A New Hope Appears on the Horizon; Will I Rise Up and Become a Phoenix or just Burn to Ashes? (6/12/19)

So I tried making a play on words, because today I did not only have what felt to be a really good interview, but I also saw X-Men Dark Phoenix, so yeah. That’s what that title was lmao. Now then, time for today~

Today I had the day off, but it definitely was not spent relaxing at home doing nothing. I woke up at 9AM, and got myself ready for my interview at Eataly. After showering, brushing my teeth, and putting on a button up and black slacks, I left my apartment at 10:10, in order to try and get there a little early. I always arrive late to these things, and I was trying to set a good first impression. I mean listen, you know this, I know this- I need a new job, and fast. So anything I can do to help myself, I’m definitely going to do it. Anyways, I made it to Eataly, which I found out very quickly to be in one of the buildings of the World Trade Center, by 10:45, and walked to the location. Now I gotta say, as I looked around I saw immediately just how gorgeous an area this place was. It is a little bit of a train ride to get there, but I had to do that or longer to get to Emma’s Torch, so I didn’t mind. When I walked inside however, I began to get worried. I was walking into a mall, and my mind began trying to decipher what this “restaurant” would look like. Eataly is located on the third floor, but as I was brought to this floor via an escalator, my heart began to sink. What surrounded me was not a restaurant, but rather a grocery store, a bakery, and a cafe nearby. Now listen, I do not want to be a cashier, and I don’t want to be a barista or anything like that. I want to work as a server. Simple as that. So as I let the front desk know I was here for the interview, I prepped myself for the worst. After a few minutes of waiting, I met with a gentleman named Sergio, who took me over to the cafe, where we sat down for the interview.

As all interviews do, I started by discussing my life and my experience with Sergio, who seemed very interested in my experience at Emma’s Torch, because of its message. He’s actually from Brazil, so he appreciated the fact that there is a restaurant looking to spread this positive message to people; especially in times like now. We had a really great talk, as I asked him questions about the restaurant, which I was relieved to hear is actually in the back, and is massive, along with joking about my interactions with the public at DialogueDirect. What was really exciting to me was the fact that not only did they have a family meal, the paychecks were solid, and the wine list was not too expansive. Definitely more than Emma’s Torch had when I worked there, but definitely far far less than restaurants like Buddakan. It’s more of a casual restaurant with a lot of tourists, which I think can definitely be fun. He also mentioned that they sell vintage bottles, which are more expensive but not popular, which I think if I work there I can definitely change. If I was able to do that at Emma’s Torch with Mimosas, I can do it with this wine here. I told Sergio that if they chose to hire me, I could start as early as this Saturday, and he told me that they would get back to me, at the latest, by Friday. So hopefully this Friday when I go to team night with DialogueDirect, I will be celebrating my two week notice, and the hope of a brighter future.

I thanked Sergio for his time, and made my way back home- smiling about this new possible opportunity. Now I know there are a lot of candidates, but I want to start being positive about these things, and believe that I have the job until I don’t. I think it’s a better way of looking at things in life than being so pessimistic all the time, which I am definitely guilty of. After the train ride home, I set my bag down, changed out of my nice clothes, and made myself some lunch. After that I spent the next few hours playing League, until it was time to meet up with Andrew to watch X-Men: Dark Phoenix. We actually ended up seeing it at the Dolby Theater, which is always a great time. I left my apartment at 6:05, thinking that was plenty of time, since the movie began at 6:45, but when I got to the train station, I watched the A pull away, and had to wait for the next one to arrive. So as per usual I was running late, but I still made it into the theater just after the trailers began playing.

Now I will not get too much into this movie, but seriously, it was not great. I heard from my friend that is was bad, and I have to agree. The acting was fine, but the costumes weren’t great, and the writing was definitely rough. There was a point where they tried to seem really feminist’y, but it felt so forced. If you see the movie, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. More than anything else though, I just thought it was boring. The villains were so cookie cutter and bland, that I just didn’t care when they were all killed. It was just an unremarkable, unmemorable movie through and through. Now after the movie finished, Andrew and I walked to the nearby Chipotle and had dinner, before heading back home. We had to take the 1 down to 59th and catch the A, since the 1 isn’t running up to where he lives, but damn something was going on with the numbered trains tonight. I mean we got to the subway right as the 1 left the station, which always feels bad, but then the next train took 20 years to arrive. But it’s whatever- I made it home safe and sound, and have done my drawing for the day. It’s not the best, but it’s a crab! Now then, tomorrow it’s gonna rain, but I still got work, so we’ll see what happens. For now, I need sleep.

Until next time,



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