A General PSA to Those Who Choose to Dine Out; Thank God Today is Over (7/2/19)

So today was a rough day to say the least. It started off okay I guess; I mean I woke up at 8AM, took a shower and caught the 8:45AM train to work. I was going to buy my weekly metro ticket with the cash I had, but right as I got into the station, my train arrived and I was not risking missing it, so I hopped the turnstile and rushed down. Am I proud of that fact? No, but sometimes you just gotta do it. Luckily I made it onto the train and was on my way to work in no time; I was even able to get a seat so I could take a nap! Now when I got to work, my side work ending up being stocking the lowboys, so I got to it. After 30 minutes had passed, I headed over to Pret for my usual breakfast meal, and then headed back to work, stopping by Dunkin to get my usual donut.

Today during pre-shift we tasted the new pasta again, as well as a new pizza, which was had two kinds of meat and two kinds of cheese in it; it’s also half calzone. Both were definitely pretty good, and I was prepped to start my day off right. I was working section 3, which is one of the middle sections, and before too long I was busy rushing around helping tables. Now I was able to handle it for a while, but when I went to help one table and get their orders, all of a sudden I got quintuple sat, and I was running around trying to help every table as fast as I could. Unfortunately for me, the first table that I was helping decided to get pissy with me, because I wasn’t able to bring out their drinks, and then things got worse when it took a while for them to get their desserts, which I ended up having to make myself. I snapped at the gentleman for a hot second, but regained composure when I came back and apologized for things not coming out. I thought we were good until it was time for him to pay, and the man decided to write a note on the receipt that said “bad service. Never got drinks. Slow” Like really dude? How fucking little do you have to do with your life that you choose to write a note like that? I get it, you didn’t have a great time and all, but the fact that you call it slow service, when you see a completely full restaurant and your server literally rushing from table to table to table getting every order out as fast as he can is, is fucking baffling. They still tipped though, so who’s the real sucker? Not much, but it was still something, so I really do not care.

Luckily for me, I had another table at the exact same time that was much more fun; it was a family coming from Texas, and I ended up building a bit of a re pore with them; by the end we were throwing little quips and they even wished me luck moving forward as an actor. They told me they’d be sure to keep an eye out for Michael Saunders. It really made my day, to be honest with you. Now what rubbed me the worst way possible however, was not the douchey couple bitching about their service, it was actually at the end of my shift. I had a seven top full of twenty-something’s coming from England on vacation I assume. They all ordered probably a good $150-$200 in food, which is expected, but when it came time to pay the bill, they finally decided to tell me that they wanted separate checks. They couldn’t have made that clearer sooner? Fine, okay whatever. Things were slowing down a bit so I took the time to separate everyone’s food orders. Then, when they went to pay, a few of them were paying for multiple people’s meals, which means I could’ve separated everything into less checks. Obnoxious, but whatever. I noticed most of them weren’t writing anything for the tip, but then two paid in cash and told me to keep the change, so I was like great! They all agreed that those two would pay the tip. Maybe they had the least expensive dishes? Whatever doesn’t matter. I put in all of their checks, some of them not even signing the receipt, like they’ve never even been outside of a rock before, and then I go to collect my tips. But ho, I don’t see 20 or 30 dollars, I don’t even see 10! Ah yes, there’s my tip, literal change under a dollar from each of the two cash checks. So these fuckers decide to not only waste my time splitting up checks where you can just as easily split it down evenly or just use fucking VENMO, but they all also decided to just not TIP me. Like are you actually kidding me. I was fuming. I get it, their not from the US, but fucking really? Fucking really.

I grabbed a bin of forks and knives and sat off to the side polishing and rolling my 60 pairs of silverware. All of a sudden the storyteller who gave me my tour of the store last week walked by with one of our mocktails- the Sicilian Crush. I jokingly asked if it was for me, and she simply replied- “Do you want it?” Of course I do! As I sipped down this free drink, my mood instantly began to improve. I finished out my day and headed home, still annoyed but definitely nowhere near where I was a bit ago. As I got to the train station, I bought my unlimited weekly pass and finally got on the A and headed home. Once I got home, I played League all night, pausing to make some pasta, along with watching a few episodes of Psych. Tomorrow I actually have the day off, so I’m going to see Spider-Man: Far From Home at 12:45, and I may even go to see Be More Chill tomorrow night. That’s the plan at least. Now it’s just passing 2AM, and I can’t wait to actually get eight hours of sleep for once.

Until next time,


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