A Day Off With Two Interesting Coincidences; Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away (7/16/19)

Today was my day off, which meant that coming into today I really didn’t have any plans coming into the day. I thought maybe I would meet up with a friend and hang out with her for a bit, or maybe I would just stay inside and spend the day playing League. Well after showering, my friend said that she was busy today, so I decided to give my friend Andrew a text, to see if he wanted to see Yesterday today. I thought he would have rehearsal, but hey why not reach out and see what happens, right? Well lucky for me, he actually didn’t have rehearsal today, so we decided on seeing the movie at 7:30. So I took a quick trip to Subway, bought myself some lunch, and then played League for a few hours, and then headed down to the AMC on 68th St. to meet up with Andrew at the theater.

Now of course the trailers had already begun, because we all know that I never get to things on time, but this time the theater was full, and unfortunately I had to get past an elderly couple to get to my seat. Honestly I definitely felt bad, but I’m glad they came to see this movie, because I’m sure they really enjoyed the Beatles when the band was still around. Now Yesterday may not be an Oscar winning movie, but it was really enjoyable to watch. As someone who grew up listening to the Beatles growing up, it was really cool to listen to their songs being sung on the big screen, and I thought the element of basically no one having any idea who they are was really fun. If you love the Beatles’ music, which honestly everyone should, go see the movie; it’s definitely worth your time. Now something I didn’t think about during the movie is the fact that the main girl in the story’s name is Ellie, and, spoilers by the way, at the end of the movie, when Jack is in front of a huge audience, he says “Ellie, Elle, I love you”. And honestly in that moment I have never felt such a mix of emotions. Of course in the context of the movie it was heartwarming, but in real life contexts- Fuck. Me. I mean Jesus Christ why’d it have to be the girl that I am still not over, who actually loves the Beatles as well, and who even saw Paul McCartney in concert like me, though much, much closer to the stage, why did it have to be that her name also happens to be Elle. And the John Lennon’s character in the movie telling Jack to “win her back and tell her how he feels” just, what am I supposed to do with that.

Of course maybe I’m just picking at straws here, but this coincidence is just… really something. But like explain to me what exactly else can I do now, right? I shot my shot with my letter, which I sent almost a month ago now, and either she still hasn’t read it, or she has read it and has decided she will not send a letter back to me. I’m not sure which one would make me sadder, but either way I just, can’t seem to get over this girl. I mean we all know this, obviously. I’ve raved about W since the our first date in December, and she was the reason I managed to find myself so happy those months back now. I’ve talked about how I feel to death now, so I won’t carry on any longer, but I just wanted to say that that was definitely one weird coincidence to say the least. I really didn’t think much of it until my friend Andrew started talking about a coincidence he found in a monologue he’s doing for a scene, which seems to be about relationships. I won’t share details, but let’s just say the relationship in the scene seems be dying unfortunately, and the length of the relationship was definitely oddly accurate. After he mentioned this to me, I started to think about both coincidences, and I still have no idea what I’m going to do with the knowledge. He has more power over his situation, but I think it’s a much harder conversation to have. But all I know is that for now we both can just wait and see what the fuck happens. I wait for the letter and he waits to have a conversation.

After the movie ended, we headed to a nearby Domino’s to buy pizza on me, and then headed to his apartment to eat our incredibly healthy dinner and watch 2 Fast 2 Furious. Finally back in the swing of the binging of the titan that is the Fast and Furious series. We began the movie after pouring ourselves some drinks, (I provided the food, he provided the liquor), but as the movie began, his roommate entered with his girlfriend, and all of a sudden we launched into an in-depth conversation for pineapple on pizza. Now I think pineapple pizza is great, and here’s why. Pineapples- delicious. Pizza? Amazing. Put them together? Incredible combo. To get more in depth, the sweetness and the acidity of the pineapple is really great at balancing and cutting through the heaviness and saltiness of the pizza. Now will I necessarily order pineapple pizza? Maybe not. But if someone offers me a slice I am not going to say no. Judge all you want, but I know that I’m right. We finally got to the movie, and honestly the second movie of the series is better than the first! Definitely more violent, but fun as hell to watch for the most part. God DAMN the light speed button, aka super jet speed is fucking hysterical to watch though. Anyway, at last it was time for me to go home, so I ended up calling Maggie at 1AM and walking home chatting with her. When I got home, we talked about family for a bit, before she headed to bed and I played some League. Now did I lose a bit tonight? Definitely. Did I win my final game? Yep! Do we take those? Of course we do. Tomorrow I’m seeing The Art of Self Defense with Andrew at 2PM, so I should probably get some sleep; it’s already 4:22AM. Oh, I also ended up buying the 23andMe DNA and Health kit, so I get to find out how likely I am to get cancer. Can’t wait for that one. But seriously I’m nervous but excited to get my results. Goodnight everyone!

Until next time,


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