Needing Some Wine After the Ill-Fated Meeting (5/18/19)

So I’m writing yesterday and today’s blog posts at the same time, because last night I got back very late, and was a bit drunk, then had to do laundry and go to sleep so I could wake up for the gig I was doing today, so I wasn’t able to write the post then. But that’s okay, because it’s here now! Now let’s get into it…

So okay, today was a crazy day to say the least. After staying up late with Jake playing Minecraft, I ended up waking up around 12:30, and after a bit of being lazy and not leaving my bed, for a good while, I finally got up, took a shower, and headed to Emma’s Torch, ready to hear my fate. Coming in I was very prepared to just be told “You’re not good enough; We don’t want you; Goodbye”. It’s not the best mindset to be in, but it honestly helped me be ready going in, so that I could take whatever criticism was thrown at me. So I arrive and after briefly greeting everyone, I head into the back, since they were still just finishing up Brunch service. After a few minutes, my manager Z and our head chef Alex come in and sit down, and the talk begins. It was pretty short, and we went over the evaluation sheet that was sent to me two weeks ago now, and after she explained to me what she wrote, she asked what I had written down for strengths and weaknesses; and the interesting thing is- they all lined up pretty well. And don’t get me wrong, I knew there were some parts, from the evaluation list, where I knew what Z thought of my performance, so when she said it, I wasn’t hit nearly as hard as I was last time. I genuinely agreed with her that they were things I still needed to improve on. The main one’s listed were that I need to understand my role, because I will at points, when trying to be helpful, overstep and do things that aren’t my job; which is fair and has happened. And then the other main one was just using my time on the floor effectively.

Then we got to the end, which is where we move from here. Now Z said that she’s already guaranteed the other two server assistants shifts, so as to not give those away, she is moving me to “on call”. Aka I won’t get consistent work from the restaurant any more, but if there’s ever a day, especially during the week, when they need an extra hand, she’ll let me know. And this works quite well for me, honestly, because I hope to be moving towards a different restaurant very soon anyways. So even though it sucks because I will barely be working at Emma’s Torch anymore, it doesn’t feel like there’s bad blood. We still joked around, and I got to talk to the two of them about my time working as a fundraiser so far, and the things I’ve experienced. As I left to go home, I asked them if they knew of anywhere close that had a good wine selection, and there just so happened to be a wine store just down the block! So I said my goodbyes and away I went to Smith and Wine.

Now I popped in the store, only knowing that I wanted a cheap red wine for my friend and my wine and cheese night, so I went inside and started looking around; having no idea what I was looking at. After a few minutes, one of the workers asked if I needed any help, and after describing what I was looking for, he pointed at two different red wines. The one I ended up choosing was more well rounded in it’s taste, which I figured would be better with a variety of cheeses. Besides, it was only $12! We love a good deal. With this bottle of wine in hand, I headed towards the train to get home. I ended up hopping on the G, and transferring to the A at Hoyt, and after a bit of a commute, I was at last home. It was only like 4:30, and since my friend and I weren’t meeting up for dinner until 6:15, I took the extra time to just play some Pixelmon to do some grinding, so when Jake and I played again, we wouldn’t be focused solely on collecting materials, which is god know much less fun.

After a an hour and a half or so of Minecraft, I headed out to Pick&Eat to meet up with my friend. I ended up spotting her on the way to the restaurant with her headphones on, so I quickly moved up next to her and said “Hey!” After hugging, we headed over and grabbed some dinner, chatting about our lives and the craziness that has happened over the past few months since we’ve really talked. After a while, we decided to head back to her apartment to drink some wine and chat some more. We walked up quite a few blocks, arriving at her apartment, where her pup was more than excited to see me. After a while of chatting and letting the wines chill, we popped open my bottle of red and started chatting about high-school again. By the time we got through my bottle of wine and brought out her half finished, but much bigger bottle of wine, we were deep in conversation. After we had finished the wine, we headed up to the roof of her building, letting her pup run around for a bit; What a beautiful, starry night.

Finally, after wonderful conversation, the night ended just around 1AM. I made my way back to my apartment, still pretty buzzed honestly, and ended up doing my laundry before I passed out. Now I got through one washer and dryer cycle fine. But for some reason, the other washing machine had a message that popped up when I checked on it, that said “Suds”. I opened the machine to find a pool of water inside, with my clothes incredibly drenched in water. One dry cycle was not enough, so I put it in for another dryer cycle and went to sleep; praying that no one stole my clothes. I gotta be up for that server gig tomorrow. Exciting times!

Until next time,


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