Sunny Days Don’t Mean Donors, But a Night Can Still Be Full of Fun (6/11/19)

So even though today started out really rough, but honestly the night’s ending and I cannot help but smile because of tonight. Now this morning was fine enough. It was the usual- waking up at 8AM, getting up, showering, getting ready, and leaving for work; getting there by 9:25. I met up with my group and we went through our pitches before the normal morning meeting. Now Ray wasn’t with us, because he was meeting with HR about the shit that seems to be going down, but again until the ball starts rolling, I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. My worry is that his actions might affect me working at Dialogue, but we’ll have to see. After morning meeting ended, we headed off to site for a gorgeous day on the streets of New York. My team worked at 57th and Broadway, and it was a really beautiful day. I got myself Starbucks’ cookie frap thing, and I genuinely had a bunch of energy, which I never have in the morning. Throughout the entire day I worked my ass off, trying to stop everyone that I could; but to no one’s surprise, by the time lunch rolled around, I was sitting at a wonderful zero donors.

For lunch. I went to Pret with Nana and Josh, and got my usual from there- the salmon salad thing with quinoa, spinach, and avocado. So damn good. The three of us hung out til it was almost time to get to work again, so I just made a quick trip to the McDonald’s close by to use the bathroom, and we got the rest of the day started. I also should mention something funny that happened at the beginning of the day. So to start our day on site, we will always play a game. Today it happened to be the game where everyone is in a circle looking down, and tries to count up to a certain number without anyone repeating. If two people say a number at the same time, you go back to 1. One of our interns, Stan, who is normally quietly watching and observing everything, got really passionate about the game, when we kept losing. Not in an aggressive way, but he really wanted us to win. Kid had me dying on the ground at 11AM. Anyway, after lunch we met back up and pushed onward. Again I worked my ass off, and again I got NO ONE. Fuck it is so frustrating. As the day winded down to an end, I was still sitting on zero, but so it seems were quite a few others in the campaign. Rough day, despite being so damn nice out. I don’t get it, but that’s how things are sometimes.

Now I was excited because after work I was meeting up with my friend. It was her birthday yesterday, so I invited her to come grab some food or a drink with me after she was done with work. I ended up taking the A down to Penn and heading over to a nearby Panera, using the bathroom, and heading over to meet with her. I said hello, wished her a belated Happy Birthday, and we were on our way. My plan was for us to go to Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina, which has a really cool Sangria tower and some solid food, but after walking all the way there, we found it to be packed, thanks to Taco Tuesday. Great. Not sure what to do, I recommended we go somewhere in Brooklyn, closer to where she lived, since she was working tomorrow and it was already getting late. We hopped on the B and traveled downtown, pretty damn slowly might I add, before finally getting off a station in Brooklyn and walking. We could’ve gotten off closer to her apartment, but we both agreed that it was boiling in that subway, and we were suffocating from how packed it was.

Soon enough we had made it down the street by her house, and after quite a bit of consideration, we ended up going to a burger joint right by her apartment. We headed in, grabbed a seat, and chatted for a while, while drinking some cider and waiting for our burgers. Funny enough, we ended up ordering the exact same things, but when the burgers came, I had to pause and just eat, because not only was the burger good, it was also really messy, and juices were just flowing over my hands. Now she mentioned earlier in the night that she wasn’t going to invite me in, because her room was full of boxes, but it did kind of put me at ease. I’m still not really sure where we stand after our last wine night, but I also know that she is way to swamped right now to really figure anything like that out. Even though I’m not sure if there really is anything to figure out.

Now nothing happened at the end of the night, though I wasn’t really expecting anything to. We talked for a while before my friend needed to get back home to write a bunch of articles for her work, so we paid our bills and I walked her home, before we hugged and parted ways. I walked to the D train, and took that all the way up to 59th, before changing to the A and finally arriving home. Now once I got home, I just played League for a little while, along with catching up on some Youtube videos, before finally trying to figure out what to draw for the night. However, as I was figuring this out, my brother Jake texted me, and we ended up getting into a discussion about money. As we all know, I am a broke fuck, and Jake offered to try and help me if he could. I instantly declined his help, because I know he is not in a position to help me, and I want to do this myself (plus I will be fine, I’m just stressing). I told him that if he needed anything, he really just needed to ask… well excluding a million dollars or an organ, because I’m broke, and I need those. He then mentioned that there was a job he was looking to apply for at school, but he keeps putting it off, which makes him mad at himself. Instead of drawing, I instantly called him, and told him we were sending that email tonight. I doubled up the call with Maggie on the line as well, and the three of us (well four because Devon was with Maggie, giving solid input) created a very nicely worded email, to which I told Jake that I would not rest until he sent me a screenshot of the sent email. I love Jake, Maggie, and my dad so much. We have been through so much shit and I really would do anything for them. And even though Jake’s the oldest, I still worry about him, and I really want him to succeed. So instead of drawing something tonight, I helped to facilitate a potential job opportunity for my brother. I’d apologize, but I won’t because it was beyond worth it. Now I definitely need to go to bed. I got that interview tomorrow morning at 11 and I cannot miss it! It’s gonna be fun… well I hope it will be. Fuck I need a job.

Until next time,



*Now this might not be a drawing, but I hope you’ll appreciate this sticker that I saw on a manhole on site today, that as you can see, simply said “Butter and Salmon”. Made me chuckle, I hope you did too ❤

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