A Late Night at Eataly (7/6/19)

So I’m writing this on the train on my way home from work; it’s late, I’m tired, and I got work tomorrow morning, but shit happens. Now today was a pretty normal, if not slow day at Eataly. I got up at 12PM, played a game of league, lost, took a shower, got ready, and headed out to the subway, catching the 2:13 PM train to work. Now I would normally be fine, but today the train decided to just stop and not move for a good 5-7 minutes, so i was definitely cutting it close when I got off and hurried to work. Luckily I still made it there by 2:59, clocked in, and headed to the restaurant to see what I was doing today.

Now today I was on low boys duty, so I got to work stocking the three low boys throughout the restaurant. With the help of another server, we got everything stocked just before 3:30, so we clocked out and I headed to the break room for some lunch. Today staff meal was rice and what I think was sweet sausages, along with salad, and though I originally expected to just eat a bit and then head to Pret, I actually ended up being good with this, though I of course had to go back for seconds and thirds. Now once my break was over I headed over to where pre-shift was being done, and sat down as we began.

After we got through with pre-shift, I got the floor plan and found that I was in section #4, which is right in front of the hostess stand. I was expecting to be damn busy, but you never know. I talked to the server who was leaving, figuring out what she needed and which tables I was taking from her, and I got to work. Now this afternoon into evening, I was surprised by how slow it was. I mean some other sections were busy, but for a Saturday night, like there definitely weren’t many people in the restaurant. The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was when I asked the chef about some allergies, and stupidly asked if there was cheese in a dish where there obviously wasn’t cheese. I wasn’t really thinking about it, but when he said “you should know this”, it never feels good. Also I had a table which ended up having a hair on the plate of their food. I apologized and immediately got them another dish, but they still didn’t tip. That was a good time.

Now as the night came to a close, I started getting my silverware prepped early, in hopes to get out early. But whether it was me dicking around or maybe the fact that at 9:30, I still had 4 tables, I still ended up leaving the restaurant just after 11. I mean I literally had a table see us closing, and still asked for dessert at 10:20. Like sir we closed 20 minutes ago. Either way, I got the order in, gave him his check, and got to work polishing. After finishing rolling and counting my tips, I actually ended the night with 120 in cash and over 330 in credit card tips. Like for a slow night? God damn we love that. That’s actually the most cash I’ve gotten in a while, so that definitely felt good.

After I clocked out, I got to the subway, and was prepped to just get on the A and head home. Unfortunately for me, when I got there, the next A wasn’t coming for 15 minutes. Greaaaat. After the excruciating wait, I got on the train and started making my way home. I’m finally getting off the A now and am just going to stop by Rite-Aid for some dinner before going home, checking the mail, heating up and eating my dinner, and going to bed, hopefully before 1. Tomorrow I gotta be up early, so here’s hoping I at least get some sleep tonight.

Until next time,


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