A Long, Busy, Successful Day Working (7/8/19)

So today was a long day at work. Now don’t get me wrong, I felt really good coming out of the day, but getting out of there by 11PM, only to have to wait a good 15 minutes before being able to get on the train and head home felt really bad. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So today I didn’t have to be at work until 3PM, so for once I actually got to get some sleep. I did get woken up at 4AM by a phone call from “Unknown”, but after groggily answering and instantly hanging up, that’s about the only disturbance I got; well I guess other than waking up at like 8:30AM and panicking because I thought I was going to be late to work, realizing I was working the dinner shift, and happily falling back to sleep. Anyway, I got back up at noon, and relaxed in my bed for a while before finally getting up, taking a shower, and heading out. I caught the 2:15 train, sitting down and starting my music for the train ride downtown. It’s Monday, so you all know what that means- a new playlist for “Discover Weekly” on Spotify. I had already gotten the songs downloaded before I left, so I started the playlist up, leaned back, and closed my eyes for a while.

As we arrived at Chambers St. I opened my eyes, feeling refreshed from my short nap, got up, and started moving towards Eataly. I made it to the break room by 2:50, debating along the way if I should stop and eat something before I started working. However when I got in there, I found that the staff meal of the day was tuna, so you know I ain’t testing those waters again; not after last time. There were chips and salad as well though, so I grabbed a bit of both, just so I had something in my stomach you know? One of the managers was having lunch as well, and she as I was getting up to head back to work, she gave me the heads up that I won the challenge from yesterday. To provide a little context, there was a challenge during yesterday’s shift too see who could sell the most of the special we had running that day. I ended up being the victor, selling nine, which meant that I won a bottle of wine! Hey, you know I love free stuff; especially a nice bottle of wine. As I left the room with a big smile on my face, I headed into the restaurant, clocked in, and got to work.

My side work coming into today was wine and ice, so I worked together with one of the other servers to get everything ready in the 30 minutes we had, before taking my 45 minute break so I could actually get something to eat. After clocking out, I made my way to Pret, where I got myself my favorite salmon dish, along with chips and a cookie, and relaxed for the bit of time I had before I had to get back to work. After my time was up, I cleaned up my stuff, and back to Eataly I went; clocking in and heading over for pre-shift. During pre-shift the manager working made an announcement, congratulating me on winning the contest, and then we all headed off to our respective stations. Today I was working in the second section, which is a pretty contained area, so I wasn’t expecting it to get too crazy. Things definitely started busy enough though, when I was transferred like five or six tables from the server before me. I mean two of them were just dumped onto him since the server in the section next to him was working a double and was sent on a break, but I digress. Luckily basically all the tables were already good and had all of their food in, so I basically just closed them out and got the tips for it. I mean, I’m not complaining here.

As the shift went on, things were definitely busy, but I never felt stressed really. None of my tables complained, and everyone seemed happy as they left. While I was working, the manager who talked to me in the break room asked if I would rather have red or white wine, and after I said red, she disappeared and came back with my prize bottle of red wine; God bless wine man. Not sure when I’m gonna drink it, but we’ll figure it out. Now at some point during the shift I somehow cut the pinky on my right hand, because I looked down and noticed it was bleeding. I got it bandaged up and got back to it, because I had too many tables to be fucking around dealing with this small “injury”. Now the rest of the day honestly went well, and as the time rolled around to 9PM, I was prepped to start getting silverware so I could head out at a decent time tonight. Unfortunately for me, that was when the hostess sent table after table my way, inevitably sitting four tables in a row at my section at like 9:20 or 9:30. Rough times. Now the tables were fine and all, but this meant that I wasn’t able to get my silverware ready to go beforehand. However, one interesting thing that did happen was that when one of my tables was getting ready to pay, the older woman of the group, the grandmother I assume, tried to stand up and give me her credit card to pay. Unfortunately when she went to stand up, she somehow tripped over the chair and started falling. I quickly ran in to try and stabilize her, and she managed to catch herself before she got hurt. I didn’t think I did too much, but apparently I did I guess, because everyone around me was telling me that I did a good job. So that was cool I guess. One of my other tables which saw everything happen said something along the lines of “best server”, which always feels good to hear.

After I finally closed out all my tables and did my closing side work, which was just putting away all the wine, I got on to doing all my roll-ups. Unfortunately for me, it was already around 10:30, which meant I was definitely getting out of there after 11PM. The manager working did have me put in all my numbers so he could leave, and I found out that I made over $400 in cash tips, it might’ve even been closer to $450, and I made like $60 or $70 in cash tips, so definitely a really good night for me. I finally got my roll-ups done, clocked out, and headed out just after 11, and made my way to the subway, ready to be home already. Unfortunately for me, I found out when I arrived that the next uptown A was not only arriving in 15 minutes, it was also only running to 168th St., which meant I was gonna have to walk nine or ten blocks to get home. Finally the A arrived and I was off and on my way back to my apartment. It was running local to 59th St., but in a weird change of fate the train ran express all the way up to 145th St., where I guess the train gave up I guess, because then it started running local again until the final stop- 168th St. I have no idea what was going on with the A tonight, but damn was it annoying.

After getting off the A on 168th St., I walked the rest of the way home, stopping at the Rite-Aid and picking up dinner (and a snack). Once I got inside my apartment, I popped my dinner in the microwave, headed to the first floor of the building to check, fruitlessly once more, for mail, and after of course finding nothing, I headed back inside, took the meal out of the microwave. cut up an apple, and then brought my meal back to my room, where I’ve just been playing League tonight. My original plan was to play ranked by myself, but then my friend Zach invited me to play, so the two of us played for a few hours before our other friend Carmine jumped on, and we finished the night playing with him. Zach’s internet cut out or something at some point, so Carmine and I just played two games together, before catching up and then getting off for the night. It’s now 4:56 in the morning, and luckily tomorrow I am doing absolutely nothing, so maybe I’ll get some sleep. But you never know! Either way, I’m glad today went well and hopefully I continue to improve at Eataly. And who knows, maybe W will actually send me a letter at some point, but at this point I can’t, and I won’t, put to much faith into it. Now then, my bed is calling me, so I must go answer; it’s very important.

Until next time,


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