A Day Full of Unnecessary Stress and Fruitless Stories (5/27/19)

So listen, today started off ROUGH. And when I say rough, I mean I just could not get to sleep last night. I was panicked about whether or not I had work today, which added on to the fact that I hadn’t gone to bed until 5AM the last two nights, which culminated in my body telling me to fuck off, and having me wake up every hour or so, tired but unwilling to sleep. I tried to take my mind off of things, watching a YouTube video, surfing the social media spectrum, listening to music, but nothing helped. As I lie awake, counting down the minutes until my alarm went off, I finally got myself up and got ready for the day. Now I knew that I wasn’t gonna have work today. I KNEW I wasn’t. But that 1 in a million possibility that I was working made me way too anxious, so I left my apartment at the same time as normal on a Monday (9AM), and took my exhausted self to 42nd street. I even snapped my ordeal, as I walked to my job, peered in, saw no one, and headed back home. I went all the way down to 42nd, getting zero sleep last night, for nothing. I decided that I would go and get a bagel, only to find out that most small shops like that were closed today. Do you know what wasn’t closed though? Dunkin’. God bless them. I walked down to the one in Penn Station, got myself a sandwich and a donut, and headed on home; chowing down on my makeshift breakfast on the way.

Now I debated taking a nap, but I of course decided to play Persona 5 instead, chipping away at the hours. In retrospect it was definitely a smarter idea, because now I can reset my sleep schedule tonight, which will be really nice, but damn am I tired now. I planned on finally doing some cooking, but when I remembered we didn’t have any aluminum foil, which I need to bake my chicken, I just ordered some pasta from Pick&Eat, along with a salad. Now Andrew and I had planned on meeting up for dinner and then going to see Brightburn at 8PM, so I was kinda just running the clock until I had to leave. We agreed to meet at a nearby Pret, so I left my apartment at 7:25, well I was running late but that’s besides the point, so I could get there, grab food, and then we would head into the theater. I even managed to catch a short nap on the train ride there, but when I arrived at 42nd St., I got a call from Andrew, saying that something urgent came up and that we would have to reschedule. He felt really bad, but honestly I don’t mind. I would’ve been terrible company with how tired I am at the moment.

Instead of going straight home, I decided to go to Target to pick up some aluminum foil, and ended up not only picking that up, but some breakfast bars, some more toothpaste, and a washcloth, which I have been in dire need of, since I just threw my old one away. Honestly the prices weren’t even terrible either, (gotta love Target), so I paid for my items and walked back to 42nd St. to head on home. I gotta say though, as I walked along the streets, I was mesmerized by the sunset tonight. Like I know today was hectic and all, but just staring at the beautiful sky this evening seemed to make it all worthwhile. I finally caught the A back home, and have been playing Persona for the past few hours. I even managed to romance the girl I’ve been going after for a while now, which sounds dumb, but coming out of a breakup, it was at least something I could try and do right, ya know? Anyway, I didn’t end up eating dinner, since I had a late lunch, but I did have like an apple dessert thing that I got from Trader Joe’s, which was really good. Now then, I really gotta get some sleep. I am exhausted and I ACTUALLY have work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Until next time,


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