Life May Be Rough Right Now, But “I’m Still Standing” (6/2/19)

So I’ve decided that I’m going to start drawing one thing a day, and just posting it here at the bottom of each of my blogs. I started yesterday, and ended up taking some time to draw something else today, so I figured I might as well continue the trend. Really though, I might not be the best artist, I really don’t think I’m all that good, (I’m okay, but nothing special), but it’s fun and it helps me to relax when shit is just so out of sorts in my life, like it is right now. It’s definitely better than just playing League nonstop, and getting pissed at the world, continuing to fuel my anger and resentment towards myself and everyone around me. Anyways, let’s talk about today!

Today I ended up getting up by noon, and spent the first part of the day just relaxing in my room. I heated up some lunch, and just watched some professional League for a few hours, as I actually played some League for the first time in a good long while. However, as the time began to tick towards the later half of the afternoon, I decided to hit up my friend Andrew, to see if he wanted to see a movie tonight. Now I don’t normally hit people up first; I wait for them to message me and move from there. But I’m tired of that shit, honestly. I need to stop waiting for something to happen in my life, and just make it happen for myself, or else I’m going to be waiting forever. So I message him, and Andrew messages back, saying that he’s down, and that he wants to see Rocketman, which has now finally come out. We planned on meeting at the theater for the 8 o’clock showing at AMC Lincoln Square 13 in between 67th and 68th St. and Broadway, and so I waited out the few hours I had to spare, playing some more League, before finally heading off. Now as per usual I was running late, and made it to the theater by 8:05. I would’ve gotten into the theater and been set to go quickly, but the layout of this theater is damn confusing, and I got lost for a good minute or two. Finally though, I made it to the theater as the trailers had begun playing, greeted Andrew, and settled in for the ride.

Now I only brought water in with me to the theater, which is what I almost always do since it saves me a good amount of money, but Andrew had happened to bring in some popcorn he made at home with him, so we stuck it right next to me and shared as the movie began. I had looked up the Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie, and with it sitting at a 91%, I was definitely excited. And I gotta say, holy shit is Taron Egerton a brilliant actor. Like the movie I really know him from is Kingsman, but his commitment to this role was incredible. I believed every minute of his performance, and his voice sounded fantastic. The costumes, ensemble, and overall story flow felt so natural and fun, though definitely emotional at times, that I was enthralled the entire way through. Of course there were little bits that felt a bit slow, but that’s really me just nitpicking. As Andrew and I left the theater, rain now falling softly onto the moonlit streets, I mentioned how even though this movie shows that once again, money cannot buy you happiness, I would much rather be sad but rich, than sad and poor.

The two of us walked back down to 59th, and caught the A all the way back up to our respective homes, and I wished him a safe trip back as I said goodnight. It felt good to finally get out of the house and do something with my day; I’ve been getting a bit stir-crazy in here. Now I got inside my apartment just past 11, and after playing a game or two of League, I decided that I needed to do some laundry; after eating of course. So after I heated myself up some dinner, I grabbed all my dirty clothes, along with my towel and sheets, and headed to the laundry room for some late night laundry fun times. As I walked into the room, I had originally planned to use all four washers to wash everything, until I noticed that the pool of water that was left from when I had done laundry last was STILL THERE. It has been a solid two weeks and no one has done anything. I ended up using three washers and four dryers in order to get my clothes nice and clean, but I got it all done in one go. I did have this moment where I broke, as I just stared at the empty dryers, asking whoever is out there to please help me. Grant me better luck because things suck right now, and I can’t seem to make anything better. Definitely not a thought that I let cross my consciousness all too often, but everyone has moments of weakness. Definitely did not feel all that great though. I’ve finally finished out my night, watching YouTube clips and putting my sheets back on my bed. Tomorrow I got a dentist appointment, so I really should get some sleep, so I can be rested. I pray that these next weeks will show promise, after the atrocity that was May. God I could really use some luck right about now… please?

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2 thoughts on “Life May Be Rough Right Now, But “I’m Still Standing” (6/2/19)

  1. Sorry Michael; I’ve tried to follow your blog but as an older disabled gay man there isn’t much I can relate to. Count your blessings and good luck. Doug

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that Doug! I’m sure that not everyone can relate to these posts. All I’m doing is telling my story, and kind of documenting how it pans out. I think everyone should count there blessings. Through all the sadness and pain, there’s always a light; no matter how dim it may appear at first. God bless 🙂


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