Man I Love the Cinema and Theater (7/3/19)

Today may have been my day off, but that definitely did not mean that I was going to be relaxing. Normally when I have a day off, I spend the day not leaving my bed until like 3 or 4PM, and then staying inside all day playing video games. However yesterday I had bought my ticket for Spider-Man: Far From Home for 12:45 at the AMC at 67th St., so I had to be up at a decent time. I planned on waking up at 11:15, getting a good eight hours of sleep, but my body decided to get me up at 10:30, which is fine by me, to be honest with you. I relaxed in bed for far too long, before quickly hopping in the shower right before 12, getting ready, and hurriedly leaving to catch the 12:23 train. Before I got up to do any of this however, I made sure to buy one ticket for Be More Chill tonight at 8PM. I got one of the balcony seats, which only cost $69 (aye lmao I am a child), so I also had that to look forward to tonight! Now I arrived at 59th St., transferred to the 1, and made it to the AMC just after 12:45. I hurried in, showed the worker the ticket on my phone, and got inside the theater as trailers were running. After setting my stuff down and watching a few of the trailers, I decided I really needed to use the bathroom now so I didn’t have to use it during the movie at all, so I hurriedly rushed out of the theater, used the bathroom, and hurried back before the movie began.

Now I am not going to spoil any of the movie, but holy FUCK was Spider-Man: Far From Home a good movie. Like I know that there was a hole after the end of Avengers: Endgame, but this movie was so funny and well done. Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man, Zendaya’s MJ has started growing on me, Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio worked so well, and obviously I loved Jacob Batalon as Ned. The casting was so well done, and the movie worked so well. The twist is fantastic, and the ending. The ENDING. Holy FUCK. Anyways, go see it, it’s amazing. That’s it. I love Spider-Man and this movie just made me so happy. After the movie ended, it was already almost 3:30, so I hurried out of the theater and made it back home just before 4PM, starving because I hadn’t eaten anything today. Before I headed home, I stopped by the Rite-Aid and picked up chips and chocolate before heading to my apartment. Once I got inside, I checked the mail to find nothing of course, which to be fair I expected but it still made my heart sink a little, and then I headed back inside to make myself a sandwich. As my bread toasted, because I think having toasted bread as the base is the best idea, I cut up an apple, then made myself a turkey, spinach, tomato and cheese sandwich, with mayo of course; it’s my go-to sandwich. I then killed some time for the next few hours playing League with my friend Zach, before hurrying to the train.

The final game took a lot longer than I had expected, so I ended up catching the like 7:25 train, just making it to the theater by 7:52; The show started at 8. I got my ticket and booked it up to the balcony, where I found my seat, set my stuff down, and found the bathroom, before hoofing it back to my seat just in time for the show to begin. And I have to tell you, the show was so damn good. Mind you, it was sweltering up in the balcony, and everyone was fanning themselves with their playbills, but damn was the experience worth it. I love the music of the show, and the acting is so much fun. The biggest thing I that was reconfirmed for me at the end of the show was that I REALLY want to play Jeremy if Be More Chill goes on tour. Like I definitely need to go and take voice lessons again, so I can actually get my voice back in shape, but holy fuck do I want to do that show. Jeremy is literally my character type in a nutshell, and I think it would be beyond fun to do.

Now I could’ve stayed after the show ended to have the cast sign my playbill, but I dunno I don’t really like doing that type of thing. Honestly it makes me kind of uncomfortable. I did however, stay for the Wednesday tradition at Be More Chill called the “Post Show Hang”, where one of the writers of the show, Joe Iconis comes out with a special guest to perform one more song for anyone who wants to stay and listen. Tonight the actor who had just finished up as Aladdin on Broadway came out with George Salazar to sing a song from one Joe’s other musicals. It was just a fun time, and it was cool to watch people just relax and do one more thing before the night ended. I hurried back to 42nd St., because it was almost 11 already and I desperately wanted to catch the A before it stopped running express, and luckily I was set and made it home before 11:30.

Once I got home, I gave Maggie a call as I checked the mail one more time, fuck I need to stop overthinking that letter thing, but you and I both know that’s never going to happen, heated up some dinner, aka the pasta and meatballs I made from last night, and got on League, where we played for the next few hours. There was a point where my internet dropped, and I got back in the game right as we won, which was a relief, and then the final game of the night I actually played out of my mind, but that’s just nerd shit. Anyways, I said goodnight to Maggie and started writing this blog post when my friend Zoe messaged me, asking if she could call. Things have been going on with a guy, and she just needed to talk and vent, so we ended up chatting for a good while, except now it’s almost 4AM and I am exhausted, but it is what it is. Tomorrow is 4th of July, aka hopefully slow at work, but you never know. For now I have to get ready for bed and pass out because I am exhausted. But seriously, today was one of the best days I’ve had in a while, and was another reconfirmation of why I am an actor. Here’s to a future full of me working full time as an actor, being able to pay rent no issue, and doing what I love. And who knows, maybe I’ll even become famous. Wouldn’t that be fun? Maybe I’ll even get the girl. God wouldn’t that be the best? Here’s to climbing up and onward towards a bright future yet to be experienced.

Until next time,



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