Fell Again, But I’m Still Going (6/22/19)

So after last night’s fiasco, with me barely getting 5+ hours of sleep, I was worried about today. I hoped it would be slower than last night, but I had no idea what was going to happen. I ended up getting up around 7:50, taking a shower, and catching the 8:45 train into work. I managed to sleep for a few minutes at least, which was nice and definitely necessary, and when I got to work the manager even fixed my failure to clock out from last night. The day began with me setting up the floor, which is easy enough, (thank god), and after 30 minutes I got to take my 30 minute break before the day truly began. I headed to Pret and grabbed myself a good breakfast, a little too much bread but that’s fine, headed back, used the bathroom, clocked back in, and sat down, waiting for pre-shift to start. After going over the specials and everything for the day, I checked out my section and was ready to go for the day.

Today’s section was definitely more confined than yesterday’s, which was very nice, and the day started alright. It stayed pretty slow and boring until about two hours in, when suddenly things started to get busier and busier. I don’t think I did too terrible of a job, until I hit the trouble of the day. I had a table which ordered a kid’s pasta, tomato sauce on the side. Not only did I forget to put it in, when it did come out, I forgot to ask for the sauce on the side, and so the mother was ROYALLY pissed. Like, ROYALLY. My manager talked to me about it, and everything was fine, but it still feels bad, you know? Luckily someone else in that party was paying for the meal, so I still got a good tip, somehow, but fuck I did not want to look at that table. After that screw up, it took me a bit of time to catch up and feel comfortable again, but we got there and made it through the rest of the shift without really any issues. Things took time to get out, but it was fine in the end, and no one else really seemed angry. After transferring my two final tables to the servers working dinner, I closed out my checks and started rolling napkins to end out the day.

As I was rolling, Sergio, who is the general manager I believe, he’s also the guy I interviewed for, came over and talked to me, just to get a feeling of what happened yesterday and today. Thankfully he told me that there wasn’t any big issues or anything, he just wanted to know how I was feeling, and what I felt was my biggest struggles these past two days. For me, I think I just need to learn to keep up with the pressure, and when I mess up, I just need to recover quicker. Yesterday the table numbers screwed me up, but today I think I was just working to learn how to manage my time more properly. It was a huge problem for me at Emma’s Torch, and I am working to make sure it’s not an issue for me here. After a long time of rolling napkins, I finally finished and counted my tips- cash and credit card. After adding everything up for the credit card tips, I was baffled to see that the number was exactly $200; definitely less than others of course, but holy moly I wasn’t expecting a perfect number like that. I did however also get $123 in cash tips, so definitely not too shabby of a day if I do say so myself.

I finally left the restaurant at 6PM and went to head out, but before I went to the train, I decided to stop by a Papyrus to get a Father’s Day card, since I’m seeing my dad this upcoming week. Unfortunately they didn’t have Father’s Day cards anymore, which isn’t surprising I guess, so I got a blank card that I thought was funny and went with that instead. I caught the A UPTOWN, not downtown this time thank god, and passed out as I headed back home. You know I was tired when I woke up to find I had drooled on my shirt. After getting off the train, I decided to make a pit-stop at my Rite-Aid, just to pick up some junk food to go with my dinner. I ended up getting wavy lays potato chips, Milano cookies, and Chips Ahoy cookies, along with a mango Naked; real healthy I know. I also gave Maggie a call as I was doing my shopping, and talked to her as I headed home and heated up my dinner. The two of us spent the next few hours just playing League and having a good time, while I enjoyed my terribly unhealthy snacks. My stomach may not be happy with me, but damn were they good. Tomorrow is my last day of the week working in the morning, and then I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at night; well except for Tuesday where I have orientation in the morning as well and will promptly kill myself when I’m done, because I’m going to be there from 8AM to whenever the fuck I’m able to go home. God I’m gonna be tired. But I am learning and things are getting better, slowly but surely. Tomorrow is a new day. Side note, I wonder if W got my letter yet? Yikes not gonna think about that now, I gotta actually sleep tonight.

Until next time,


*Also peep the Featured Image, which is a picture of a dog on the back of a dude’s bike. SO damn cute ❤

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