Happy Monday! I’m Tired (7/1/19)

Today was honestly just your average busy Monday at a restaurant. I got up at 8AM, quickly took a shower, and ended up catching the 8:50 train, making it to work just after 9:30. I clocked in, figured out what my side work was for the day, and got to it. Today I was on wine and ice duty again so I got to it, pulling out the wine and filling the buckets with ice. I worked with another server and ended up getting up everything done by 10AM. As we hit 10 o’clock, I clocked out and headed to Pret to get my usual food, and hung out for my break, charging my phone and listening to music, before heading back to work with a donut in hand from Dunkin. I was excited this morning because it’s Monday, which means my Discover Weekly on Spotify has changed again, aka I get new songs to enjoy throughout the day! This week I already have some really fun songs that I’ve added to my playlist, which is a lot of fun.

After I got back to work and clocked back in, we all sat down for pre-shift to learn about the new pasta we just added to our menu; a tagliolini pasta with zucchini, and honestly it was really damn good. After we had finished the pre-shift (and the food) I headed to my section to start out the day. Today I was working at the first section, which is at the far left of the restaurant, and the day began. Honestly today was not really that terrible, but damn was it busy. I was continuously moving and dealing with table after table, and I gotta tell you, they were not small tables. Quite a few of the groups that sat down were at least 4-5 people, so I was running around a ton. Now everything was going well until I was going to open up a bottle of wine, and it slipped out of my hands and the bottle shattered. Luckily it was cleaned up pretty quickly and no one was hurt, but damn, never a fun time dropping a full bottle of wine. Somehow though, time flew by and before I knew it, it was already 3PM. The main thing that rubbed me the wrong way however was the fact that there was one check that seemed to be misplaced from one of my larger tables, which was a $170 check; aka I lost a good 20-30 dollars in tips. It’s rough, but shit happens.

I let my managers know about the missing check and finally closed out and transferred my last tables. I headed to the back in order to roll my silverware for the day, but somehow none were found. I talked to one of my managers about it, and ended up just helping some of my other servers roll their silverware, before waiting to get my final receipt with all my payments for the day and head home. Unfortunately for me, the managers were in a meeting so I ended up waiting a good 20-30 minutes before I could leave, but it happens.I finally got out by 5:45 and headed home. Now I feel like today could honestly be defined as being kind to others. This morning I gave up my seat to older people, and when I got back on the train to head home, I ended up doing the same thing. What was really cool to see was that after the woman I offered the seat to got up and left, I ended up offering my seat to another lady, who then offered the seat to an older woman. Because of this, the guy next to her offered her his seat; it’s so heartwarming to me to see such kindness. I know it’s something small, but it feels really nice to do something like that for another human being. It doesn’t take anything to be kind, but it can definitely make someone else’s day. That happened to me yesterday with the guy giving me the free orange juice, so I worked to pass it on to other people today. I feel like we can all be so focused on our own lives, that we end up ignoring things that we can do for others, even when it costs us nothing to do them; like giving up our seat, or holding the door open. If we all kept an eye out and helped those around us, maybe, just maybe, the world would become a kinder, more loving place. But that’s just my thought on the matter.

Anyway, I got home and have just been playing some League tonight with Maggie, as well as watching a bit of Psych. God what a good show. Right when I got home, I headed up to the first floor to check the mail, since I knew I had a package coming from Amazon today, but to be completely honest I’m still waiting to see if W is going to send me a letter. I feel like it’s hopeless at this point, and that she either didn’t get my letter, or doesn’t want to send me one back, but I have no idea. I hate the idea of appearing desperate or creepy, and I know that she probably talked to her friends about what to do; and imagining that conversation just makes me sad, right? Like I genuinely got along and liked her friends, but now that we broke up, obviously they took her side, and so maybe their opinions of me have changed. I don’t know, I would love it if I got a positive letter from her, but the longer I wait, the less likely it seems. Maybe it just isn’t the right time, but I have no idea because I don’t even know if she got my letter. It’s so frustrating, but I can’t just message her and ask if she got my letter, because that is way too forward and would definitely be way to much. But I’m going to keep checking and maybe, no matter how unlikely, I’ll get a response. Until then, I gotta sleep. I’m fucking exhausted.

Until next time,


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