Finally a Day Off, and I Even Got to See My Dad (6/27/19)

So today was my first day off in six days, and I gotta say it was definitely a much needed break. I’ve been just chugging along, but I’m glad to be able to just breathe for a little while, and you know, actually get some sleep. The other really exciting thing is that my dad’s visiting New York for two days, so I even got to see him! I had called him last night, but he was way too tired to talk, so I woke up to a text message from him, asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch. Right as I woke up, I got a call from him, confirming if I could come by for lunch at the Met with him, his fiancée, and her step-mother; for context their names are Susan and Theo respectively.

Anyway, we decided to meet up at 1:30 in the dining room, so I got ready and prepped to head out. I planned on catching the 12:55 train, but then I remembered I hadn’t written a note in his Fathers Day card yet, so I quickly did that and went to head out. I thought I had time, since the next train wasn’t supposed to be until 1:07, but when I checked the times again it said 1:04. It was 1:03 now. I panicked, left my headphones and ran. I barely made it to the train before the doors closed, but I was safe and good to go. I took the A down to 125th before transferring to the C, and getting off at 86th. I walked across the park, holy moly was it a beautiful day today, and finally made it to the museum right after 1:30.

I got my ticket and headed on up to the fourth floor, where the dining room was located, and I found the three of them sitting at a table. After hugging everyone and giving dad his Father’s Day card, we sat down and ate lunch. I ended up getting a burger, which wasn’t half bad, and we chatted for a while before heading down the the main floor to finish an exhibit dad and Susan had been looking at before lunch about guitars and rock and roll. My dad is huge on guitars and is even a musician himself, so I got why he was so excited about this.

We walked on through, my dad reading every little bit, and before we knew it an hour or more had flown by. After heading out of the exhibit, the four of us discussed what the plan was, and decided on meeting up at a restaurant called Island for dinner at 7:30. (It’s right next to where my dad and Susan were staying) Theo went home to rest up before dinner, but I went with dad and Susan and hung out with them for a while. My dad and I ended up making a trip up to the roof of the building and just hanging out for a while, talking about old trips we’ve taken as a family and the like, which was really nice. I love being in the city, but I do miss my family, you know?

We were finally kicked off the roof because of preparations for a big party, so we headed back down to the room for a little while. As we waited to leave, dad and Susan played through their set for their next gif, which is always a pleasure to listen to. Then we headed next door to Island and met up with Theo for some dinner at last. I got the Tuna, which was not too bad, though just a tad chewy, and tried a bit of my dad’s lobster roll. I felt bad for him because he’s a slow eater, so we had a good four or five different people come up and ask if everything was okay. Like calm down people, Jesus. He didn’t care though, and after we finished up our meals, it was finally time to say goodbye.

I gave dad and Susan a hug, and Theo walked me to the bus station, where I took the bus across to the west side. I took the C to 125th, transferred to the A, and before I knew it I was back at home. Now before anything else, I decided it was time to get myself an AC unit, so I went to my local Rite-Aid and bought one;Normally it’s $200, but because I’m a rite aid member, I got it discounted to $150 before taxes of course. I had taken $170 with me in cash and ended up paying for half of the cost, $75 of the product, in ONES. Like god damn I had so many one dollar bills. Anyway I lugged that heavy ass thing home and set it up. I will say as I went to take it out of the box, I ended up slicing up my finger a bit, which hurt like a Bitch, but it’s done and I FINALLY have an AC unit in my room! Yay!! I ended the night enjoying my now cooler room, and have just been playing video games for for the past few hours. Tomorrow I got nothing planned to do, so we’ll see what happens.

Until next time,


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