A Rainy Day Means a Busy Night Here at Eataly (7/12/19)

Now I knew coming into work today that it was going to be busy at Eataly. Every time it rains, people swarm into the restaurant, being pushed from the outside into the mall. I was prepped for that; well, I thought I was. Now today started really well honestly. I got nine hours of sleep, woke up, played a game of League, actually won, took a shower, got ready, and left for work. Simple, easy, nice start to the day. I will say that I did have a dream where I got arrested and went to jail, which was fucking weird, but that’s besides the point I guess. Anyway, I caught the 2:15 train, and was on my way downtown; unfortunately I didn’t get a good seat, so I wasn’t able to sleep on the train, but it is what it is. Now going between 125th and 59th St. there were some subway performers. Now usually I would just ignore them, but today for some reason my headphones were bugging out, I couldn’t get them to connect to my phone, so as I finagled with my electronics, attempting to pair the two, I watched these two guys dance. And even though I didn’t give them money, it’s always such an insane reminder just how in shape these guys have to be to do the things they do. Like holy shit. As their performance came to a close, I found myself smiling, and what made the whole situation even sweeter was the fact that my headphones finally started working again.

Soon enough we had reached Chambers St., so I headed through the subway and up stairs and the escalators all the way to Eataly; past the cashier counters, past the seafood, past the pasta and desserts into the break room. It was almost 3 already, but I just wanted to see what was for staff meal today; I wanted to know if I needed to buy myself some lunch. Luckily, today the kitchen was feeling the “family” vibe, because they went pretty Thanksgiving with the meal, bringing in turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Were we missing stuffing? Absolutely. But that’s okay; I mean it’s not okay, but I guess I’ll let it slide this time. After checking out the food, I headed into the restaurant, clocked in, found my side work, and got to work. Today I was stocking wines, so I got to it, and before I knew it 30 minutes had already passed. At 3:30 I clocked out for my 45 minute break, and headed back to the break room to get some much needed lunch. For the next 30 minutes, I ate turkey, mashed potatoes, and salad while watching some random YouTube videos before using the bathroom and heading back to work for pre-shift. Today we had two specials, and even had some wine that we got to taste, so I was feeling refreshed and ready to go. As I entered into the dining area, I noticed that even though it was drizzling outside, it wasn’t that insanely busy here, which seemed unusual for Eataly. “Well, I guess today’s gonna be a slow day”; oh how foolish I was.

Now the day started off pretty slow, but as the rain got heavier, so did the flow of people into Eataly. It felt like a storm had whipped up inside the restaurant out of nowhere, and I had to hang on to whatever I could to get through the night. It was so insanely busy for a good 2 or 3 hours that I really didn’t have a moment to breathe. I was sprinting around every which way, getting tables food and drinks, greeting tables, putting in orders. To make matters even more hectic, a fire alarm warning went off, since all of the buildings are connected, and it didn’t shut off for the rest of the night. The sound was finally killed after a good hour, hour and a half, but during that time I really started to lose my shit a little bit. Now I’m a person who thinks out loud a lot. Like, I talk to myself to make sure that I’m on track and remembering everything I need to get done. It’s much, MUCH harder to do that with an obnoxious noise constantly blaring in my fucking ear. It all culminated in me forgetting about a table and their order for a damn long time, but luckily they were okay about it, and I explained that it was my fault and everything was coming out. I comped the woman’s glass of wine, and they still ended up tipping like 18-20%, which I was grateful for.

Before I knew it, it was already 10 o’clock, and I was working to close my final tables so I could go home. After searching for a bit and finding nothing, I was prepped to let the manager know and head home, but unfortunately silverware was found and as such I was stuck rolling until 11PM, but it happens. I finally left just after 11, and as I headed towards the A, I had a thought; what would happen if I just took the 1 to 59th and transfer to the A? The 1 is actually a lot closer to me than the A is, and luckily for me, a 1 train was actually just arriving as I past the entrance, so I hurried in and hopped on, and I was on my way to 59th. Once I arrived at Columbus Circle, I headed off the 1 and down to the A, only to find that the next A was not arriving for another 15 minutes, it was also stopping running after 168th St. So I made up my mind and headed back to the 1, planning on taking it up to 181st and walking home. As the 1 arrived, I got on and before I knew it, it was just after midnight and I was walking home.

I planned on just going home and making food tonight, but as I walked home, I noticed the glowing bell in the distance, and knew that fate was calling- “Taco Bell”. I said fuck it, went inside, got myself some dinner, and walked home, talking to Maggie all the way. Once I got home, we played two game of League before she had to get off, and then I played just one more game before finishing out the night and beginning this blog post. I also texted my friend Lauren tonight to see if she was interested in a position at Eataly, because I knew that she had been looking to start working as a server, and I knew Eataly has been looking for some new servers. Not sure if it will work out, but I’m happy to send her information to the higher ups. I’m always happy to get help friends out however I can; I hope they’d do the same for me. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny, but it’s also Friday so who knows what’s gonna happen. Also! I just got paid $800 this week, which feels so fucking good. Anyways, now I gotta get some sleep. It’s almost 3AM and getting eight hours sounds incredible to me right now, especially after today.

**Side note- The shoes I bought yesterday actually felt really good today! Like they definitely took some of the pressure and stress away from my legs which is amazing.

Until next time,


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