A Nice and Busy Day at Eataly with a Surprise Ending (7/19/19)

Today is Friday, which means you never know what’s gonna happen at Eataly. It’s not gonna rain, so we won’t get swamped by people, but it’s also very hot out, so people may try and come in close to the end of service to cool off. At least, that’s what happened last Friday. Today began with my usual routine, waking up at noon, playing a game of League, showering, getting ready, and leaving for the train. I hurried the subway and managed to catch the 2:15 train, and took a nap as I headed downtown to Eataly. Today the train seemed to be running a bit slower than usual, because when I got off I had like 3 or 4 less minutes to get to work, but I still made it with a minute or two to spare.

Unfortunately because I was running just a touch late, I wasn’t able to see what was for lunch today, instead just clocking in and hurrying to work. Today I was on rolling duty with Michele, I think I spelled his name right, another server, and two of the bussers. As we rolled, the two of us chatted about travel, and where we’ve been; he’s originally from a small town in southern Italy, and he talked about how much he’d love to visit the mountains of southern Italy again, but he just hasn’t had the money. He recommended where to go if I ended up going to Italy, since it is such a beautiful place. I actually wanted to go to Italy when I studied abroad, but it was so damn expensive that I decided against it. But if I had the money and had a good travel partner, of course I would go.

After we finished, I clocked out and headed to the break room to see what was for lunch. Today we actually had pasta, so I ended up sticking around, eating a few helpings of pasta and a bit of salad, all in the convenience of a plastic cup. I spent my 45 minutes of break eating and watching some YouTube, before heading to the bathroom and then clocking back in for work. I headed to pre-shift and after trying one of our bottles wines from our reserve list, it was time to get back to work. I was in section 6 today, which is right in front of the hostess stand, so even though it was a small section, I was prepped to be slammed all day. Surprisingly though, even though it was busy, I never got slammed. I had a few tables hang around for a while, including a table which stayed for 3 hours, but other than that it was a kind of slow.

Towards the end of the night, I saw the server in the section next to me incredibly busy, dealing with two separate large parties, so when I had a two top of his talk to me, I decided to just take their order for him. I probably should’ve just had them under my name, since I basically took them on as one of my tables, but honestly it’s whatever. I was expecting a low tip day, but after counting all of my money up, I still ended up with just over $400 in credit card tips. Now I had this one table of four ladies who came in towards the end of the night, and stayed until 10:40, who ordered a bottle of wine, some food, and ended the night with some gelato. Their total ended up coming up to $206, and they paid in cash so I brought it up to Olesya, which not sure if I spelled her name right either, but I did mistakenly call her Chelsea today, so at least I know how to say her name now, and she cashed them out. They gave me $250, and I was prepped to just take the 44 odd dollars, but they said they wanted change, so I promptly brought back what was left. They sat for a bit and enjoyed their gelato, leaving a stack of cash next to them. I ended up walking over and asking if I could take it, and headed back over to count it. As they got up and started leaving, I finished counting the money to find they had left me 86 DOLLARS. I panicked, thinking they accidentally forgot to pick up some of their cash or something, so I stopped them on their way out, saying “hey I just wanted to make sure, you all left 80 some odd dollars here. Is that for me?” They smiled and said “Yeah!” and left, leaving me behind- speechless. I’m used to people leaving me like not even a 10% tip, like that table who left me less than $2 on a $120 bill, not people just casually leaving like a 40% tip for me.

Overjoyed, I finished out my night, writing up what I made, before clocking out and calling Maggie to tell her what the actual fuck just happened. I’m now on the 1 and am a few stops from 181st St., which is nice. I’ve actually been really happy about writing these blogs on the train, because not only does it save me some time at the end of the night, it also gives me something productive to do. When I get home tonight, I’m gonna stop by the Rite-Aid for some paper towels and vitamins, then I’m gonna check my mail to hopefully find the things I ordered online before heading inside and making me a sandwich for dinner. Then it’ll be the usual few games of League with Maggie before it’ll finally be time to get some sleep.

Before I go, I just want to let you all know that I have finally made my mind up. Tomorrow will mark exactly a month since I sent the letter to W, and I still haven’t gotten a response yet. Until now I’ve settled with just waiting around for a letter that may never come. So tomorrow I’m gonna message her and ask if she’s received the letter. Am I expecting a positive response? Probably not. More likely than not, she’s gonna tell me that she got the letter and hasn’t wanted to respond. But not knowing is honestly not getting me anywhere, so it’s finally time to just bite the bullet. So yeah, stay tuned for how that.

Until next time,


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