Wait I Thought We Were Closed? No It’s Okay! Please Come In and Eat Right As We’re Closing (7/12/19)

Alright, today was a long fucking day, I’ll be honest with you. I was planning on actually making dinner tonight, but as you can probably assume, that didn’t happen. But let’s start from the beginning, shan’t we? Today started off pretty well, honestly. I mean I got up around 11:30, relaxed in bed until 12:45, where I finally got up, played a game of League, actually won, and then hopped in the shower to start my day. I got a text from an old teammate at DialogueDirect, asking if I was working today, and which Eataly I worked at, since they were actually working close to our other location in New York at Flatiron. She said that a few of them may visit me at work, which could be fun. Anyway, I got dressed and headed out, catching the 2:15PM train downtown. I even managed to catch some Z’s during my ride, and before I knew it, I had arrived at my stop and headed off to work.

I made it to the break room by 2:55, and after grabbing a plate from the restaurant, I ate a bit of pasta, which is what was for lunch, before heading back to the restaurant to clock in and get started with the day. Today I was wine and ice, so for the next thirty minutes, I got going stocking and filling up our containers with ice, before clocking out and heading back to the break room to actually have my lunch. Well I was sure prepped to have more pasta, but when I got in there, of course there was no pasta left, and not wanting to take any chances of not eating lunch, I just gave up and headed to Pret for lunch. I got my usual salmon dish, with chips and a cookie, and sat down in a corner, plugging my phone and allowing the two of us to recharge for the next 30 some odd minutes, before it was finally time to get back to work. After taking a pit-stop at the bathroom, I clocked back in and headed to pre-shift. Now this is a real side note, but in a bathroom, when a door is locked, and you have already tested it and find it to be locked, why in the hell do some people still try and force the door open? Like Jesus Christ someone is IN HERE.

As pre-shift came to a close, we got floor plans showing where we were gonna be today. Tonight I was going to be in section 6, which is right in front of the hostess stand. Now last time I was there, it was surprisingly slow, so I expected the same for today. Unfortunately, I found out oh so very quickly just how wrong I was. Like I did not really get a chance to breathe tonight. Now don’t get me wrong, things were definitely better paced than yesterday, but holy fuck was it busy; like god DAMN. Now things honestly went pretty well today, and I didn’t really have any screw ups, which is really nice. At the end of the night I had one table be bitchy because I didn’t bring bread when they asked, which calm the fuck down, you see me running to all other tables, and the guy even went to the bar because I didn’t bring him another glass of wine immediately. Again, I have a ton of tables, and you’re not the first priority. To make things sweeter, they were the last table to leave, and they tips $10 on a $150 check. We love pretentious pieces of shit. I’ll scream this until I’m hoarse- tip your FUCKING waiters. Jesus Christ.

Now what time did these people leave, you may ask? Why, only 10:40. What time do we normally close? Why, 10PM! However, when it’s 9:45 and I get sat 2 other tables, with another being sat at like 9:55, and watching a table of like six or seven be sat after 10PM, I was pretty pissed. Like it’s just so disrespectful. If you look at our time and see we close in 5 minutes, or that we’re already closed, just LEAVE. That’s how it should be in any restaurant. Be courteous to your fellow man. I was finally able to look for silverware by 10:50PM, and was expecting to be at the restaurant until midnight rolling. I had even only found less than 30 forks and knives, and I was just ready to leave. Luckily my manager said to just do what I had, since there wasn’t any more silverware clean and ready to be used, so I just rolled what I had, put away my rolls, and got my number. My tips tonight? $520 in credit card tips, and $70 in cash. Not bad at all, but fuck could I feel it.
I finally clocked out and started making my way to the subway when my old DialogueDirect teammate from earlier called me, drunk off her ASS. I was going to take the 1, but since that had already stopped running past 96th St., and since I was talking to my past coworker, Kelly, I just walked to the A, chatting with her the entire way, attempting to convince her to actually make it to her bed to sleep, instead of falling asleep on the grass at her campus. Before too long the A arrived and I got on, Kelly already have hung up, and so I headed back home. I made it back to my apartment by 12:15, and I was on the phone with Maggie, ready to play a game of League with her, when I walked in on two of my roommates in the kitchen chatting. I stopped to say hey, but after being offered a beer, I hung up on Mags, texting her what was going on, cracked open the beer offered to me, and chatted with the two of them for a while. Both of them were fucked; one was drunk as hell, and the other was stoned as fuck and cooking, but the conversation was fun at least. It was weird because I never have really hung out with any of my roommates before, and this was definitely a nice change of pace.

I ended the night just going to Rite-Aid for food, and have been watching some videos and playing League, eating my quick bites from the store, and am now ready for sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind, so we’ll see if it’s as busy at Eataly as it was these past two days. Guess we’ll find out!

Until next time,


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