Another Early Morning; Happy Pride Everyone! (6/30/19)

Today was another early day, where I was working at at 9:30AM, so I aimed to get 7.5 hours of sleep to start the day out right. Thankfully I managed to actually get it for once, and I woke up by 7:50, took a shower, and left my apartment to catch the 8:48 train to work. I made it to Eataly by 9:28, clocked in, and started the day. I was on wine and ice today, but since someone else was working on the wine, I took to the challenge of the latter, and brought out bucket after of bucket of ice. I finished the ice, and stocked the rest of the reds before I headed off to my break. At 10AM I clocked out and headed to Pret for my daily breakfast, getting myself the usual egg dish, along with some sort of yogurt and a banana. Now the guy working the counter was actually really nice, and charged me less for everything, and my total was actually only $10. Yesterday, I had the change to buy a donut, but today someone had actually brought in donuts, so I was already sitting with one in my stomach; one more reason not to make that extra pit-stop. Now as I was eating my breakfast, I decided to get an OJ to wash everything down, but when I went to pay for it, also to get change to get that donut, the guy said that it was on him. Like holy fuck thank you so much man. I did thank him, but as I left, I wasn’t able to tell him to have a great day, since he was backed up with people. So to you, mystery worker, thank you so much, honestly. I know it’s a small thing, but it really put a smile on my face, and started me on such a good foot moving into today.

I clocked back in at 10:30 and the day began. We had the usual morning breakdown, and the expectation moving into today was that it was going to be slow, since it was Pride Day today and everyone would be farther uptown at the parade. Now this was even more true for me, who was working at the pizza bar today. The pizza bar has open seating, so instead of waiting in line people can just sit down. When it’s slow it’s boring, but when it gets busy it is a hellhole. For the first hours, I was just rolling napkins, which is fine. I was prepped to be sent home early, if I’m being honest with you. At 1PM, I actually got two tables, so it was still really slow. However all of a sudden around like 2 or 2:30, everyone and their fucking mother decided to show up and sit down, and I got just slammed. I mean I had like 3 or 4 tables just sit down at once, and I was rushing everywhere trying to get people their orders. Honestly the one issue I had was a guy who ordered extra tomato sauce, which costs extra. I put it in, and probably under 10 minutes later it came out. Unfortunately by that point, he was mad and when it was placed next to him he said it better be free because he’s already half finished with his pizza and it’s starting to get cold. I’m so sorry that the sauce you wanted doesn’t get heated up in two fucking seconds my guy. If you realize after the food has come out that you want more sauce, it will take TIME. Anyways, it was dealt with and things were back to normal(‘ish). I mean I was still running around, but I made it through the rest of service, and actually managed to close out all of my tables by 4:30, when I switched into polishing and rolling mode.

Now everything took a little while, but I actually still managed to get out of there just after 5:30 or 5:40, which is a hell of a lot better than what happened the first few shifts I worked, where I was leaving by at least 6PM. Now my tips were shit, but that’s to be expected from how slow it was for most of the day, and the fact that none of my tables actually got much food; we love that. Now that didn’t rub me the wrong way, but what did was the fact that one of the tables that sat down and ate, had two girls who brought in MCDONALD’S. Like into an ITALIAN PLACE?? Everyone else was eating pizza and pasta, and these two fucks were chowing down on McChickens or whatever the fuck. Actually so damn disrespectful it pissed me off. Like also McDonald’s, really? McDonald’s is the place to go when your sort of drunk, it’s super late, and everything else is closed. Like it is just not good food. Anyway, rant aside, I made it out and headed home on the A. While on the train, I was happy to see a few people get on who had been celebrating Pride, dressed in rainbow colors, looking like they had a fun time. Now even though I’m not personally LGBTQ, I am of course an ally, and support my friends and whoever else is any part of that community. I may not understand everything that you have been through, or are going through, but I will always be hear to listen, and try and empathize, while giving you my wholehearted support. I know it’s not much, coming from a cis, straight white guy, in which society is basically built for, but I do want to help make the world a better place for everyone. Thank you for shamelessly being yourself, and never stop. You are enough, and you are amazing.

I ended the day buying myself some dessert snacks, aka some mini kit-kat bites and some pretzel M&M’s, along with an ice drink, and played League with Mags and Devon for a few hours, before ending it out for the night making some dinner and watching clips from Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Shout out to Devon for helping me go through setting up my benefits for Eataly by the way. I finally have new health insurance!!! God that’s exciting and insanely adult and I hate it. But honestly I love it, because up to this point I’ve been on my dad’s insurance, but he’s retired now so we’re getting kicked off his plan in the next few months. The best news is that I’m paying like $60 a week for all the benefits, which includes my monthly metrocard, so that’s super exciting. Anyways, tomorrow I gotta be up early again, and it’s already just past 12:30, so I need to get some sleep. Holy fuck I can’t believe it’s already July. Where in the hell has this year gone? Three more months and it’ll be my birthday. Jesus.

Until next time,


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