Two Late Nights of Drinking, With New Friends and Old (6/7/19 and 6/8/19)

Hi so I’m writing this post on Sunday, and I know I haven’t posted for two days. Now I was planning on writing a blog post on Friday, but yeah no I needed sleep; that was a night of way too much drinking. Then I was going to write one for both days last night, but I ended up getting home really late, and sleep is surprisingly important, so here we are. Now time to tell you what the actual fuck happened these past two nights.

6/7/19- The Night of One Too Many

Alright so Friday was a pretty normal day at work. However, when I came in, something was off. Josh was definitely in a mood, but when I asked him about it, he told me that Edwin ripped into him and Ray about a charity complaint that had happened at a different site, and basically told Josh that he dressed like a bum. Not a great beginning to the morning, and Josh was definitely in an awful mood. I mean I would be too, to be honest with you, but that’s just how life is I guess. He said that he was really ready to quit, but in the end he still came to site with us. Now the day itself was fine; I was struggling to get someone all day, but eating lunch at Brgr at least brought up my mood some. We also did go to a bagel place for breakfast, so at least I wasn’t starving at any point during the day, (though I could feel the hole very quickly beginning to form in my pocket from how broke I am). After lunch, Josh left site because of a family emergency, but let’s be real, “He was with us the whole time”. *Wink wink* *nudge nudge* Also side note, today we were having a competition to see which groups could hit 20 points. Now the breakdown was that for every donor a full time fundraiser got, that team got 1 point. For every donor an intern got, that team got 2 points. If the intern high-rolled (3+), you would get an extra point. And if everyone on a team got at least one donor, the team got another point. So when 6PM hit, our team was really close. Like 6 points away close. Then one of the interns Nana got a donor, which with my quick assistance got the person to do an annual donation. We love those. Then literally 5 minutes later, I stop this incredibly sweet woman, who’s sponsored two kids already, who decided to sign up with me for a third sponsorship, and she ALSO did annual. To end the day, at the buzzer, another intern Stan got his third donor of the day, which literally put us at 20 points. Well 21, since all of us got on board today. Also did I mention the prize was that your team got a $100 gift card? Because that’s fucking solid.

So on Fridays at DialogueDirect, we have what’s called a team night, where everyone in the office goes out, normally to a bar for drinks, and everything is paid for. Now I don’t normally work on Fridays, so the only team night I’ve been to was for Karaoke, but since I was working today, OBVIOUSLY I went. I was expecting everyone on my team to come out, but unfortunately Stan and Nana ditched us, some party poopers they are, but we still had Ray, myself, Will, Kelly, and Alena in to get lit, so we headed off to Iron Bar to start off the insanity that was that night. So Alena and Will are under 21, so they only got sodas at first, with Will sitting on the other end of our area, and I was sitting with Kelly and Alena. Kelly and I took some shots of tequila to start off the night, followed up by some damn strong tequila sunrises. Now we ordered a shot of tequila each, but the waitress definitely gave us doubles, because fuck it was a heavy shot. By this point, two other female interns had joined us, who were friends of Alena and Kelly, and even though they were underage (shhhh) they got some mixed drinks, along with a shot of vodka. The night started speeding by after Kelly had to leave; to be fair it probably sped by because we took another shot before she left, and then Edwin had ordered tequila shots, so now I’m at 3 shots, or I guess 4 because the first was a double, and I mixed drink. Now listen, I can handle my liquor to a point. I’m not a lightweight. But my issue is I overcompensate, and don’t realize how fucked I am until it’s too late. I knew I was done when I took another shot, and then finished someone’s mixed drink before we left. That was lucky, or I guess unlucky number 7. I left with Alena and the other two girls, and we went to meet up with two of their guy friends, and all of us went to an ice cream or gelato place? I really don’t remember too much because I was quite fucked up, but I do know that someone gave me their ice cream and I finished it. Wow I was fucked. I also know that Alena and I left at some point to find a bathroom, which ended up being at a McDonalds. They asked to see our receipt, but I told them that I threw mine away, and they let us go. Thank god because fuck I had to pee. Somehow or another, Alena and I ended up holding hands, which was good because I’m pretty sure we would’ve lost one another during the trip. It was like a security thing, but it still threw my drunken brain through a loop.

