Not Sure If I Hate Rainy Mondays More, or They Hate Me More (6/10/19)

Okay so let me preface this by saying- I don’t hate the rain. If I’m off, and can enjoy the rain on my own terms, it’s beautiful; Whether I’m taking a stroll in a quiet shower, or just enjoying the sounds of a thunderstorm off in the distance, it does bring me peace. However, when I am forced to work outside in the rain, it is a completely different story. I don’t like getting wet when I have to stand around all day, trying to talk to the New York public, who might I add, are even worse to deal with because it’s raining. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it when I work this job. When I was working at Emma’s Torch, rain meant most likely, a slow night where we closed up shop early. Here it means that the annoyed people of NYC have another excuse not to talk to me. It’s just great. Now I woke up and started the day fine; woke up around 7AM, went back to sleep, finally got out of bed at 8:15, took a shower, got ready, and headed off to work, with two granola bars in my pocket, and a chocolate donut in my mouth.

I caught the 9:01 A train down to 42nd, and was in to work by 9:25. We ran pitches as a group, and then the teams headed off to our respective sites. Now Edwin said that we should all be inside, because he doesn’t want anyone getting sick, so that was the plan. My site today was 14th St. Union Square, and my team ended up working outside under some scaffolding for a while, until we finally transitioned down to the subway. Now I’ll be real with you- I got a whopping zero donors today; What a shocker. Not for lack of trying will you, but things just didn’t pan out. I almost got a woman, who said she wanted to do more research, but Ray stepped in trying to sway her, only to push her farther away when he tried to make her feel dumb for not just signing up now. It was a great time. (That should only be read dripping in sarcasm

Now I was working with Abby and Alena today, so I still had a good time, and the three of us, along with Nana went to Panera for lunch today, which was definitely worthwhile, though when we got water cups and filled them with not water, an employee came over and TOOK THE CUPS. Now I get it, we’re not supposed to drink anything but water in those cups, but come on. Who really gives a fuck? Is it coming out of your paycheck? No? Then fuck off? Anyway, that was a riot, and after hanging out for a while, we headed back to site. We worked a bit in the subway, and then above again when we were kicked out for some reason, before working out on the other side of the street once the rain let up for the remaining time at work. Finally we all headed home, where I’ve literally been doing nothing for the past few hours. I did play the final level of Portal again, because damn that’s a great game, and I even drew something else today! (Finally) It’s a buffalo, which is named Bob, because when my family took a trip to Yellowstone, we kept seeing a lone buffalo next to the road over and over, and decided it was just one buffalo named Bob.

Also there is some huge drama building up at Dialogue that I’m going to hold off on sharing for now, but OH boy, I have a feeling things are gonna get real heated up real soon. Tomorrow I’m actually meeting up with my friend for some food and a drink, since it was actually her birthday today, so that will definitely be a good time. For now, I gotta get some sleep; I’m actually debating getting a coffee tomorrow, so I actually have the energy to work and crush it tomorrow. Let’s see what happens.

OH ALSO NOTE THAT I FORGOT TO MENTION. So when it rains really hard I guess the pipes above my room like to leak like a LOT, because I walked into my room after work to find a giant puddle in my chair, on the floor, and the edge bit of my carpet soaked, so that was real fun to deal with. Put me in a fanTASTic mood.

Until next time,



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