It’s My Day Off, Might As Well Start Being Productive! (6/3/19)

When I woke up today, I knew I had a plan for what was going to happen today. I knew I was going to get up, go to the dentist’s, go grocery shopping, and then probably just make some dinner at home and play League until I needed to go to bed. Happily, things were a bit busier than that, which I am always grateful for. So the day started out with me waking up around noon, to a text message from Ms. Kimberly, who was the woman who gave Andrew and I that baby shower gig like two weeks ago. She told us to text her and get her email, and to send her our headshots and resumes, but after the two of us had messaged her to no responses, Andrew and I both assumed it was a dead end. Still a really fun gig, but it didn’t seem like anything was going to come out of it. Fast forward to today, where she sends me a message responding to my text, simply with her email and a smiley face. Thank goodness; I really wasn’t expecting her to message us at all, so for her to do that was definitely a nice way for me to start my day. So I planned to email her everything later, but for now I just laid in bed for a bit, until I knew I had to get up and start my day. I hopped out of bed, took a shower, and then headed out to my dental appointment. It’s pretty close to my house, right off of 166th St. and Broadway or so, so I just hopped on the A, took it one stop, and then walked the five minutes to get there.

Of course I was running late, but I still made it right on time, (maybe a minute or so late). After waiting around for a few minutes, I was greeted by a woman who took me into a small room and cleaned my teeth. The main note she had for me was that I really need to floss more, but overall my teeth are looking good. The main concern that I have is that there is one tooth that is much more sensitive to sweets and the cold than other teeth are, so she gave me some Sensodyne toothpaste to hopefully help my teeth out. After she was done, I headed back into the waiting room for a few minutes before a nurse called me into another room, where I sat down and waited for a minute or two until my dentist came in. We did a quick chat and I mentioned my problem tooth, so he made sure to immediately check that tooth for problems; whether it was cavity based or something else. It turns out that, at least from the base understanding of the issue, my tooth’s enamel has been worn down, apparently from too harsh brushing. Whoops. After checking everything out, we went back out to schedule another appointment for next Friday, in order to fix that issue. Before we left the room though, he asked how my year has been so far. Now I could’ve lied just for the small talk and been like “Oh yeah everything’s been great so far this year!” But let’s be real here, no it hasn’t been. I decided to be honest and said that it’s had it’s up’s and down’s so far. Which is damn true, and I am praying to God and whoever else is out there to please PLEASE let things be swinging in the upwards direction for me, because god damn. After that, I thanked them and headed back outside and towards the Wendy’s down the street for lunch. I debated waiting until I got back home after grocery shopping, but then I wouldn’t eat until closer to 5 and I’m not having that.

I also forgot to mention some tea to spill with all of you. So as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, I emailed my general manager from Emma’s Torch, asking if she could be my recommendation when I’m applying for other serving jobs. Yeah I know there were issues and all, but I worked there for over eight months, so I figured that it would be fine. Well apparently she didn’t think it was, and told me that she didn’t think that she would be a great reference, because of my performance issues at Emma’s Torch. Yeah alright. She tried to keep it casual in the email, but I just felt very disrespected by that. I felt like the good I had put into the restaurant should’ve outweighed the bad, but I guess not. As the day progressed, I crafted a polite, but in my opinion very critical email, mentioning how I am saddened by her saying that. I promise you she’ll probably reply something snarky, since she seems to love to get the last word in, but at this point I really truly don’t care. I am beginning to despise this woman, and just how unfairly she has treated me at that restaurant. Anyway, mini-rant over. After eating at Wendy’s I headed back to the train and took the A down to 59th St., before transferring to the 1, and taking that up to 72nd.

Now as I arrived at 72nd St., I worried that I might see my team from DialogueDirect, since that’s a spot we head to pretty frequently, and when I popped out of the station, my fears were pretty quickly realized. I saw my team leader, Ray, and one of my teammates Josh talking to one another, a good 30-40 feet from me. I immediately swiped back through the turnstile and went through the other exit, because I really didn’t feel like talking to them. I know it’s a minor thing, but I just find it weird to run into your coworkers on your day off. Especially when they’re still working, but your not. Anyway, after avoiding them, I headed into the Trader Joe’s, where I spent the next 30-40 minutes walking around and picking up the necessities, which ended up costing me just over $50; Definitely not too shabby for a Trader Joe’s run. Hopefully this will all last me for a week, maybe even a week and a half! I headed back out, and went to go back into the train station until I saw Ray and our other teammate Josie talking across the street. Again, not wanting them to see me, I hurried to the other entrance, and quickly went inside and down to the tracks.

Before long, I was back at 59th and on the A heading home. When I arrived, I put all my groceries away, took my garbage out, and headed up to the first floor to get my apartment’s mail, before settling back down in my room, where I started filling out some job applications. I was going to call the restaurants I had applied for that I hadn’t heard from yet, but it was already 5 o’clock, and I know that service had begun, and no one would really be able to talk to me at the moment, so I decided to just do that tomorrow during my lunch break. For now, I just wrote down the places I’ve applied for already, and who’s responded yet, just to get a sense of what’s going on. I really need a new job soon, so I’m doubling down my efforts to find a place.

I planned on playing some League, but when my friend Andrew texted me, asking if I wanted to see another movie with him tonight, I obviously couldn’t refuse. This time around we went to see Booksmart, so I bought my ticket, and after filling out another application, I headed down to AMC Lincoln Square. I made it to the theater just before 6:30, when the trailers started, and greeted Andrew as I took my seat. After 25 minutes of trailers, the movie began, and man oh man was it a wild ride from start to finish. Genuinely such a fun and heart felt movie, telling the story of two high school girls, just trying to have fun before they graduate. I honestly laughed and cringed and felt so many other emotions throughout the movie, and I really want to go see it again. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, go. It is absolutely fantastic and worth at LEAST one watch. As the credits rolled to an end, Andrew and I got up and headed out, now with the plan to get something to eat for dinner.

We walked a few blocks, planning on getting Chipotle if all else fails, but at the last moment I notice a little pizza place. Andrew gave me the choice between the pizza place and Chipotle, so I decide that we should be adventurous, and we went inside for some pizza. Now I ended up getting a chicken parm hero, along with a glass bottled coke, while Andrew got a slice of cheese and a slice of mushroom pizza. Now the pizza looked pretty good, but I gotta be honest- the parm sandwich was pretty below average. The bread was soggy, there wasn’t much sauce, and the chicken didn’t have any flavor to it. But it still filled me up, and before too long, we headed back to the train and went home. I decided to take the 1 with him, instead of going all the way back to 59th to catch the A, and got off at 181st and walked the few blocks back to my house. I decided to call Maggie, and talk to her to pass the time; she also just got her new computer built, and I wanted to know how it felt. I mean when I got my new computer, oh MAN did it feel good when I got to really use it for the first time!

As I walked inside my house and sat down in my chair, Mags and I chatted for a bit longer, as she FaceTimed me, showed me the updates on her and Devon’s apartment, along with her beautiful new computer and monitor, before we played a game or two of League, just so she could kind of get a feel for how her new computer ran. After we had finished our games, we said goodnight and I did my drawing for the day. I wasn’t sure what to draw at first, but after settling on an elephant, I found this really cute picture and had to draw it. It’s also Pride Month, so I think this was just a fun bit to it. Now I’m just writing this blog post and going to bed, because I actually have to be up for work in the morning, and I really need some sleep. Time to keep climbing, because I am tired of just sitting at rock bottom. I’m miles from the top, but I ain’t stopping now.

Until next time,



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