Sorry that this is also kind of sporadic trains of thought, but that shows you how cognizant I was that night. I do know they wanted to get liquor, so I went into a local liquor store that we passed by, and bought a handle of jagermeister for them. I know, I am a real great adult, don’t @ me. I even had a nice chat with the guys working inside. Do I remember what I said? Most definitely not. But do I care? Not really to be honest with you. Then for some reason, we walked all the way to Central Park (mind you it was like 10PM at this point), and we just sat on some rocks and hung out for a bit. They were passing around the liquor, but I was way too fucked to drink any of it. Luckily one of the girls Venmoed me for the handle, so thank god I didn’t completely bleed out all the money I had that night, but after a while of hanging out, I knew I needed to get home. I said my goodbyes around 11PM, and managed to find my way back to 59th St., and caught the A all the way up to 175th. To get real with you, as the train went, I started to not feel too hot. By the time the doors opened at my stop, I was literally seconds away from vomiting. I rushed to a nearby trashcan, before vomiting for a minute or two, before I guess a worker told me to leave? Well to be honest with you, I have zero idea what they said, all I know is that they said something, and I left the station and made it back home, where I very quickly passed out for the night.


Talk about a fucking wild ride, right? Now time for Saturday!


6/8/19- We Love Celebrating Best Friend Day with Friends!

So today I was hanging out with Andrew; We’ve had this planned for a bit now, so I was excited. And when he told me that my friend and his girlfriend Anthe was coming I was even more excited, because he just had his birthday three days ago, and today was Anthe’s birthday! So after sitting on my ass all day, working to recover from last night’s excursion, he gave me a call, telling me that they were on their way back, and that I should meet them at his apartment. Now I’m an idiot, besides the normal reason, because I needed to shower before I headed over. Now I normal person would’ve just showered right when they woke up, but c’mon, I don’t think that far in advance, so when Andrew texted me, telling me that they were almost back, I got ready to hop in the shower; Well I would’ve except that was the moment when someone decided to clean our bathroom. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful because getting our bathroom cleaned is always fantastic. But it’s an issue when I really need to go, and then all of a sudden everyone and their mom decides to use my bathroom. I finally get to take a shower at 6:15, which was a good hour after Andrew texted me, telling me they were almost home. By the time I left the house, with my champagne and orange juice in my backpack, (which really side note I’m grateful to use, because I was waiting for a special occasion before bringing out the mimosas, and this was perfect), it was already just passed 6:30. I was going to take the A, but once I saw that the next train wouldn’t arrive until 6:45, I decided to just walk the 20 minutes to get there.

I made it to Andrew’s apartment, after climbing the five flights of steps which was hell, just before 7. I apologized for being late, before giving him a hug, and walking over and giving Anthe a hug, as well as wishing her happy birthday of course! As we hung out and started chatting, I poured the three of us some Mimosas to celebrate their birthdays, and we ended up watching a few episodes of Gravity Falls, before heading off to a nearby bar called Buddha Beer Bar for dinner. I got a cider and pulled pork quesadillas, which was damn good, and the three of us just hung out for a while, catching up and chatting. Honestly in comparison to last night’s insanity, this was just really nice and relaxing. I was happy to finally be hanging out with my friends again, even though to be fair Andrew and I frequently go to see movies together, but still. I miss miss my friends, you know? Finally after a while we headed back to Andrew’s to finish the night. I would’ve left after dinner, but Anthe and Andrew were gonna watch A Goofy Movie, and you know I can’t say know to watching a fun movie with friends. We cracked open some more drinks, and had a great time watching that movie. Then Anthe wanted to watch the second Goofy movie, and obviously I’m hanging around for that. We ended up not being able to find it on Netflix, but we did find Mickey’s The Three Musketeers, so obviously I stayed to watch that. After the movie ended, and we had our fill of drinks and chips and dip, provided of course by the amazing Andrew, I said my goodbyes and headed home.

I went to the A train station at 191st, but when I walked up, I found that the station is actually closed this weekend. The A wasn’t running from 181st to 205th St. So I guess thank god I walked to Andrew’s earlier today, because the A probably would’ve gone all the way up to 207 or something, or it wouldn’t have gone anywhere. Either way, I ended up walking home, and having a chat with God about life. Hey, I mean I’m walking by myself at night for 20 minutes, I might as well have some self-reflection right? I made it home by 2:30 or so, and after playing a game or two of League, I just washed up and headed straight to bed.


Two long night, but definitely some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Even though I yak’d on Friday haha. Here’s to good times with great friends~

Until next time,


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