Trying to Look on the Bright Side, Even Through the Rain… (5/23/19)

Alright a disclaimer here. I was trying to write this post at like 4 in the morning and was crashing so hard that I decided to sleep on it and finish it today. It’s now 3PM, so let’s get this thing rolling! Now onto the post~

Like I promised in yesterday’s post, my goal moving forward is to try harder to look for and find the positive parts of my day, instead of just trying to “get by”. When I was in college, I worked two jobs over a summer so I could save up and study abroad. During that summer, my mantra was simply “I just have to get through today”. Now it definitely helped and worked then, but I don’t ever want to be in that mind space ever again. Even though my semester abroad was one of the best parts of college for me, that summer was hell to say the least. But during these past weeks, I feel like I’ve fallen back into that mantra; just trying to get through the day, instead of enjoying it. So when I woke up today, I told myself that it was going to be a good day today, and I got ready for work.

Now I got ready and left at the same time as I always do; leaving my apartment by 8:55 to catch the 9AM, but today something was different. When I got to the tracks, the train tracker said that the next downtown A was 1 minute away, but then one minute passed. Then five minutes passed. I was definitely going to be late for work. Finally the train arrived into the station, only for us to sit there for another 5 or 8 minutes, bringing me a good 15 minutes later than I wanted to be heading to work. I thought back to a Twitter article I saw the day prior, which talked about a “New York Super Villain” who would purposefully screw up passengers’ commutes, before disappearing into the tunnels. I don’t think it was him, as per when I read more into the incidents later, and the attacks seemed more focused towards lower Manhattan and Brooklyn with the numbered lines, but the thought still obviously crossed my mind. I made sure to text my team leader what was going on, and updated him throughout the annoying wait, but it really wasn’t a big deal because he was running late to work as well.

I finally made it to work at 9:40, and started working with my other teammate Josh on our pitches for a few minutes, before we circled up and got the day started. We headed out and to the local Pret on the corner of the street, met up with Ray, (my team leader), and were off to our location for the day- 55th and Broadway. When I checked the weather last night, I realized it was supposed to rain today, so I made sure to bring my jacket just to be safe. Honestly, thank god I did because as we got started, the wind was blowing and it really was pretty chilly on site. Now the beginning of the day went by alright. I was frustrated because I wasn’t getting anyone, but I didn’t give up, even if I wanted to at points. Luckily for me, that was when I gentleman named David approached me, asking what I was doing here. We got into a really nice conversation, and despite me not expecting him to sign up, he said why not and we got it done. After taking a selfie with him, he asked if I could send him the picture, and I happily obliged, and he was on his way. First good thing to happen, and it did really make me smile. After that, I felt my confidence grow, and I pushed through the rest of the day, not letting rejections get me down.

When we broke for lunch, after walking around for a bit and even passing the Soup Nazi’s kitchen from Seinfeld, which I of course took a picture of and sent to my family, we ended up going into a local Melt Shop, which I’ve eaten at twice now. Is there healthy food there? Of course not. But oh my GOD if it is not some damn good food. After chowing down on our lunches, and me reading my team the Twitter article about the “New York Super Villain”, we headed back to site. Well, we were going to head to site, but then we felt some rain coming down, so we moved over a block to where some scaffolding was. Thank god we did, because right when we got under the scaffolding, the sky opened up and let a monsoon down on New York. I mean it was POURING. I remember seeing so many people running to find cover, their clothes as if they had just jumped in a swimming pool. I even chatted with a couple on bikes, who were tourists going on a bike ride through Central Park, only to get caught by the downpour and hurry back to some shelter; which is a decent ways away, like damn. After a little while, the rain finally cleared up and we headed back to our original site to finish off the day.

Now did I sign up a second person today? No. But honestly that’s okay. I didn’t give up and pushed on through the rest of the day, working hard to try and stop everyone I could. At one point, Ray emerged from the bathroom of one of the restaurants, not only with an umbrella he found, but also two rolls of toilet paper, because they left them sitting around, and because why not I guess? Either way, he gave me the umbrella after I asked for it, which I’m grateful for because I finally have an umbrella again(!), and we got back to working. Now my favorite interaction of the day had to be with a woman I stopped towards the end of the day named Veanne, and absolutely wonderful person who I chatted with for a good while. Even though she didn’t end up donating, we talked for a bit about the charities she does donate to, including Planned Parenthood, which of course caused me to get into that atrocities happening in some parts of our country at the moment. She said that I fueled the fire in her to look more into Save the Children to see if she could in fact make room at some point, but she was all tapped out at the moment. She also mentioned she was an actress, so as she went, I asked for her full name, and told her mine. “Veanne Cox”. As I looked her up, I was surprised to find that she was a Tony nominated actress, who has been in plenty of movies and the like over the years. Like holy I did not realize who I was talking to, but it was definitely a pleasure to meet her!

Finally the day came to a close and I headed home, after saying a quick goodbye to Ray and Jonathan, since tomorrow is Jonathan’s last day. When I finally got home, I plopped myself down in front of my TV and ended up playing Persona 5 ’til ungodly hours in the morning; (aka 4AM). I did make myself a little dinner around 1 or 2, but it was only a quesadilla so I was still feeling peckish as I got ready for bed. As I mentioned at the beginning, I did try and write this blog before I went to sleep, but all of a sudden I got really tired and just got ready for bed and passed the hell out. Alright, I’m gonna go eat now, and probably do some cleaning and then play some more Persona 5.

Until next time,


**In case you were a Seinfeld fan and wanted to see this~

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