Second Day of Training, and Officially Finishing Out the Previous Chapter (6/16/19-6/17/19)

So I’m writing this blog at the end of the day on the 17th, aka 2:21AM on the 18th, because last night I got home close to midnight, and really needed some sleep, so I could be ready for work today. So we’re just going to have two blog posts in one. Here we go!

The Second Day of Training (6/16/19)

Today was my second day of training at Eataly, with my shift being from 3:00PM to 10:30PM, so I was definitely interested in how a Sunday dinner shift would be for me. I made sure to get up at a decent time, around 11:30, somehow managing to get 8.5 hours of sleep. Thank god. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go, and with that energy, I got up, got ready, and made my way to Eataly. I ended up getting there around 2:40, and though I had heard that they did have a staff meal at the restaurant, after peaking into the kitchen and not being able to find the break room, I went back to the escalator, hoping I would run into someone who could help me out. Thank god, low and behold Alex just so happens to show up, and after saying hi, she shows me where everything is. I’ve always hated feeling like a burden on people, and asking them to help me out, but I’m trying to get better about it; slowly but surely. Anyway, so I was actually in the right direction, and just didn’t look hard enough, so I got to the break room and sat down to breathe. They just had salad, hot dogs, and chips, but let’s be real- I am not picky. I grabbed myself a plate, and used a knife to stab out a hot dog, because they were out of forks.

After quickly eating, I headed over to clock in, and so we began our day; prepping our station. Yesterday we folded linens, today Alex and I were dealing with ice and wine/ beer on our section. Alex also noted, as we looked at the seating chart for the night, that our section was slightly bigger than normal, and we’re understaffed, which didn’t help. We did all of the opening work, and then clocked back out to take our 45 minute break. After grabbing another hot dog, I decided to just head outside and relax for a little while, and ended up working on what I’m going to say in the letter to W that I’ll send out at the end of this week. (God it’s that close? Fuck me) As the break ended, I clocked back in and we got started immediately. Now I really don’t remember much of what I did throughout the night. I started to get more comfortable with the computer system, along with the menu, and I even talked with multiple tables and took orders, but I definitely felt a bit overwhelmed for a minute there. To be fair, we didn’t really have a busser for our section, and we were getting double, triple, and quadruple sat. Again, this is a regular occurrence, but that, added on with the fact that Alex was training me, started to to put us a bit behind.

After some hard work, we of course caught back up and, by the end of the night, everything was going smoothly. We put the wines away and dumped all of the ice/water for our section for our closing work, and we closed out the tables in our section before heading over to another section, right next to the hostess stand thing. There was another server who was working a double, so Alex told him to go home and ended up taking his final two or three tables. Nothing difficult, but just a little extra work before we could go home. We finished up those tables and, after adding up the tips and all the totals, we clocked out and headed home. Alex even showed me where the pizzeria keeps all of the extra pizza that they toss at the end of the night, so I of course grabbed a slice before I headed to the train.

As I walked to the subway, I made sure to call my dad, because it was Father’s Day and also because I love him, and we chatted for a little while before I got onto the train and headed home. After a longer train ride, I made it home, heated up dinner, watched a few YouTube videos, and passed out, ready to already be through my time at Dialogue. I wished that Edwin would just let me go, so I wouldn’t have to work anymore, but I prepared myself for whatever was going to happen tomorrow, and passed out; exhausted from a well worked day.


Officially Finishing Out the Previous Chapter (6/17/19)

Man so today I was so damn tired in the morning like holy fuck. I ended up going to sleep by 1:30AM last night, and still woke up at 8AM to start the day, so I felt exhausted. Nevertheless, I got up and started my day; taking a shower, getting ready, and still managing to get out the door and catch the 9AM train. I would’ve had a breakfast bar, but last night when I went to Rite-Aid, the store was closed for some reason, so I just went home and passed out. So I got to work, starting to feel peckish, and after using the bathroom, which was tradition at this point, I was called by Edwin to come into his office. This was expected, since I had given him my two weeks via e-mail on Friday. Basically he told me that since I was part-time, I was just a supporting role, and didn’t need to put in my two weeks. I didn’t even have to come to work today. He told me I could just go home, but I tried to explain myself, saying how I care about the message and didn’t want to appear rude. He ended up caving a bit, (for better or worse), and said that I could work until the end of the week, and then we’d do a party or something on Friday.

Now here’s the thing- I work Friday evening, so that wouldn’t have worked. I’m also not big on crazy goodbyes, and since most of the office barely knew me, I really don’t think it’s necessary. But I wanted to at least get through the day and finish it out with my team, and see how I feel. Plus Josh wasn’t there in the morning, and I know if I left without saying goodbye to him, there would’ve been hell to pay. Now I know when we left for site that I was debating whether or not I would push to the end of the week, but as the minutes ticked by, I started questioning if I could even make it to the end of the day. Since the out was right there, I wasn’t sure if I was even feeling it anymore. My energy was low, and I really just stopped giving a fuck. By the time lunch arrived, I even debated leaving; but after mentioning it to the interns, I made the decision to push through till the end of the day. For my team. Luckily Josh had arrived before lunch, so I would get a proper goodbye from the entire team.

I ended up going to Sticky’s for my final lunch, because Sticky’s is delicious, and then we got back to it at 3:30. We played that 21 counting game again, though our goal was 15, and we actually even managed to hit 15 twice! (Though I’m pretty sure we kinda cheated the second time but w/e). I ended up not getting any donors, but I had stopped caring. Today was definitely going to be my final day, so I was just hanging out, pushing the clock to 6:30. As the time came to a close, I gave Josh my laminates, and we met one last time as a group. I let Ray know that this was indeed my final day, and gave everyone a hug/handshake before we left. We even took a team picture! Well besides Will who was finishing up signing up a donor. Then I headed home and that was that. I sent Edwin a letter letting him know I was out, and just like that, I am now free from DialogueDirect. Seriously that team, despite how dysfunctional we could be at times, were really a family, and I will miss them. Will I miss failing as a fundraiser though? Absolutely not. But it was definitely an amazing learning experience, and if I see any of them, I’m obviously gonna come up and say hello.

When I got home, I relaxed for a while playing League, then heated up some dinner and played some more games with Maggie and our friend Zach for a while, before it was time to end things for the night. It’s now 3:03 and I am in desperate need of laundry to be done, but we’ll worry about that tomorrow. For now, I gotta get some sleep at some point. I am so grateful to have finally made it through this trial and tribulation that was these past months, but now that chapter is behind me and it really feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. Now that letter is going to be a huge uncertainty, but that won’t be sent off until Friday. So we’ll hold off until then. G’night everyone~

Until next time,



Using this picture as the Featured Image and a picture here as well, because truly what a squad (plus Will not in frame)

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