Sometimes It Feels Good to Just Take a Breather, Relax, and Get Some Cleaning Done (5/24/19)

So as you all know, if you read that long last post, I ended up writing yesterday’s post today, because I passed out before I could finish another coherent sentence. Now it’s hitting 4:30 and I really should go to bed, so this may be a shorter post. Anyways, today was honestly pretty uneventful, and I’m okay with that. I woke up today at around 11, got up, used the bathroom, and fell back asleep till 1, where I laid in bed for a bit, before getting up, showering, and starting my day. After I got dressed, I headed into my kitchen, where I used up most of the ingredients I had left to make a lettuce, tomato, turkey, and cheese sandwich, along with a sliced apple, before heading back into my room to finish up my blog post from last night while I chowed down on my lunch. After that, I debated starting up Persona 5, but instead I took it upon myself to do some cleaning, so, armed with my Swiffer, I took to the floor and did some scrubbing. I even wiped down the floor in my room!

Then I decided to treat myself and head down to Rite-Aid to pick up a few things- two air fresheners, some orange juice so I can make myself a Mimosa, some veggie straws, and some pretzel M&M’s. Once I got back to my apartment, I’ve honestly spent the rest of the day playing Persona 5. I mean seriously, I’ve been playing this game what? Not even a week now, and I’ve already clocked in just over 36 hours. I also should say that, and I’m not proud of it, the bags of M&M’s and veggie straws are already gone. As I sit in my chair, I can feel my stomach questioning my past self’s decision, but it is what it is. Honestly, I’m glad I have a game to pull my attention away from League. I’ve been playing that game nonstop, and I think I really needed something to refresh my love of video games. Not that I don’t love League; I just get frustrated at times because of it, and I’d rather pour my time into other things as well, instead of just letting that game consume my everyday life.

So I guess the main positive today would be the fact that I actually did some cleaning! I also forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I even took the time last night to fold my laundry, which I never do (because I’m a lazy piece of shit). Now there is a situation that I’m dealing with right now that I hope will be resolved soon, which is the fact that I few weeks back, I wasn’t paid for a day that I worked, and even though I was supposed to receive the payment this week, I still haven’t received the extra money. I really hope that that gets figured out, because I am one broke bitch. I also kept thinking about W a bit today, as I was going about my business, listening to music and cleaning. I think I’m still figuring out what I want to say in the letter I send, but even more so I wonder what will happen when I send it. I’m glad to say that I’m getting better, now that the wound is less fresh, but it still can be hard sometimes. I think there’s a part of me that resents myself for causing her pain and sadness when we dated, even if I didn’t mean to. I know I said some dumb things and asked some dumb questions, and I feel like it made her resent me a bit for it. I still have a month before I send the letter though, and even though I’d love if she sent me a letter, which would make my heart skip a beat to be honest with you, I know she won’t; she definitely won’t before I send one, and she may not even send one after mine arrives. Again, I’d love it if she did, but I really don’t think she wants anything to do with me.

Anyways, I have nothing going on tomorrow, so who knows what I’m gonna do. Maybe watch a movie. Either way, it is closing in on 5AM and I am exhausted, so I’m gonna get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time,


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