Times, They Are A Changing; Time to Start a New Chapter (6/13/19)

If you can’t tell from the title of this blog post, I finally have some good news to report. Today I received an email from Eataly, officially offering me a full time server position, and they asked if I could come in tomorrow to fill out the paperwork. Honestly I feel so incredibly relieved and excited, because I know that I’m finally going to start making money again. Things are going to be tough as I am waiting for my first paycheck, but I am in an infinitely better place than I was even a week ago. Besides that, I am really happy because I wanted to be able to mention something good when I send W the letter. From the start I didn’t want to just say “Yeah so I’m still stuck working as a fundraiser, and I still haven’t left Emma’s Torch, but things are still fine”. Because that’s bullshit. Things have been absolute shit, and I’ve been so fucking frustrated, so I am so happy to be given this opportunity.

Now for today, I woke up and made it to work at the same time as usual. However, I did wake up to a message in my team’s group chat between Ray, Josh, and I from Ray that he was not coming in for the rest of the week. I asked why, but I never got a response back. So when I came into work, I wasn’t sure how today was going to work. I assumed that Josh was just going to lead the team in Ray’s stead, but that turned out to be incorrect when Elina, (I think that’s how you spell her name) was leading our team’s morning, and I got the notion pretty quickly that she would be joining us on the field today. Elina is a veteran of DialogueDirect, and has been running another office in another state, but has been helping out in NYC after she moved to part time. She is damn good, and I worked with her for a day like, a month into when I started. So after we dispersed, my group headed to Grand Central Terminal to start fundraising.

Now it was raining out today, so we had to work inside to start the day, which I am okay with, but damn was it stuffy in that subway. That, added onto the fact that there were two other fundraising groups from other organizations working in the same area, made the opening part of the day a bit challenging. What I did appreciate however, was Elina coming in and helping me figure out what the actual hell I’ve been doing wrong. The main thing she focused in on was the fact that I need to make eye contact first, then wave, and then talk. Later she also noted that I need to stand still, because I always seem to fidget. These definitely helped, and the fact that she told me that she’s heard really good things about my pitch made me feel a bit better. I can’t stop for shit, but at least my pitch is on point. Even though I didn’t get one in the morning, or at all to be honest, I did help Will get his first donor, helping him use the iPad, and then instantly running to get Elina when things weren’t working. Luckily it was all smoothed out, and the woman was super kind about the whole thing, but it was definitely a stressful situation to be in. Throughout the day, Elina also complimented me on my leader skills, since I came prepared with a portable charger, which actually made sure that we got the donor, because the iPad we were using was on 5%, and then I also was helping the interns, and even knew where to place them when we eventually made the move outside. She told me that I have the potential to be a really great leader if I wanted to be one, which, even though I don’t were very kind words, especially coming from someone like her who has been working at Dialogue for six years.

As I mentioned, we eventually moved up to the streets after the rain finally subsided, and walked to 42nd and 3rd Ave, as we all got to work. By the time we made it to lunch, I was still sitting on zero, but when I checked my email I got some insanely exciting news. As I looked in my inbox, all I saw was “Server Position Offer” from Eataly. My heart skipped a beat. I instantly looked at the email, to find that I had indeed been offered a full time server position at Eataly in the downtown area, and a huge smile spread across my face. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to believe it, but I didn’t think that I would be given this chance. A chance to be able to go to auditions more often; a chance to make actual good money again, instead of bleeding any little money I had left; a chance to prove Z wrong. I immediately texted Maggie, and broke the news to my team that I would be putting in my two weeks tonight. As we broke for lunch, Ray actually came by with the iPads that he accidentally took with him, and I let him know as well. He gave me a hug and congratulated me, and told him that I owed him tickets for a cheap show on Broadway, because he spoke up on my behalf, even though he literally made no money from me. And that’s fair; to be fair he still owes me money, but it’s whatever at the end of the day.

We headed off to lunch, and a few of us ended up eating at Sandwicherie, which was right across the street. I got a turkey club and a cookie, and enjoyed my lunch as I chatted with most of the rest of my team, until it was time to head back to site. The second half of the day began, with Elina having left before lunch, and we got back to it. I still didn’t sign anyone up, though I did get insanely close at the buzzer, but wasn’t able to close. At the end of the day, it sucks that I wasn’t able to sign anyone up today, but I was way to jazzed about this news to be sad, honestly. As I said goodbye to everyone, I started walking to the A at 42nd St., and used that time to call my dad, who asked me to call him at some point today. I excitedly told him the news, which I’m sure he was relieved to hear, since he knew how much I had been stressing about this. I also let my brother Jake know, as I finally got on the train and headed home. As I got inside, my dad called me again, just to give some fatherly advice. He told me to take the mistakes I made from Emma’s Torch, and learn from them, so I don’t do them again. And I have to agree with him. Despite my issues with Z in the end, I know that there were things I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked. There were things that I was too slow about, and that I need to improve on. But there were also things in which I felt that Z chose to have a hyper critical eye on me about, when she chose to ignore such things with the other members of the staff.

When I sat down in my chair at last, I played League for a little while, before deciding it would be best for me to send out the two very important emails. One to Z, saying that I was leaving Emma’s Torch, and one to Edwin, putting in my two weeks at DialogueDirect. I made sure to keep each email very kind and positive, thanking both of them for everything, and I even said that I would visit Emma’s Torch again, if not just to get a Mimosa. And I will. Z and I may not have seen eye to eye, but I do still really care for the students and the rest of the staff, as well as the incredible message of the restaurant; and the experiences I gained from there will stick with me forever. But I knew it was finally time to finish that chapter of my life, so I can start a new one. Also to be fair, it felt so amazing to tell Z that I got a server position in a restaurant like Eataly, when she didn’t think I had the skills to be able to do it. That felt like retribution in a way, and I’m going to prove that I deserve this position. After sending the emails, I looked at a new email from Eataly, officially offering me the position, and I signed an online document confirming my acceptance of the position. Afterwards, I filled out some paperwork as I watched an anime I found on Netflix; It’s called “The Irregular At Magic High School”. So far, the anime isn’t really that interesting, but for some reason, they decided to throw a bit of joke incest into the mix, with the main character and his sister having this flirty relationship, with him joking of course, but with her actually seeming to have feelings for him. Gotta say, that shit makes me quite a bit uncomfortable. Oh! I also made a quick dinner with some fried rice I had from Trader Joe’s, which was combined with some spinach and plated with slices of apple. Finally I’ve finished the night out with a drawing of a llama; or is it an alpaca? Who’s to say. Now tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at 12PM, and then I have to go back down to Eataly to fill out paperwork at 1:30, and THEN I am gonna head to team night for Dialogue. So all in all, it’s gonna be a wild day.

Until next time,



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