Mother Nature Really Can’t Make Up Her Mind Sometimes… (5/28/19)

So I’m going to make this blog post shorter, partly because nothing all that exciting happened today, but also because it’s already past 3AM, and I have an interview tomorrow at noon, so I really need sleep. Now as I said, not much happened today. I got out of bed around 8AM, feeling much more refreshed after actually getting eight hours of sleep, I hopped in the shower, got ready, and headed off for work. Now normally on Tuesday’s I head over to one of the machines in the subway and pay for another weekly unlimited pass, but when I got there today, there was a crowd of people going to use the machines. Added on to the fact that one of the machines was busted, I worried I would miss my train. So when I heard the announcement “The next Brooklyn-bound A is now arriving”, knew I needed to do something. Luckily for me, a woman had just opened up the emergency door, so I quickly slipped on through after her, making it onto the train just in the nick of time.

Once on the train, I relaxed and listened to some music, and before I knew it, I was already at work. I headed in and my day finally began. Now it was supposed to storm throughout the day, so after we broke as a campaign and headed to site, we found some scaffolding to work under, and got to it. Well I should say we got to it, but I ended up chatting with Ray for a long while about this and that, and ate through basically the first half of the day. But hey, you know I don’t mind that. After a very filling lunch, we got back to work, and the sun finally poked it’s head out of the clouds. Now by the time it was hitting close to 5, nothing was happening at our site, so we made a change to Union Square, in hopes that we could salvage this shitty day. Unfortunately we really couldn’t, though I will say that switching locations was a very good idea, but I still ended the day on zero. But it’s whatever, these days happen.

Now since I had off yesterday, I’m gonna have to come in on Friday to make up the day off, and everyone else is coming in on Saturday to make up that day. Now I could just come in on Saturday, but yeah no. I’m not losing part of my weekend. Also side note, I told Ray today that I’ll probably put in my two weeks soon, so that’s a good update. Now I headed back home, where I’ve just been playing Persona 5 all night. I will say however, that I did make myself some dinner tonight, around midnight, making some chicken, rice, and veggies, which I actually managed to separate into three separate meals, so I’m excited about that. Now I gotta get ready and go to sleep, because I’m meeting up with a guy from Green Olive about a job opening, which I am hoping will lead to me working in a restaurant again very soon. I even just updated my resume, to now include Dialogue, but also to put an end date on Emma’s Torch, since I really haven’t been working there since March, at least as a server. Hopefully tomorrow goes well, and I can start working ASAP. Here’s to the future, whatever it may be.

Until next time,


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