Man I Need to Get Back Into Serving (5/19/19)

Now onto the actual blog post for today. And yeah last night was a roller coaster and a half, and it still feels barely real what happened, but here we are. Anyways, today. So I woke up at 9:20, and forced myself to get out of bed after 10 minutes or so to get my clothes that my drunken ass left in a dryer last night. Luckily nothing was missing, and they were only set aside on a table, so I was able to just pick them up and head straight back to my room, where I quickly got ready for the day. I was meeting Andrew at a local bagel place that was right next to the hotel where the gig was for breakfast, and even though we agreed on 10:45, anyone and everyone knows that I would be late. After getting ready and dressed in all black for the event, I hopped on the A to 59th, transferred to the 1, and made it to 79th by 11:15 or so. I quickly walked to the bagel place and, after saying hello to Andrew and chatting for a few, I got in line to get myself a bagel. I didn’t realize until I was already in the line that it was a Kosher bagel place, so I couldn’t get my normal BLT. But that’s okay! I got myself a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese and I was good to go! After munching down on my light breakfast- aka the bagel and a banana, we headed over to the hotel, going all the way up to the top floor, where the “Party Hall” was located, and we were greeted by the mother of the lady who hired us. (Also this party was a baby shower, which was super cute and was a ton of fun) We started out by helping set up the room- folding napkins, placing silverware, putting down paper, prepping the drinks. Simple stuff, but it took time. Now the event itself was pretty easy and in my opinion, went quite smoothly. It was a baby shower, and I got along very well with the guests at the party, who almost all were older women (shocker, right?), and even though Andrew and I got everyone drinks and served food and the like, we did a lot of standing around, just doing what we were told. We even got to grab ourselves some lunch, which though expected, was still a pleasant surprise. Now the event was supposed to run until 5PM, but after helping them break everything down, pack everything up, clean everything, it was hitting 6PM. But I told Kimberly, who was the woman who hired us, that we wouldn’t leave until the job was done; because of course! If I’m hired for a job I’m going to see it through till the end!

At the end of it all, Andrew and I not only walked away with $140 a piece, which I am incredibly grateful for, we also got to take home a bottle of Prosecco each, which is absolutely awesome and amazing. Kimberly also just so happens to be a director and a producer, so that’s a new connection made! She told us that next time she does an event like this, she’ll definitely keep us in mind, which I am so grateful for. Honestly I’m just so happy because even though small things went awry on their end, it all worked out and everyone was very impressed with Andrew and I! Like I knew they would, but it still feels good to have that confirmation there. As Andrew and I left, we decided to head back to his apartment to just decompress and relax for a few hours, before the Game of Thrones series finale. Now I don’t watch GoT, but Andrew is a massive fan, so I decided I would leave just before 9 so Andrew could have a few minutes to mentally prepare for the ending of that show. As we hung out in his apartment, we just drank some cider and bourbon, and watched YouTube videos; which although it doesn’t seem like much, and it isn’t, it was a great way to relax after working our asses off all day. I even showed him a Chris Fleming video- his most popular video “Company Is Coming”. We also watched a video about the video game Persona 5, which I have but haven’t started yet, and I know once I begin, my free time will be quickly sucked away into that game.

Once I finally got home from Andrew’s, after leaving just before the time struck 9PM, I heated up a frozen quesadilla dinner and called Jake, and we played Pixelmon for a good 1.5-2 hours. Honestly it’s been such a blast so far, and we’re having a good time; though I am definitely glad I did some grinding cause that would’ve been SUCH a pain otherwise. Now I’ve spent the last 45 minutes or so writing out these two blog posts, before I pass the fuck out, cause I have work tomorrow at 9:30. Can’t wait. I’m gonna send an email and go to sleep. Here’s hoping this week is a better one than last week, and I can look to put in my two weeks before the week is over. Here’s to better days ahead~

Until next time,


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