Now That’s More Like It (7/14/19)

Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into work today, especially after the last two days. Like normally Sunday evening isn’t too busy, but who knows? Maybe we would get slammed at 9:55 and I’d be staying until 11:30 again. Now I seem to have fallen into a decent rhythm for getting ready for work these past few days. I woke up around noon, relaxed in bed for a few minutes, got up, played a game of League, took a shower, got ready, and headed out for work at 2:15. I think just playing one game of League before work helps me to not get tilted playing the game for hours and hours and hours. To be fair, I actually won the game again today, so that of course helps my mental.

Now I was running just a bit behind today, and expecting the A to be arriving around 2:15, with the added fact of seeing that it was 2:13, I sprinted out of the house and to the subway station, not wanting to be late for work. Thankfully the next train was arriving in one minute when I got down to the tracks, so I made it was just enough room to breathe. I got on the train, found myself a corner seat so I could lean my head back, and I passed out for a bit. Before I knew it, I was at Chambers St., so I grabbed my bag and headed towards Eataly. As I headed up the escalator, I put on my work shirt, and headed towards the break room to see what was for lunch today. I poked my head inside to find that it was hotdogs and some type of potato dish, and headed to the floor to get my side-work done.

Now normally we have two people doing each bit of side-work, but after not seeing the server that I would be working with, I just got to it. I mean, I was refilling our lowboys today, so it really wasn’t a difficult task. I went through each of our three low boys, filling up one major thing at a time, before I needed to head to break. When I was about 2/3’s of the way done, the other server I was doing side-work came rushing in, asking what I needed. Apparently something happened with the ferry, which really held him up today. Listen, after the blackout last night and me having to walk 40+ blocks, I get it. We finished up stocking the low boys, and I headed to grab one final thing before it was time to head out- just some Ginger Ale. Now our Ginger Ales come in personal glass bottles, and are packaged in small cardboard boxes that carry four bottles per box. After looking around for a box carrying all of our Ginger Ale, I found a dusty box at the very bottom of where we store all our boxes, opened it up, and pulled out a case of the four Ginger Ales and headed towards the closest lowboys. These cases have little handles on the top, so I was obviously carrying it via the handle, and right when I made it to the lowboy, the bottom gave out and the four bottles toppled to the floor and shattered.

Glass flew, bottles bounced and shattered, it was a fucking mess. Unluckily, or lucky for me I guess, it was time for me to go on break, so one of my managers took care of the mess so I could actually head out for my 45 minutes. I felt bad, but that definitely didn’t mean I was sticking around. I headed to the break-room and grabbed myself a hot-dog, before deciding that I actually wanted real food; so I quickly ate the hot-dog and headed to Pret for a good lunch.

Now unfortunately today they didn’t have my usual salmon dish, so I had to branch out a little. I ended up getting tomato and spinach mac&cheese, along with a yogurt dish and a cookie. Now normally for breakfast I go with like a berry parfait, but today I wanted to try something new, I so went with a yogurt that had oats, thinly sliced green apples, and brown sugar. Honestly, it was fucking delicious, and has been what I think I’ve been missing and craving for a while now. Like normally I just stick with heavier dishes, but having something light and sweet, but also having a fruit element was awesome.

After eating everything and relaxing for a bit, I headed back to work, and after taking a brief bathroom break, I clocked back in and headed to the floor for pre-shift. Today I was right in front of the hostess stand, so I was expecting to be slammed. But after pre-shift ended and I headed to the floor, I was surprised to find that that was not the case for once. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t dead today; like we got customers, but it was nothing like the last two days. I had a lot of fun chatting with my customers, and even though a lot of them didn’t tip too great, I actually ended the night with just over $300 in credit card tips, and just over $70 in cash tips. Like that’s still a solid night. At Emma’s Torch, slow nights would net us maybe $100 in tips for everyone, so I was still definitely satisfied. I even managed to grab myself some silverware early on, so I wasn’t scurrying around trying to find any extra forks and knives people had lying around.

After getting everything done, I ended up clocking out at 10:46, sprinting to the train in hopes to catch the final express A of the night. Unfortunately for me, I made it down the stairs just in time to watch the A leave the station. After verbalizing my frustration, especially after seeing that the next A wasn’t arriving for another 11 minutes, I noticed that there was a C arriving in just 4. I thought to myself, this was probably the last C of the night, and the next A would most likely be running local after that’s so why don’t I just catch the C? And that’s exactly what I did. I’m actually writing this post as I’m walking from the train station back to my apartment, since the C stops running after 168th St., but I mean I’d rather just be walking like 9 blocks instead of just waiting around for an A. Once I get home, I’m gonna okay a game of League with Maggie, and then honestly I’m actually going to cook for myself for the first time in a bit. Tomorrow’s my last day before a two day break! I can do this.

*Really side note, I just watched an ice cream truck drive by playing the classic tune, but like it’s almost midnight. Why the fuck is one of those still driving around? Seems super fishy to me, but w/e.

Until next time,


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