The Epilogue to the New Chapter (Things Are About to Get Real Busy)(6/14/19)

Surprisingly enough, I’m actually typing part of this post on my phone, because I am on my way back home, and when I get back to my apartment, I need to basically go right to bed. Now today was definitely really busy. I started the day waking up at 10:15 or so, getting ready for the day, and walking to my dentist appointment. I was going to initially take the train, but by the time the next train was going to arrive, I could just as easily get there via my own two feet. So I grabbed two granola bars and headed on out. Once I stepped foot into the dentist’s office, the timer began. Now the appointment was at noon, and was supposedly going to take about a half hour. After I got out of the appointment, the plan was to head to the train and make it to Eataly to sign papers by 1:30. I had some leeway, but definitely couldn’t really fuck around too much.

I got into the dentist’s office, checked in, and sat down for a few minutes. The receptionist told me that I looked great, which is always a nice compliment to hear, and as I hung up my belongings before sitting down, an elderly woman asked if I could grab her a magazine, so I gladly obliged, and sat back down. At 12:05 I was called in and the appointment began. They were repairing a damaged tooth I had, which was much more sensitive to the cold because I seemed to have worn down the enamel of the tooth. Luckily the procedure didn’t hurt, and I was surprised to find that we even got out before 12:30. Somehow I was still on track.

I thanked them for everything, and headed to the train station, before catching the A all the way down to Chambers St. I got off and found my way through the station, and through the mall inside the World Trade Center; finally arriving at Eataly by 1:20. I checked in and, after a few minutes, was greeted by a woman who works in HR, and went into her office to fill out paperwork. As we walked there, I apologized if I was talking a little weird, and let her know that I just got out of a dentist appointment. Seriously, like half of my mouth was still a bit numb. After the paperwork was all filled out, she asked if I wanted my picture taken for my ID, but I asked if I could just take it another time, because I felt like I couldn’t even smile properly. I’m sure I looked fine, but like seriously my mouth was still feeling weird. She obliged, and walked me out into the dining area; beautiful space with a good seating area. She said that I would be talking to another woman about my schedule, and left to grab my uniform. After a minute of waiting around, I was greeted by the other lady she had mentioned, and we discussed when I would begin training. The plan is for me to come in tomorrow at 9:30 to trail another server until 4:30, and then Sunday I would trail from 4:30-10:30 I believe. After that, I was supposed to have an orientation, but we both realized after the fact that the orientation wouldn’t actually take place until the 25th, but that’s okay. So basically I need to get in three days of training before I hit the floor officially, so I’m hoping to get my final day finished out by Wednesday, so I can start working Friday. That would be amazing.

After we finished talking about my schedule, the HR lady came back with a bag that had four polo shirts, and two aprons; my uniform. I thanked her for everything, and found my way back outside, and headed home. By the time I got back inside my apartment, it was already 2:30, so I made myself some lunch and spent the next few hours playing League and watching random YouTube videos. Now the original plan was to attend team night with DialogueDirect, which I had told Maggie and my friend Andrew, when they both had messaged me what I had planned for the night. Maggie wanted to play League, and Andrew wanted me to come over and watch Logan. Now I texted my teammate Josh before 6 where team night was happening, but after getting no answer, and the time hitting 7PM, I gave him a call. He told me that there wasn’t a team night happening tonight, so I thanked him, and texted Andrew to see if he was still down to watch the movie. He told me to come over now, so I immediately grabbed my jacket and made my way over there. I caught the A uptown, and when I got to the station, Andrew texted me again, asking if I could buy some liquor since he was out, so I went to the nearby liquor store to get something. Now when I got in there, I was given a taste of a few different wines, (well I was offered a taste, and what I was going to say no?), and then asked one of the employees which rum he thought would mix best with coke. After taking his advice, and even getting to taste the rum, I bought it and headed to Andrew’s for a movie night.

When I got there, he was in his room playing Dark Souls, but after he managed to find a save point, we poured ourselves a drink as he cooked some dinner up. Now I was going to recommend we just order something, but hey, I love a home cooked meal. It was even steak, too. As he worked on the steak, I made some rice pilaf-esk dish, and we chowed down on a good meal. Broccoli was even heated up in a microwave, which was a solid side dish. After finishing our meals and enjoying a bit of rum and coke, which was really smooth by the way, we started watching Logan. Now it’s been out for a while and I knew it was going to be a good movie, but holy fuck. Like Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were fucking fantastic, and I felt emotionally drained as the credits began to roll, from all the shit that happened throughout the film. Like what an incredible end to the franchise… well it would be an incredible end, except they decided to make the piece of garbage that was Dark Phoenix, but whatever. I finally headed back home, stopping by the Rite-Aid to buy a lock (because we’re allowed to use lockers at Eataly to keep our belongings during our shift), and am now back in my room, finishing up this post on my computer. It’s 11:53 and I have to go to bed, so I will actually be able to function in the morning. Things are about to get a hell of a lot more stressful for me for the next two weeks, until I finally officially leave Dialogue and am just working at Eataly. But this new chapter of my life has began and even though I’m nervous, I couldn’t be more excited about whatever’s next.

Until next time,


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