and make excuses at the last minute. Now I got up at noon today, and did my usual routine before work- I got up, played a game of League, showered, got ready, and headed out. Now the league game, or should I say games, today didn’t go too great; the first and what was supposed to be only game today was cut quite short when I absentmindedly picked the completely wrong champion, and had to just dodge to not have to play the game, because I would’ve just straight inted. Since there is a 6 minute penalty for dodging games, I took the time to check the mail, hoping the items I ordered came in. Unfortunately they did not, so I just headed back to my apartment and hopped into the second game. I got put in an off role, and there was nothing to be done with an inting team. Luckily I didn’t lose any LP for the loss because I was already at 0 and had just got promoted, which is good, and even though winning feels a lot better, I shrugged it off, got ready for work, and headed out.

Now as I said, today I planned on messaging W, and that hadn’t changed when I got on the train. As I sat down, I messaged her, asking how her summer had been so far, and then asking if she had gotten my letter. I didn’t get a response for a bit, so I just headed towards work, napping on the train ride there, and then after checking what was for lunch today in the break room, and then headed to do my side work. Today I was just stocking low-boys, so before I knew it, the half hour had flown by. Now I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like at Eataly today, because of just how hot it was today, but when I walked onto the floor, holy FUCK. There were so. Many. People. Like god damn. I mean it makes sense, people want to escape the heat, but damn.

As I took my break, I checked and found that W had actually responded to my message. I checked it as I headed to get some food, to find that she hadn’t actually checked her mailbox, so my letter has been sitting there for almost a month there. To be fair, definitely the best answer I could’ve expected since it’s been an entire month. I waited to respond for just a few minutes, and grabbed a plate of food when when of the other servers, Alisia started a conversation with me. Apparently she had a dream last night about my massage because it was so good. What can I say, I am amazing with my hands. (Hahahahaha) After eating a bit of the food, I decided to head to Pret, because I wanted something cold, not hot; it was hot enough outside already, let’s be honest here. After getting and eating my usual lunch from Pret- the salmon dish, the yogurt cup with apples and stuff, and a cookie, I headed back to Eataly to use the bathroom, clock in, and head to pre-shift.

The only special we had today was a pizza, and even though we had the opportunity to try it, I was definitely not feeling it; too hot. After we ended things, I headed over to my section and so the day began. I was working in the section section as yesterday, section 6, and though I was distracted at first answering W, before long I got to work. Now during my break, I asked W if she wanted to meet up at some point for food, but unsurprisingly she said that she was not completely ready for anything like that yet; and that’s understandable. Of course it is. I mean she ended things like 2.5 months ago, so I’m not surprised that she isn’t ready yet. But she did tell me that she’d write me back soon, so that’s nice at least. Baby steps, right? Now today it was busy I guess, but honestly it wasn’t. Like this morning they got slammed, but honestly coming into this evening shift, it was kind of slow; especially for a Saturday. Unfortunately for me, I got the section where people sat down late as fuck, so of course I was one of the last to leave. What was really nice, however, was the fact that there was a table of two girls who ended up leaving me a really nice note. I mentioned it to another server, who said that he apparently got a note sort of like that from two girls before, so it’s a possibility that these girls come to Eataly and just leave really nice notes, which I am definitely a huge fan of. I took a picture of the note and put it at the bottom of this post, but like damn it made me feel good.

Now my final tables of the night sat down at 9:45 and 9:58, which was a blast, but luckily since there was no silverware I was just able to close out my checks and go home. I still got out of Eataly at 9:56, but when I checked the MTA app, I saw that there was an A arriving at 9:59; aka I fucking SPRINTED to get there before the train left. Like I booked it. I actually made it with a minute to spare, and thankfully I actually caught the final express A uptown, which is always so fucking exciting. On the way uptown, two people got on the train, a guy and a girl, who had just come from seeing Be More Chill. After much debate, I finally picked up a conversation with the them, and found out that they’re both Instagram Influencers, who just moved into the city a few months ago, and they got to see Be More Chill for free and even meet the cast afterwards. Unfair, but definitely cool. As we all got off the train, we officially introduced ourselves and exchanged Instagram names, and parted ways. Definitely a cool interaction that I never expected. Tonight ended with me stopping by my house before heading to the Rite-Aid, picking up some dinner and pens for work, and headed home to play some League with Mags. After I heated up my food, we played one game before I put my clothes in the washer, then we played another two before I switched my clothes to the dryer, and she headed to bed. I’ve been chatting with my friend Zoe for a bit now, as she headed home from a party and is about to pass out on the phone as I type, and I am honestly about to go to bed myself, because I have work again tomorrow and it’s already 4AM. Like holy moly does time get away from you. I’m really glad I texted W today. I’ve been sitting in this realm of unknowing for so long now, and having the confirmation that she hadn’t checked her mail, and then confirming sort of where we stand was good for me. The fact that she said she would even send me a letter is kind of her honestly. It could be a bad letter, where she just tells me not to write her anymore and to fuck off, but the fact that I’m even gonna receive a letter at all makes me happy. Goodnight everyone, and stay cool tomorrow. It’s gonna be a hot one.

Until next time,



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