Forgetting the Past for Just a Moment to Reach Out to Someone in Need (6/6/19)

Alright, so today was definitely a roller coaster of a day, to say the least. It started out fine enough, with me waking up at 8AM, after honestly waking up twice last night, (not fun), getting up, showering, and heading to work; getting there by 9:25. After my morning ritual of using the bathroom right when I arrive in the office, (TMI I know, but like really now, it’s the best way to get me time and clear my head before a long day at work), I met up with my group and I pitched Josh for a bit before the entire office met up, had our quick morning meeting, and we headed out to our respective sites. Today my team headed downtown to Chelsea, where we worked right in front of the Google building like usual. We of course made the usual stop by Starbucks beforehand, but after our group was ready to go, we got to work. I worked alongside one of the interns, Will, and so the day began. I actually ended up getting a sign-up before lunch, working hard to get a wonderful woman to sponsor a kid, and I was feeling it. Maybe it’s because I had an intern watching what I did, but I wanted to be a good leader figure in a sense. Obviously that’s not my job, but it still feels good to help others out. I almost got one of our lady interns a signup, but a prepaid card screwed us over. Now after posting my signup, I checked Facebook real quick, only to find out that a member of W’s family had passed away. Without thinking about it, I instantly texted her, letting her know that I was sorry for her loss. Now after I sent the text message, of course I questioned my decision; I had no idea how she was going to take it. Like would she really want to hear from me of all people at the moment? But in that moment, honestly it didn’t matter. None of the shit from the past mattered. She was just someone I care about in pain, and I wanted to be there for her. Thankfully she texted me back, thanking me for reaching out, but like for a minute there I was stressed.

I texted her back, letting her know that if she needed someone to talk to, I was here, as we finally sat down for lunch. We ended up going to this Pad Thai place literally right next to us, which had a $10 lunch special. (You know we love those deals) For lunch I ended up ordering spring rolls and chicken pineapple fried rice. Honestly a very good lunch for a good price, and even though I was still a bit hungry afterwards, my stomach and my wallet were definitely satisfied. Then the latter half of the day started and things took a turn. Now there was someone I went to stop earlier, who said she’d be back, who actually went to the other side and ended up signing with one of our interns, which is fine to be honest with you; He wasn’t on-board and I’m glad he got one. The issue arose as Josh became more and more frustrated as the day progressed. He got a donor earlier in the day but the donation got rejected for some reason, so he was becoming more annoyed as the day progressed and he was sitting on zero. And listen, as you all know I have been there time and time again. Honestly, it fucking sucks. But you need to know how to keep your attitude in check. Unfortunately, Josh let his attitude get the best of him, and after having a guy say no, Josh ended up getting a bit too aggressive, making comments about how the dude doesn’t care about girls getting raped in Vietnam, poking his head in the doorway of the bakery the man stepped into. The two threw profanities back at one another, and Josh was fuming. I worked to calm him down, and told him to take a walk. The man stayed in the bakery for a good while, and I tried to keep Josh at bay, in case he came out. I was not having Josh get into a physical altercation under my watch. Finally the guy came out, this time with his phone up, recording us, telling us that he was filming us harassing people and that he was going to send this to the higher-ups at Save the Children. Not. Good. I mean obviously it’s not good, but fuck that’s a pain in my ass, and I’m sure that Edwin is gonna talk to us about it tomorrow. I tried to calm the man down, and apologize for Josh, but he wouldn’t hear it and walked off. Stressed about it, I told Ray about the situation and left the rest up to him. I would much rather Edwin hear it from us, then hear it for the first time coming down from higher-ups.

So yeah, that happened. I mean I tried to sign someone else up for the rest of the day, but I was honestly too busy trying to deal with Josh, as well as help both interns on our side of the street. I did end up getting the other intern, Stan, his first sign-up for the day, after some issues with the woman’s address. Either way, I was glad for the day to be over. I finally headed home, and have been relaxing for the past few hours. I did actually play a bit of Pixelmon, and then lost myself in a YouTube rabbit hole, but I’ve done my drawing for the night, and now that this blog post is done, I’m actually going to get to bed before midnight tonight. Possible even before 11:30. Crazy, I know! Oh, and the picture is of the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service; It’s one of W’s favorite movies, and after talking to her today, I was in the mood to draw something from the movie.

Until next time,



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