Thought I’d Fall, But Instead I Started Running (6/23/19)

So today was a good day, honestly. To be fair, it was definitely slower than the past two days, but I genuinely felt good for the first time about how I did at work. I handled pressure well, and things turned out good for me! Now today started a bit worrisome, since I woke up at a decent time, but the next train that I could catch wasn’t until 8:48. Normally I catch the 8:35, but today there were no trains between the A that left at 8:28 and 8:48. Nervous if I was going to have to run to work, I got off the train ready to go. Luckily there was no need for anything of the sort, and I actually made it to work right on time. Perfect! Today I was supposed to deal with wine and ice, so I got to work pulling out bottles and making sure we had everything. Thankfully other people were working ice and wine as well, so I only had to focus on one side, and another server even got the ice, which saved me a ton of time. I’m getting faster about these things, but it still takes time. After getting all the wine, I took my break and headed to Pret to get some quick breakfast before I had to head back to work.

I ended up getting a salad, but honestly I’ve had it before and it really isn’t that great; I’m keeping an eye out for when they do the salmon salad again because damn is that good. I ate some of the salad, and then headed back to work to clock back in and finish my food during our pre-shift. After going through notes and specials, the day began and I headed over to my section, so I knew what I was dealing with; I was at the far end, and had a solid grasp on who my tables were, so I was definitely ready to go. Now the day began pretty slowly, but after thinking that I needed to get a few more tables, all of a sudden I got quintuple sat, and was damn worried if I would be able to make it out. Luckily Alex took one of the tables from me, which saved my ass, but I managed to handle each table strongly with no problems.

Just as I began to get a grasp on all the tables, a pothole appeared in the road in front of me that made my heart skip a beat. My big table, which had eight people, ordered a bottle of Prosecco. Now the last time someone ordered that, the bottle exploded all over me, and really screwed me up. I brought the bottle over, and very carefully I opened the cage and got off the cork; no explosion! After pouring the glasses, setting the bottle down, and walking away, I noticed my hands were pretty visibly shaken. Later on, someone else ordered a glass of the Prosecco so I had to open a new bottle, and that one didn’t fizz over either, which baffled me. Now I am definitely going to blame the bottles for being too warm, because I don’t think that should happen otherwise. Other than that, the day went by very smoothly, and I didn’t run into any issues! None of my tables complained, though when I went to the bar to grab a table’s drink early on in the shift, I ran back into the table who got SUPER pissed with me yesterday, which was real fun to say the least.

I finally closed out all my tables around 5 and got to rolling. First I polished 60 forks and knives, and then got to work rolling; I’m genuinely proud of myself, because today was the first time I’ve actually done 60 roll-ups, and I did them all by myself! After finishing that up and putting away the rolled up napkins, I counted my tips and headed on out. Today I walked away with like 340 in credit card tips, and 93 in cash; definitely not a bad day! Much better than yesterday, and it felt like I had a busier section. I left the restaurant and made my way to the train, making a pit stop at the Apple store, just for a brief minute, so I could buy a new charging cable. The one I’ve had for a while now ended up not charging my phone last night, so I woke up with like 6% left- talk about anxiety inducing. After getting my new cable, I took the A up to 59th, then transferred to the 1, where I stopped at 72nd to go to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping.

At Trader Joe’s, I got everything I needed, except for the fact that I grabbed a different type of frozen chicken breast then usual, because they were sold out of the brand I usually get, and it came up to almost 20 DOLLARS. Like what the actual fuck. While I was in line though, I offered a woman in front of me to put her stuff in my cart, because she just had them in her arms. and she graciously accepted; so that was a nice moment. After getting my $70 worth of groceries, I headed on out and took the 1 to 59th, then got on the A and headed home. Once I got home, I instantly made a sandwich because I was starving, and then after eating I’ve just been playing League and watching Psych from the very beginning. Still one of my ultimate favorite shows. Tomorrow I have work from 3-10:30, and this time I’ll aim not to take the wrong train and end up in Brooklyn; hopefully getting home before midnight somehow. For now though, sleep.

Until next time,


1 thought on “Thought I’d Fall, But Instead I Started Running (6/23/19)

  1. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!


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