Wait What Happened Yesterday? What Happened Today? Fuck It I’m Tired (6/24/19- 6/25/19)

So I’ll be real here- I’d love to tell you what happened yesterday. I can tell you I had work from 3PM to 10:30. I can tell you that it wasn’t too difficult of a day, I made like $70, and managed to leave before 11. I can tell you that the staff lunch was tuna fish, and my stomach was not having it. I can tell you that I had another server help me out immensely, giving me some of her roll ups so I could get out earlier and get some sleep. I can tell you I made it home and had to go out to buy paper towels, and then I heated up a quesadilla for to eat for dinner. I can tell that I ended up talking to my friend Zoe until 1AM, where we both had to go to sleep; I did desperately. All in all, yesterday was alright, but I knew today was going to be long and tiring. I knew it. But holy fuck I’m exhausted.

Now today, I woke up at 6:40, trying to at least get five hours of sleep before I had to be to work at 8AM. I was going to take a shower, but after having the realization that my roommate was not going to leave the bathroom with enough time for me to shower, get ready, and leave, I just got dressed, washed my face, put some product in my hair, and headed out. I bought my weekly metro pass with some of the cash I’ve made, and got on the train at 7:20, allowing myself to close my eyes and take a quick nap in preparation for the day. I made it to Eataly right at 8, and after a someone showed me where the orientation was being held, I sat down in the break room with the other new starts.

Now the orientation was fine, honestly. I was worried about what would happen, but I drank two cups of coffee and just played games on my phone to pass the time. I paid attention some, but a lot of the things learned, besides the history of Eataly, like safety and things, I learned from getting my Food Handler’s License. We took a tour of the store, which made me just want to get some pasta from the store and make some food, but alas not today. I did get to try some cheese though, which was damn good, and even the fresh pasta we tried was really good. I expected a crunch from raw pasta, but it was warm and kind of doughy, honestly.

As we ended the tour, one of my managers told me to check my email, because she had sent me a message. As we finished the orientation, I checked to find that she wanted me to pick up the end of a lunch shift, since they were missing someone today I guess. Now I wasn’t doing anything, and I was still going to be there anyway for my dinner shift, so I told her I would, after I got something to eat. Today was Taco Tuesday, so I got myself two tacos and quickly ate after using the bathroom, and clocked in to get to work. Now it wasn’t busy in my section, because it was at the pizza bar, but there was this one woman, who asked for extra cheese and leaves, I forget what they were called, on three pizzas. Now I wasn’t sure if they cost extra, so I just put it in. After being told by the runners that it is extra, aka $2 per item, or $12 extra in all, I just put it in. I mean, you’re asking for extra, it makes sense you’re paying more. The customer had quite the bitch fit about it, and showed a picture she had taken before which “hadn’t costed her any more, and was much more of each. Whatever. She asked to speak to a manger, and when I got my manager and told her what happened, I got a quick lecture about being very forward about things costing money. Yesterday actually there was a group of three people who didn’t realize that the extra bits on a cheeseboard costed money, and got them taken off of their bill as well. Fucking annoying.

Anyway, so going into my break at 3:30, I wasn’t feeling to amazing. I was mad I messed up, and I really didn’t want to be a weak link. That’s what I was at Emma’s Torch, and I really don’t want that to be the same here. I got myself another taco and relaxed for a little while before we had pre-shift and my dinner shift finally started. Now I was working at the first section, which is all the way in corner, and for a long time it was empty. I came to find out that the hostesses thought it was closed, but that was fixed and finally people starting sitting down. But again for a while, it was slow. Then at like 7 or 7:30 I just got completely fucking slammed. Like I was running back and forth from table to table, just trying to make everyone happy. Now I started to get a bit frazzled, and then I went to a table who had ordered a salami and cheese board, and I had forgotten to put it in. There was an older woman who told me that I had asked them again and again what they wanted for entrees, but still hadn’t gotten them their cheese board. I was expecting her to rip into me, but then she told me that it was okay, and I just needed to take my time. Honestly that’s what I really needed to hear, and I finally started to calm down. I apologized for forgetting about their cheese board, and things slowly but surely started to go smoother.Not only that woman, but the fact that I had multiple people offer to help me, really helped me to get out of the weeds and get back in track. I don’t want to be the weakest link, but in that moment I was just happy to have the help. What also helped was at the end of the shift, I had a server and busser who worked in the section next to me tell me that I got slammed. I really think if they basically told me that my section was slow and I was lucky, I would’ve broken down; but them saying that made me feel a lot better. I ended the night doing my side work and rolling napkins, before finally counting my tips and heading home. I even remembered to clock out this time! I’m actually writing this post while I’m on the train home, and it’s perfect timing because I’m like 2 stops from being home. When I get off the train, I think I’m gonna run to the Rite-Aid, grab some cookies, and then go home and make some dinner. I’m thinking spaghetti and meatballs.

I still haven’t gotten a letter back yet, but I don’t even think she’s gotten my letter yet, so I’m just gonna keep on waiting. To be fair, that’s the only thing I can do at this point, so… But yeah, tomorrow I just have work from 3PM, and then I’m finally off for two days.I’ll even get to see my dad! God I can’t wait.

Until next time,


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