“A Whole New World” (5/25/19)

So last night I stayed up WAY too late again, and decided it would be best for me to just get ready and go to sleep, instead of staying up another 30 minutes or so to write this blog. (And when I say that I stayed up way too late, you and I both know that means I passed out at 5:30 as the sun started to peak out from behind the sky). So anyway, let’s just jump into this~

For some reason, my body really doesn’t care about getting eight hours of sleep anymore. I mean don’t get me wrong, I definitely still need it, and I feel much better when I get those wonderful eight hours, but today my body decided to wake me up around 11:15, an hour and a half earlier than I wanted. So I did the usual- checked my phone, looked at social media for a good 20 minutes, and went back to sleep, until I was awoken by my alarm. After that, I laid in bed for a while, before sitting up and hopping on Persona 5 for a bit. Seriously, I’ve been playing this game for maybe 4 or 5 days now and I’ve already hit 40 hours. Like Jesus I have zero life. After a few hours of playing, I decided I should actually start my day. So I got up, put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, and headed into the kitchen, where I made the last of the fried rice I got from Trader Joe’s, along with using up the last of the bread, tomato, and spinach I had to make some buttered toast with said healthy options on top for a nice sandwich.

I headed back into my room with my lunch to chow down and continue playing Persona 5, but before I started again, I made the split second decision to get myself a ticket for Aladdin tonight at my local movie theater at 7:15. Now did I have any high expectations for this movie? Of COURSE I didn’t; I mean come on now. For starters, you can’t beat the original, and secondly the Genie. I mean YIKES. The blue just felt a bit off and weird. So after another hour or two of playing, I quickly hopped in the shower, got myself ready, and headed off to the train and to 125th St. I ended up getting to the theater by 7:17, so I quickly made my way to the Dolby theater in the back, and sat down at my seat just as one of the trailers finished. Also quick side tangent- we love getting to see expensive movies in the nicer theaters at AMC for free with AMC A List. This is obviously not a sponsor, but if they did I would not say no. I mean it’s so damn worth it. See two movies a month, (well sometimes one, depending on which theater you go to in NYC), and you’ll have already paid for it. I’ve definitely raved about it in the past, but goddamn I love that shit.

Anyway, the movie began, and honestly I didn’t hate it. The new Aladdin doesn’t hold a candle to the original, but I will say there were some standout actors. I read something on Twitter beforehand, talking about Jasmine’s outstanding performance, and I would have to agree. She puts so much passion and work into her character, that you can actually feel her pain through some parts of the story. I will say though, there was one part of the movie where she does a reprise of one of her songs earlier on, and it literally looks like they were just like- do you know what would be cool? Making a music video in the middle of this movie. I’m not spoiling anything, but you’ll know exactly what I mean when you see it. Other than her, I was also impressed with Jafar’s performance, other than towards the end where he head to kinda go crazy with power or whatever. But he definitely felt like the very cobra he held as his staff, which I appreciated. Even Will Smith’s Genie wasn’t terrible. Honestly he made me laugh in a few spots, and he really worked to make the character his own. There are a few points where it doesn’t necessarily work, but all in all, it was fun watching him. Oh and the blue really didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. It’s definitely weird at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. Now the main issues I had with the show was, first off, pacing. It felt like they were really rushing through some of the plot points and character developments, just to get to the juicy bits; which is fine I guess, but it does feel like they ended up cutting some corners on the story end. Secondly, auto tune. Like there were some parts where it was so blatant that it really irritated me, which leads me into my final and main gripe of the movie- Aladdin. I get it, he was trying to make the character his own, but unlike Will Smith’s genie, which worked really well, and came off as fresh, his Aladdin felt like he was trying WAY too hard to be edgy. Unlike the other characters, I really didn’t see the emotional range and comedy that I expected from the character. Like in One Jump Ahead (Reprise/ Reprise 2) he goes excessively hard on the anger of being called that, which I felt just doesn’t work. I get he’s angry, but I would much rather of seem it hit him and he feels almost sad when he says those words. Maybe that’s a personal choice, but I just think when he sang those lines, it just didn’t come off as well as I would’ve liked. Also as I mentioned earlier, the character isn’t as funny as the original. I’m not sure if that was more because of the writing or the acting, but it just wasn’t there. I definitely felt some second-hand embarrassment when he comes back as Prince Ali, which by the way is definitely a stand out scene of the movie, which I have to thank Will Smith for, but all in all, Aladdin’s acting was just kinda meh. Still a not half terrible movie though; I’d still recommend seeing it, if you don’t have anything else to do.

After the movie ended, I headed on home, where I ended up playing Persona 5 for the rest of the night. I did talk to my brother Jake for a while, who Facetimed me as I played, (I flipped the camera and held my phone between my legs so he could watch), and then I took a bit of a pause when my friend Zoe Facetimed me, and we chatted for a good hour or two, as I left the apartment around 2AM to go to the local Rite-Aid just to grab some dinner. I wanted to do some cooking, but you and I both know that shit is not happening at 2AM. Then I wouldn’t eat until 3, and I was definitely getting hungry. We just filled each other in about our lives, which we haven’t really been able to do in a while, as she packed up to head to Florida for a bit. We finally said goodnight, since she was getting up at 7:30 to catch a plane and I was not gonna let her get zero sleep, and I stayed up for another hour or two playing Persona 5. As I got ready for bed, I watched the light begin to creep into my room, creating small pockets of light, so I quickly got into bed and went to sleep, before my room was totally consumed in light.

Until next time,


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