A Day of Double Features Ending with a Race Against the Rain (7/17/19)

Today was my second day off, and the plan of action today, which Andrew and I planned out last night, was to go and see The Art of Self Defense at 2PM. Now last night, I didn’t end up going to bed until almost 5AM, but honestly who’s surprised, however I still got up just after noon today, played a game of League, took a shower, and made my way towards the AMC on 68th at 1:45. Like usual I was running late, since it takes more than 15 minutes to get to the theater, but lucky for me when i got off the A, a 1 was just arriving, so I made it to the AMC just before 2:10. Now I haven’t really seen many trailers for this movie, all I knew was that it was a dark comedy, but holy fuck did this movie surprise me. The awkward comedy worked really well, and the dark undertones and scenes make you never sure what the fuck is going to happen. I will say that Jesse Eisenberg by far steals the show, playing the lead character who is a pathetic nobody scared of everything. Well, he is that at the beginning of the movie, but by the end… you’re just gonna have to watch it to find out I guess. All I’m gonna say is, spoilers by the way, his dog was a brave soul til the very end, and that bastard deserved everything he had coming to him. Sorry I just… really like animals.

Anyway, after the movie ended at 4PM, both Andrew and I were starving since neither one of us had had lunch yet, so we headed to the nearby McDonald’s to get something cheap. Now there’s just some sort of sense of, I dunno, sadness when you eat McDonald’s. Like there is a nostalgic factor to it I guess, since many people grow up eating it, but like now, we all know just how terrible the food is for us, so eating is feels like you’re hitting a new low every time. Now despite that, of course it’s not terrible tasting, and I downed my Big Mac and headed out. I was planning on quickly stopping at TJ Maxx because I needed to pick up some more of a face ointment I use, but since Andrew needed to go grocery shopping, I decided to tag along; I honestly needed to buy some things myself, so I didn’t mind coming. Thankfully for us, we arrived at the perfect time, where there aren’t really too many people in the store. After wandering around for a bit and grabbing everything we needed, we got in line and got out right as the crowd of people arrived at 5. However, this meant that there was no way in hell I was going to TJ Maxx now, because we all know that that shit is going to be PACKED now. With that in mind, we just headed back to Andrew’s, groceries in hand, to watch another movie.

Now the original plan was to watch the third Fast and the Furious movie, but Andrew really wasn’t feeling up to it today, so we ended up watching another movie called Mid90s. It’s all about a kid finding an escape from his broken household through skateboarding, making friends with some delinquents and having fun. There are plenty of awkward and cringy moments we all felt growing up, but it was definitely a really well done and well told story. I will say, watching a 13 year old kid smoke cigarettes, weed, and drink liquor, along with making out with a girl made me vastly uncomfortable. I mean I know that people do shit like that at that age, but I most certainly did not. I mean to be fair, I had some circumstances which added to the reasons why I didn’t, like you know, my mom dying, but still, I never thought about doing anything like that, nor was I invited to do anything like that growing up. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t fall down that path, because I like how close I am with my family, and I think sneaking out of the house, and doing all kinds of drugs; coming home fucked up, would have changed how my dad, sister, and brother view me, and I really don’t want that. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve smoked weed on plenty of occasions, and love doing it, and obviously I drink, but now I’m an adult who can make the decision to do those things, instead of a kid who’s too stupid to understand the consequences of him being an idiot like that. Or maybe I’m just bitter that I wasn’t even invited to those parties, where I could have the opportunity to have some fun in high-school, instead of sitting alone being lonely and sad. Hm…

Now, right as the movie ended at 8PM, I looked outside to see gray clouds rolling in on the horizon. I had checked the app earlier today and it was supposed to not rain until tomorrow, but now the app was telling me that it was going to start pouring by 9PM. Fuck. I have groceries with me, and if it rains, then that is going to be a mess that I do not want to deal with. I quickly left Andrew’s apartment, and hurried home, hoping to make it just before the rain started. As I got half of the way home, I started feeling droplets of rain falling from the sky; nothing major yet, but not a good sign. I started running. I felt the rain beginning to come down my steadily than before. Definitely not good. By the time I was probably two blocks from my house, it really started to pour. It was just starting, but fuck I needed to get home. I held my grocery bag close, and began sprinting, feeling my shirt begin to almost fuse with my skin from the collected moisture. At last I made it to my gate, and after flinging it open, I sprinted down the stairs and into my apartment at last. Drenched, but I made it.

After changing clothes, I took a quick trip to the first floor to check for mail, and after coming back with some letters or whatever that were for one of my roommates, I stayed in the kitchen for a bit, actually making some food for myself. On tonight’s menu? Meatballs and pasta. After about 30 minutes of preparing and cooking the food, I headed into my room to relax for the rest of the night and watch YouTube videos. After a few hours, my friend Zoe called me and we chatted for a bit, before she needed to go to bed, and honestly, so did I. Of course I didn’t do that, and I’ve been playing League for the past few hours and mostly losing, but sometimes that is just the way the cookie crumbles. Tomorrow it’s back to work, and then I’m not getting a break until probably next Tuesday. Being an adult is rough. I’d love to just go on auditions and act, but I need to pay the bills. Here’s hoping something happens soon. I need some excitement; I just pray it’s positive excitement for once.

Until next time,


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