The Training Wheels are Off, so of Course There’s Gonna Be Some Scraped Knees (6/21/19)

Today was my first day actually being a server at Eataly, and I really wasn’t sure what to expect coming into the day. I hoped it wasn’t going to be too busy of a day, but I really had no idea what would happen. I woke up today at 11:30, rocking a good 8 hours or more of sleep, which we love, got ready for the day, and headed to work at 1:45. I made it to Eataly by 2:30, had myself some lunch, and clocked in to start the day at 3PM. I was in charge of wine and ice, but thank god someone else was as well, because I was a bit slow getting things together. After a half hour, I clocked back out and hung out outside, enjoying the gorgeous day, before I headed back in and the day begun.

Now it all started off fine enough. I had one of the busier sections, which is fine, but when someone ordered some Prosecco and it overflowed quite a bit when I opened it, things started to run downhill. After that incident, another table ordered a whole bottle of Prosecco, and when I opened it, the liquid shot up out of the bottle like a goddamn fountain, and all over me and the floor. I was not only embarrassed, but now sticky from the sparkling wine. After that, things continued to be in my section and I had to keep working to finally catch up. Luckily that table was kind and didn’t get angry, but the other table that I had the messup with the other bottle of Prosecco (the wife ordered a glass) didn’t leave a tip, so that felt bad. However, despite those screw-ups, I still got through the day. The night ended and I added up my total tips, clocking in at over $350 in credit card tips, and just under $100 in cash tips. God does it feel good to finally have some money again. I even got my first paycheck from Eataly today, which was under $200 but who cares it’s still money!

After putting away the wine from my section, which was my side work, I had to fold 60 napkins. This took a while, and thankfully I had two other servers come over and help me finish, which was amazing. I left by 11:30 and made it to the train and started on my way home. Well that’s what I thought at least. As I relaxed on the train playing a game on my phone, I realized after an announcement that I had actually gotten on the Downtown train, and by the time I had realized it, I was in Brooklyn. After heading off the train and getting on the correct A going uptown, I finally made it to my apartment right after 1AM. Needless to say, I am exhausted. I also have work at 9:30AM, so I need to pass way the fuck out, which is why this blog post is so short. I will say that as I road home, I ended up watching my entire 1 Second Everyday, which is over 20 minutes long, and has a second a day starting in 2016. It was hard seeing W at the end, but every time I think about the fact we dated, it begins to feel more and more like a dream. Like I was living in someone else’s skin; someone much happier than I could be at the moment. But that letter has now been sent, so all I can do is wait. Thank god I’m working nonstop and don’t have a break until Thursday, so I can’t really think about it. But for now, my bed calls for me. Tomorrow is a new day, and the wounds have been bandaged up. Let’s do this.

Until next time,


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