Working On A Thursday Isn’t a Terrible Way to Spend the Day I Guess (7/18/19)

Today it was back to working for me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to get back to work, but hey we all having breaks. Also to be fair, the past few months have been me working less days of the week than I actually had days off, so I’m his has been a busy, but nice, change of pace for once. Seriously, it feels good to finally have a bit of money to spend for once. I mean if any of you have been following my blog for a while now, you’d know that before I got this job, now just over a month ago, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay rent next month. I was bleeding money just working at DialogueDirect, and combined with the fact that it felt like I was getting my soul sucked out of me every day that I worked there, I needed, NEEDED, a change of pace. My anxiety and stress were at an all time high and I was hating life.

I mean cut to now, and yeah things are still rough at times, but that’s more because of my brain reminding me how alone I am right now, but at least I know where my next paycheck is coming from, and I know that I can pay rent without worry. Now, since I have some extra cash, I’ve been thinking about buying a nice fitted suit. This is because my dad’s getting married this September, and if I’m gonna be at a wedding, you know I’m gonna look hot as fuCK. My dad said that we didn’t need suits or anything, but obviously I’m gonna wear one. However I’ve never done this before, so I’m gonna have to find a place that doesn’t completely break the bank, but still makes me look good af. That’s a bit down the line though, so I have at least a little time to do some research. No matter what, be ready for those pictures in two months. They are gonna be great.

Now what happened today? Well I did my usual routine on work days, which is just me waking up at noon, watching YouTube videos in bed for a bit, before finally getting up and playing a game of League before taking a shower. After I was out of the shower and dressed, ready to run out the door, I paused for a few minutes to relax. I don’t normally do this, but I actually was early today, so I took the extra few minutes to clean up my room a bit, check the mail, and restock the toilet paper in my bathroom. As I finally headed out, I hopped on the train at 2:15 and found my way traveling to work at last.

Now I don’t know what was going on today, but as I sat on the train, I felt this sadness building up in me. I was yearning for my ex again, and even looked at some pictures and videos of us, which is not great, but I felt like I had to see them. Did it make me feel good? Obviously not; but did it make me wish even more for closure via a letter that may never arrive. No matter how slim the chances are, I won’t stop believing I will get a reply. I don’t know when it could happen, but we’ll see. Wanting to escape these thoughts, I closed my eyes and tried to get a little shut-eye. Before I knew it, I was off the train at Chambers St. and walking up the escalator, putting on my work shirt and walking towards Eataly.

There wasn’t much to eat for lunch today, just turkey and mashed potatoes, so I said fuck it and just headed to Pret for my usual lunch. I got my usual salmon dish, and today they actually had that yogurt dish I really liked, so I grabbed that as well, along with a cookie. At least it was supposed to be one cookie. I realized after I had sat down that the cashier had given me two cookies instead of one; did I pay for two? Who knows? Did I eat both of them? Most definitely I did. Oh right, side-work today before my break was easy, since I was just stocking wines. Nothing crazy, nothing shattered, just easy times. Anyways, before I knew it, the time was already 4PM and I had to head back to work. After taking my usual pre-shift shit (TMI) I headed over to pre-shift. Today we didn’t have any new specials, but we did try one of our red reserve wines, which was fun. As pre-shift came to a close, I made my way to my section, and prepared myself for the day.

Today I was working at the pizza bar, which is a self seating area in our restaurant; you still get to order the same food and drinks as the rest of the restaurant, it’s just first come first serve. I was expecting it to be slow, and it was to start out the day, but an hour or two into service things really started to pick up, and I found myself slammed with quite a few tables. I was speeding along getting everyone everything they needed and no one complained, but I definitely didn’t have much time to take a breather. I have no idea what was going on, but we had a D.J. playing music for a few hours, and a bunch of people were just standing around the bar area. I got worried at one point, because I had three people who got drinks from me while waiting for their table and didn’t pay before they got up, but thankfully I found them sitting down and they paid before they left.

Now the really wonderful part of the night was this female couple who sat down in my section and hung out for a good 2.5 hours, first just sticking with a bottle of wine, and eventually ordering some pizza and dessert. They took a liking to me, and we had some really nice conversations throughout the night, and after they paid, one of them stopped a manager on the floor and told her that I was an amazing server, pointing at me; when I looked at them, she waved at me and blew me a kiss before heading out. Literally such a sweet couple; also we love supporting the LGBTQ community, so it was really wonderful to see.

I finally closed out all my tables and did my roll ups, and was prepped to leave by 11:50, but unfortunately our manager saw the stack of unpolished silverware and made those of us still here polish all the silverware before we left. I polished a few before saying fuck that and helped another server with her roll-ups. Listen I get my 60 roll ups done and I head out, that’s how this works. As I finally closed out my checks and everything, I had a thought; so the servers and bussers all have to do 60 roll ups, but the runners, who are paid more than the bussers, do t have to do anything. So like, why not have the bussers polish silverware before they leave, so all the bussers and servers have to do is roll their 60 and leave. Would save us a good amount of time but it’s whatever.

I’m walking home now after just catching the 1 to 181st. When it’s this late and I know the A’s just gonna be running local, I don’t mind catching the 1 because it’s closer to where I get off of work. When I get home I’m just gonna check the mail before heating up the pasta I made last night, and play some League with Mags. She also was unofficially officially offered a new job today, which is fantastic because she went through a pretty lengthy interview process to get it; also her job right now is full of toxic pieces of shit for coworkers and bosses, so I can’t wait for her to get out. Tomorrow it’s back to Eataly for another night shift. Not sure what’s gonna happen, but hopefully it’ll be fun.

Until next time,


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