A Long Story Has Winded to a Close… So What Do I Do Now? (6/1/19)

So I didn’t mention this in detail in my last blog post, but I literally stayed up until 5:30 in the morning playing Persona. Now the reason I ended up quitting was because I had progressed a decent ways in an area, only to die and be sent all the way back to the beginning. Now, frustrated as I was, I desperately needed sleep, and the sun had begun to peak out from behind the buildings, so I headed off to bed. Now when I finished last night, I was pretty close to being done with the game. Well, I thought I was. So I woke up today, first around 11, and then around 12:50, and immediately started Persona back up. I was finishing the game today. So that’s what I did. I played nonstop for a good four or five hours, only stopping at 4PM to head off and grab a late lunch from Subway. Like I don’t want to spoil anything about this game, because I think it is absolutely fantastic and well worth the time and energy put into it, but holy fuck did things escalate fast in the end there. Like nonstop surprises and exciting moments. By the time the credits rolled through and the after credits scene had finished, and a I was back at the start menu, I had clocked in my first play through at 94 hours and 58 minutes. And I have to say, it was so worth it. I felt connected to all of the characters, and even though the ending was happy, I knew I was going to miss these characters. Miss going through the day to day; wooing one of the girls, going through and stealing hearts. Now the game definitely has more to offer, and you can easily re-play it 2, 3, 4 times at least. Some of your stats roll over, so going through Castles are much easier. And to be honest with you, I’m definitely going to play the game through again. I want to do more with the game, and get more out of the story. Even woo a different girl, and get a different story line out of it. But nothing will beat the first play through; The first reactions. This game has really helped me to stay rooted and not break down, despite the shit I’ve been dealing with all through May. For that, I will forever be grateful.

Now once I finished the game, I watched some YouTube for a while, before finally forcing myself to get up and actually make some dinner. I had everything going (just some basic chicken, rice, and veggies), and before too long, everything was done. I fucked up with the rice, and kept the temperature too low for too long, so it took longer than I expected to finish, but you live and you learn. This was no where near one of my better meals, but you know I’m gonna eat it; I made it after all. To finish out the night, I actually hopped back into Minecraft to grind a bit; just leveling up my flying type Pokemon so I could fly instead of walking everywhere. It has taken me a bit, but I finally got that done. Definitely a satisfying feeling. Now I was about to turn off my computer, when I saw something on Facebook that said that a study found that drawing, even if bad, helps improve mental health. For some reason that just resonated with me, so I pulled out a piece of blank paper out of my printer, grabbed a pencil, and simply looked up “basic cat for beginners drawing”. And for the past 30-40 minutes, I just drew. I ended up drawing two cats and a dog, and even though they’re not that great, they’re not terrible and it was definitely relaxing. I haven’t genuinely tried to draw something in a very, very long time, so this was nice. Maybe I’ll do it some more some time; might just help me decompress when I get stressed. Now then, time for sleep!

Until next time,



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