Finishing Late, But We Made It (6/26/19)

So I’m on the train heading back from work, and it’s already past 11:30. I didn’t end up leaving work today till 11:15, partially because of a few tables not wanting to leave, and partly because I was looking around for a missing check I never found. Now today started alright. I mean I actually got eight hours of sleep, which was so very necessary, especially after yesterday. I did however awake from a dream where I somehow woke up and was already 60, and began panicking because I haven’t done anything; I never did anything with acting, I never got married. I was panicked. And then it transitioned to I was dying, and I was scared to lose my twin Maggie. Fun dream, I know.

My guess is that I’ve been having these types of dreams because of how uncertain my future is at the moment, you know? I at least have an agent now, and have more time to go to auditions, but at the end of the day I have no idea what’s going to happen. I want to be successful, I want to find love. But I still feel like I haven’t really gotten where I want to be yet. I mean I’m happier where I am now then where I was last month, but I still am not there yet. And maybe I won’t ever get exactly where I want to be happy, but that at least gives me the drive to never give up, even when things get rough like they’ve been.

Now once I woke up, I wasted a bit too much time in my bed, playing a game on my phone until just past 1:30, where I finally got up, took a shower, and left by 2:12. I made it to work by 2:48, and after not having a plate to get some lunch, I decided to get my side work done and then get food during my break. I clocked in and after seeing what my side work was, I got to it. Today I was wine and ice, but luckily someone had actually taken care of the ice, so I just focused on wines. After getting that done, I clocked back out at 3:30, ready to finally get some food in my stomach.

Unfortunately for me, even though I grabbed a plate on my way there, this time there was now no food left. I grabbed a bit of salad and sat down, waiting to see if they would bring out a new container of food, but after 10 minutes I gave up and headed to Pret to actually eat lunch. Once I got there, I grabbed my favorite thing they have- this salmon salad thing with salmon, mango, quinoa, spinach, and some time up berry. Literally so fucking good. I grabbed that, some chips, and a chocolate chip cookie, and sat down to eat for a few minutes. After I was done, I threw my trash out and headed back to work to start my day out.

Today I was working in the section next to the one I worked yesterday, and it wasn’t too terrible. I made a few mistakes, with not sending a dish, or not sending a main or something, which happened twice, but everything went pretty well and I never felt too swamped. As the night began to come to a close, I had a couple come up to me, asking if they could sit down. I explained to them that they had to go to our hostess to get a table, and I thought I was done with them. This was at like 9:40. A minute or two later I watched the hostess bring them to my section, and I knew that I’d be here for a bit. I still had two tables that hadn’t paid out yet, so it was fine, but I was still ready to be done.

After talking to them for a bit though, I started to feel better. They were nice people, though there was a bit of a language barrier, but it was alright. The wife and I bonded over the fact that we like berry ciders, though her favorite ciders are apple ciders, and we both think that beer takes like wet bread. Seriously I am not a fan. At the end, the decided to order dessert after their mains, and she pulled me to the side and explained that it was her husband’s birthday, and asked if I could bring a candle out with the dessert. I happily obliged and soon enough we started singing happy birthday to him and I took their picture. Honestly it was really sweet and I was more than happy to do it.

As they paid for everything, they mentioned to me that they both thought I looked like a film star, which ummmm thank you?!? Like I don’t really get many of those compliments, but like damn that feels good to hear. Seriously made my night. I finally closed out my checks and headed over to my manager with my number, to find out I was off. I went through every check, only to find that I was actually missing one check. After searching around and not finding anything, my manager said that it will probably pop up tomorrow, and that I should just put it in the system with the proper number. I ended up making about 350 in credit card tips and about 70 in cash tips, so definitely not too bad of a shift if I do say so myself!

I’m two stops away from home now, which is great, and I’m probably just going to heat up the pasta I made last night, play some League and go to sleep. I finally have the day off tomorrow, which I cannot WAIT for. Also my dad’s in the city, so I’m either going to see him then or Friday! Can’t wait to finally see him again.

Until next time,


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