Let the Job Search… Begin! (5/29/19)

Today was finally the day. I finally got to meet up with someone from Green Olive, which will hopefully lead into a new job opportunity in the near future. I need a change of luck right around now; I feel like I’ve been drowning in garbage luck the past few months. Now I had the meeting with the guy from Green Olive at 12:00, so I made sure to drag myself up from the depths of slumber by 9:45. Now as per usual, I laid in bed for a good while, until finally hopping in the shower at 10:30, getting ready, and heading out. After taking the A down to Fulton, then transferring to the F, I made it to the office waiting room by just passed noon; thank goodness. I checked in, and then sat around for a good 15-20 minutes before the guy came to talk to me. We walked together into the office (He said he recognized me, and that it had been a minute, but even though I pretended to know what he was talking about, I didn’t recognize him at all. Yikes) and got right down to it. I handed him my updated resume, but after asking me a few questions, he mentioned that I am a lot greater than my resume gives me credit for. I have a lot of skills that I don’t list on my resume, that moving forward I very much should have on there. I served coffee? Barista. I took dishes back to the kitchen? Bar back. Things like that. Now I hadn’t thought about that, but he was absolutely right. I definitely need to do some changes to my resume, so I stand out more. I really am not good with this type of stuff.

After a bit of chatting, he gave me three jobs that I would be interviewing for today, which I needed to head out for right after we finished talking; Floret. Buddakan, and The Smith- Lincoln Square. He gave me some advice about what questions to ask, and told me to hype myself up, and then I was on my way. I first headed to Floret, which was closest to me. It’s a restaurant in a hotel, which is just opening up this week, so I was curious what the atmosphere was going to be like. After a little confusion of where I was going, I finally found the entrance and went inside. After mentioning I was here for the job, I was handed an application, and took a seat as I filled it out. There were a few people waiting around as well, so I ended up waiting a good 20-30 minutes before finally talking to someone. The first person I talked to was from HR, and though she mentioned I didn’t have much experience with such a large restaurant as a server, the fact that I worked at a restaurant back in my hometown that was quite large was definitely comforting. We had a good chat before I sat back down, and waited to talk to the General Manager. After a brief talk where she answered all my questions, she told me she would get back to me in a few days, and I headed out to my second location- Buddakan. Now I heard that it was a fancy restaurant, but holy moly. I checked in there as well, and after waiting a good 30+ minutes, I was finally seen. While I waited, I made sure to snack on the small treats they had sitting around, since I hadn’t eaten lunch, and it was already passed 3. The final location’s job fair thing ended at 4, so I was hoping to make the tail end of it, but after talking to one of the workers, (I assume an HR person), and then being told to sit back down and wait to talk to someone else, I knew I wasn’t making it. Now don’t get me wrong, the talk I had with the woman was a good one, but after she suggested I start as a server assistant, since I don’t have as much experience as they want out of a server, and their wine list is insanely extensive, I started having my doubts about working here. This was quickly confirmed after talking to the second person, a gentleman this time around, who talked about what the plan would be. Basically I would be working at a different location, and the job wouldn’t begin until July or August. Yeah that doesn’t work at all. I still had quite a good chat with this guy as well, and thanked him for his time before leaving. Later tonight I got an email saying that I didn’t move forward in the process of their hiring, and honestly that’s fine by me. I need a job now, not in two months.

The final place, The Smith- Lincoln Square, was closest to me, so after I finally left Buddakin, I hopped on the A and headed up to 59th. Unfortunately by the time I got there it was already 4:30, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask, right? I began moving faster as I saw the weather looking worse and worse about me, as I quickly arrived and moved inside. I asked for an application, and took a few minutes filling it out. I handed it back to the front of house staff, and was told that the General Manager had just started pre-shift, so they would reach out to me later. Definitely fair, and even though I wasn’t able to get there during normal hours, I still hope they contact me. Finally I made my way home, exhausted from running around all day; especially on almost no food. Now when I got home, you know what I did? You guessed it- Persona 5. I’ve been progressing quite quickly, and I just hit a crucial part in the story, where everything has now quickly picked up speed. I played for a few hours, before heating up my dinner. I also made a quick stop at the Rite-Aid, since I was in the mood for some sweets, and bought some Oreos, as well as some chocolate donuts for breakfast. I chowed down on my dinner, as well as one whole column of Oreos, and continued playing the game until I knew I had to get to bed. I’m about to get ready and pass out, because tomorrow I head back to Dialogue. Pray for me that things start to get better from here on out, because I have no clue what I’m going to do.

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