To Infinity, And Beyond; The Day of Weird Coincidences (6/20/19)

Today I had the day off, and all I had planned was to go see Toy Story 4 with Andrew at 8:30, so I had plenty of time to kill. I was planning on sleeping in until 12:30, but after waking up before 11 and not being able to go back to sleep, I watched YouTube videos in bed for a few hours before I finally got up and started my day. Sleepy, I put on some shorts and a shirt and headed into the kitchen to make myself some lunch; basic meal of chicken, rice, broccoli, and green beans. This meal is really my bread and butter, and I make it all the time for dinner, and luckily it makes for three meals; This works perfectly, since tomorrow I won’t really be eating dinner until I get home at 11:30 or midnight. I got everything going and started cooking. I was planning on just making one chicken breast, but since I had two left, I figured I might as well make both pieces of chicken! 45 minutes later or so, and my quick and easy meal is finished. Well… it’s not quick, but’s definitely not a complex dish by any means.

I head back into my room and spend the next few hours continuing to binge Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares compilations, because Gordon is absolutely fantastic to watch. Also seeing some of those restaurants and the food their serving makes my skin crawl. Anyway, the hours ticked by and soon enough I needed to head over and meet Andrew for the movie. We were going to the AMC on 34th St., so I headed to the 1 train on 181st to meet up with him, before we headed off together for the movie. By the time we got to Penn Station, we had about 10-15 minutes left before the movie began, but as we walked the streets to get to the theater, I let Andrew know that I had to stop by one of the street vendors, in order to get a postage stamp. As I left the house, I made sure to take W’s letter with me so I could mail it today. I even had to run back to my apartment, because I forgot the dollar in change for the stamp. Also a side note which I think is quite interesting- so when W and I started dating, we had this kind of nickname/inside joke that was “Little Mouse in a Big City”. This was mostly because when we were together, I would sometimes be absently looking around and spot a rat on the tracks. However, I never really see rats this far up on the tracks; normally it’s down towards 59th or 42nd St. Today though, as Andrew and I waited for a train, I spotted a rat literally not even 50 ft. away from us, debating whether or not it wanted to catch a train. Andrew even spotted a second rat on the opposite side of the tracks; maybe they both just really needed to get somewhere I dunno. Now I know that’s not really that crazy, but for it being the day that I was sending out this letter, which happened to have a mouse on the front of the envelope, to see two rats made me think. Anyways, soon enough we made it to the theater and sat down to enjoy Toy Story 4. Now I am not going to spoil anything, all I will say is not only did they somehow manage to make me care about a spork in under two hours, yet here we are, they also expanded on Bo Peeps character arc, and made her so much more interesting. I genuinely think that, although other Toy Story movies were better, I think this was such a great way to end the franchise. To infinity, and beyond.

After the movie ended, Andrew and I headed back uptown. We originally went to take the 1, but after seeing it wasn’t going high up enough, we just took the train one stop to 42nd and transferred to the A. Now I think Andrew and I both agreed that we needed the exercise, because the two of us shared a large bowl of popcorn, which Andrew got for free from his birthday. Before too long we made it to my stop though, and the two of us parted ways for the night. Now instead of going straight home, I went out in search of a mailbox, so I could actually send off this letter before the night ended. After wandering around a few blocks, I finally found a mailbox with a slit for the letters, and that was that. The mailbox did have some random person’s shirt on it, but I am not even going to ask about that. After sending off the letter, it immediately put my hands up, because I have finally done all that I can. All I can do is wait. Luckily though, my schedule has been posted already for Eataly, and I will be working straight through for the next six days, which should be real fun.

Before I headed back home, I decided to stop by the Rite-Aid close-by and get some dinner for myself. I picked myself up a frozen meal of spaghetti and pasta, followed by some air fresheners, and as I was checking out, I noticed that there was a deal on the 3 Musketeers, so I decided to treat myself just a tad. The other main coincidence was with this, because on the 3 Musketeer wrapper, it said “You crushed it!” Definitely an odd coincidence. Tomorrow I have work at 3:00, so please pray that I don’t fuck it all up. I am confident but of course I’m still a bit anxious, being that it’s still a new restaurant and I haven’t served in a couple minutes.

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