Happy Fourth of July! I’m Working, How Are You Celebrating? (7/4/19)

So I realized when I woke up today that I hadn’t actually written my blog post for yesterday, so here I am writing it on the train as I head over with my friend Andrew to his apartment to hang out for a bit. Now today was the Fourth of July, but since I work in the restaurant industry, that meant that I was still coming into work, while most everyone else had the day off. Today I was actually working the PM shift, so for once I got to get a decent amount of sleep. Now I planned on getting eight hours, but my body really doesn’t like me sleeping that long, so I ended up getting up around 11:30. After relaxing in my bed for longer than I should have, I finally got up and hurriedly took a shower, before hopping on the train and heading to work.

I made it to Eataly by 2:54, and after taking a peak to see what was for a lunch today, I decided to just get food during my break, so I headed into the dining room to start out my day. Today I was focusing on low boys, so I just headed around, restocking for the next 30 minutes before it was time for break, and I headed to the back to actually get some food. Now today it was some type of meat, rice, and salad, and though it was alright, I was still pretty hungry, so I made the call to go to Pret and actually get some more food for lunch. They had my favorite thing today, which is some kind of salmon bowl, so fucking good, and a cookie, which the guy actually didn’t charge me for (it was the same guy that gave me the drink for free last time), sat down, ate, and headed on back to get ready for pre-shift. As pre-shift came to a close, we ate the specials that were shown to us, the pasta and pizza, and then I got to work. Oh also one of the servers asked me to grab her a sweet tea from McDonald’s because she was working, so I hurried over there to grab a large one before I headed back to Eataly.

Now today was honestly kind of busy, but I was feeling myself! Like to be fair, the hostesses didn’t fuck me today, (they definitely fucked other people), but hey I was chilling. Everyone was happy and people were actually tipping very nicely! I even had one table tip me $20 on a $50 check, which feels so good to get. As the night was coming to a close and things were dying down because everyone was going to see the fireworks, I started doing my closing side work, only to look over and see all the fireworks going off outside the window! I was really expecting to miss the display because you know, work, but wow was it cool to see. At the end of the night I was looking around for silverware, didn’t find anything, but ended up polishing and rolling with another server, who was also helping another server who was still finishing out his tables; We love comradery. I ended up folding sixty, and then helping the other server, before heading out just before 11PM.

Luckily for me tonight, the A’s were actually still running express because of the fireworks. Unluckily for me, the A’s were packed because, you know, the FIREWORKS. After squeezing onto an A, I took it all the way up to 175th, got off, and headed inside to end out my night. Still no letter, but I’m not expecting much at this point. Either she hasn’t gotten the letter somehow, or she has gotten it and doesn’t want to respond. Either way it feels bad, because I can’t say anything to her because that wouldn’t look good, so I’m just stuck between a rock and a hard place. Anywho, I got back home and played some League after making myself some fried rice for dinner, and even did a shit ton of laundry to end out the night. Like I washed all my clothes, my towels, and my sheets, so yeah, a ton of laundry. I even folded everything up and put it all away, which I NEVER do, so yeah, a good night. Now I’m actually finishing up this post at the end of the night, so I’m gonna get around to writing today’s post as well. But still, fun times all around! Happy Fourth of July everyone, and just a reminder that America is not only the land of the free, but also a land full of immigrants all wanting and deserving a chance, so be kind to one another.

Until next time,


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