Day Off with a Nighttime Deep Talk (7/5/19)

So today I had off, and Andrew and I had planned to see Midsommer at 1PM, so I was prepped to get at least seven hours of sleep, get up and go. Unfortunately for me, my body woke me up at like 10AM so I was damn tired, but I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just decided to play some League. After playing for far too long, I got up, showered, and headed to the AMC theater, making it there by 1:15. Luckily for me, trailers last 20 years, so I was set. After finding my seat then scurrying off to the bathroom, I sat down, said a quick hey to Andrew, and the movie at last began. Now I will not spoil too much from Midsommer, but holy fuck is it one weird movie. Now mind you, these are the only vague spoilers that I’ll say. Number one, the sex scene? What the actual fuck. And two, “Dude there’s a pubic hair in your food.” Now don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty solid movie, but what the actual fuck. Also I do have to say, a lot funnier than I was expecting! Like I wasn’t ever scared in the movie, it was more of a “where the fuck is this going to go?” But yeah, definitely worth a watch.

By the time Andrew and I got out of the theater, it was already inching towards 4PM, so we walked to the Bareburger on 57th to get a late lunch. As we sat and ate, we caught up on what’s been going on with each other’s lives; I know that he just finished working on a TV show as a stand-in, so I’ve been curious what he’s been up to. After we finished eating, we caught the 1 and headed back to his place for a while to just hang out. As we made our way up, I was working through some of these letter puzzles on the train, saying the answers out loud, and an older gentleman said that he had managed to get them all as he stepped off the train. At the same time an older lady mentioned to me that she liked my shirt. Now I’m not sure if she noticed what it said, because it does have a cool design, it’s from Phillip DeFranco by the way, but on the breast pocket it says “Have a Great Fucking Day”. Now I think that’s amazing, but some people think it’s too much. Potato potato I guess.

After we finally got off the train and made it to Andrew’s apartment, we just sat and hung out for a while, having some drinks and watching some TV. At first we watched Masterchef, but then as we noticed it was starting to get late, the two of us made the decision that we are going to binge every The Fast and the Furious movies, so when Hobbes and Shaw comes out in August, we’ll actually understand and go see it. We sat down and started the movie, all the while drinking, which is always a good time. I was actually drinking what was a banana rum, which was surprisingly insanely fucking good. Like it did not taste like liquor at all; just bananas. I combined it with coke, and it was probably one of the easiest things I’ve drank in a while. After the movie ended, I was about to head home, but stuck around for a bit of reheated pasta; I was hungry. But during that time Andrew and I not only had a good conversation about relationships, but also about where we want to be in our careers. It feels good because I know we share very similar views when it comes to acting and pursuing our dreams, and we made a pact to push each other and ourselves, so we can start moving towards that dream. Were these pacts made by slightly inebriated men? Of course. But do I still mean every word? Absolutely. Even though I’m happy to be working full time and making money, I’m not satisfied because I’m not acting. I’m not doing what I love. So it’s time to crack down and get cooking; start making some real progress moving forward.

After we finished up the pasta, I said my goodbyes, and walked home while talking to Maggie. Once I got home, I hopped on League and we played for a little while before calling it a night. There was actually some mail in the kitchen tonight when I got home, but none of it was for me, of course. That’s fine though; shit happens. It’s now 2:13 in the morning, and I have work tomorrow afternoon. Here’s to a hopefully good day at work and god I wish something comes out of this letter situation. Like; soon. The suspense was fun at first, but now it’s just starting to get ridiculous.

Until next time,


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