Without Family and Friends, Where Would I Be? (5/15/19)

So I’m writing this post after one of the busiest days in a while, and even though I’m tired as hell, I honestly feel happy; happier than I have in weeks. Today started with me lying in my bed, waking just before my alarm and just lying there for a little while, as I always do. As I checked TimeHop, I realized that today marks the 1 year mark since I’ve graduated college. Honestly, the year has gone by so very quickly, and I can’t believe everything that’s happened to me this past year. From performing a show in NYC, to moving to the city, to getting new headshots, to signing with an Agent, it has been one busy year to say the least. Of course there were plenty of downs and stressful times, like right now to be completely honest with you, I’ve never felt more fulfilled and thankful. Without everyone in my life, even if they’re not in my life anymore, I wouldn’t be here. And for that I will forever be thankful.

Now that that mushiness is out of the way, let’s move onto today. After I finally got up and got ready for the day, I hopped on the A, took it to 125th, and transferred to the C, which I rode all the way to 96th. As I sat on the train, looking over my notes for the test I was about to take, I realized that I forgot to bring a pencil with me, and they said that we had to bring our own. As to not risk it, I quickly made my way to a nearby RiteAid and just picked up a pack of mechanical pencils before heading towards the test site. When I arrived, there were a few people waiting outside, and when I mentioned that I was also waiting for the test, one of them said that someone would come out and get us. So there’s five or six of us just standing outside, when suddenly a security officer comes out and goes “Are you all taking the Food Handler’s Test? You better get inside, they’ve already started reviewing.” Yeah it turns out that the person got confused and we walk in to find a solid 40-50 other people sitting in the testing room. Now the test was supposed to start at 2PM, but after reviewing everything that was going to be on the test, and everyone completing the paperwork and getting their picture taken for their ID, it was already 3. Finally we were allowed to start our tests and thus it began. There were 50 questions, and you needed a 70% or better to pass, so I knew that the max I could get wrong was 15. With that in mind, I zoomed through the questions, only questioning myself on 4 or 5 of the 50. I was one of the first to get up and hand in my test, which they grade in a solid 4-5 seconds, and was handed my score. I ended up getting a 96%, only getting two of the 50 questions wrong, which I think is pretty damn good. There was a girl that was standing outside with the few of us beforehand, who mentioned that this was her third time taking the test, but I couldn’t understand why. It really wasn’t that difficult of a test and it was multiple choice; can’t get much easier than that to be honest with you. I also gave two people my extra pencils that I had, since it was a pack of five and I only needed one. One of the two of them, a guy, talked to me afterwards and gave me back my pencil, as we struck up a conversation. He mentioned that he runs a food truck business, and if I was looking for any work, just message him on Instagram; I got a 96 so I must be smart. His words, not mine. We parted ways and I made my way to my next destination- my friend’s house to walk her dog.

After a little confusion after I got off the 1 train, I finally made it to her apartment where I was greeted by good ol’ pup. I was going to use his harness to take him out for a walk, but I got confused and didn’t put it on right, and he seemed uncomfortable, so I just hooked the leash up to his normal collar and we went on a quick walk down the street. Now it was all going fine until the way back, where I realized that his collar is quite stretchy, only after it had come off of him and I had to quickly grab him to make sure he didn’t get away from me. Quite a stressful situation to be in, to be frank with you. Luckily I got the collar back on him and carefully walked the pup back home safe and sound. He really didn’t seem to notice, but I sure as hell did, obviously. Finally I put him back in his cage, said my goodbyes, and hurried home. My day wasn’t even close to being done yet.

After putting on a casual button-up shirt and taking a minute to breathe, I headed back out and down to Penn Station to catch a train into Jersey. Like always I was running late, and arrived at 34th St. with 2 minutes before the train left, which meant I had to run like hell to make it to the train. Somehow I made it with maybe 20 seconds to spare, and I was on my way. After a bit of searching, I found a seat close to the end of the train, and finally sat down, listening to some Broadway music as the scenery whizzed on by. I made it to Convent Station by 6:40, and after a few minutes picked up by my friend Roni, who drove us to Dreyfuss, where the showcase was being performed. We got out of the car and headed into the theater to get some seats. Everyone did a very good job, but the two people I mostly came to see- my friends Cassidy and Maddy, were both absolutely wonderful. Honestly there were so many talented people who went up on that stage, and I’m so proud of all of them. They’re actually performing their showcase in front of Agents tomorrow, which I did last year, and I can’t wait to hear all about it. After the show ended, I started chatting with some people, only to spot my friend Anthe across the room. She came, but decided not to tell anyone, which is very much an Anthe thing to do. I gave her a big hug and then continued chatting with friends and the like. After the room cleared out a bit, Anthe, Roni and I decided to get some dinner before I had to catch a train home. I was going to hurry to catch the 8:50, but decided I would much rather spend time with friends then catch an earlier train. We grabbed some Chipotle and chatted for a while before they finally had to drop me off at the train station. I gave them both huge hugs, especially Roni, who was heading back to California on Friday, and headed to the train.

After some confusion of where the hell the stairs were to the train heading to New York, I finally made my way on to the train, and was on my way. I took out Catcher in the Rye and started doing some reading, after making a sappy Insta post about it being a year since I graduated, and finally, after transferring at Penn to the A, I am now home safe and sound. I did stop by Rite-Aid to pick up some granola bars for myself tomorrow, but now I am home and writing this before I pass way the fuck out; It is just past 12:30 and I got work tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and of course I’m stressed but more than anything I just feel reinvigorated after these past two days I’ve spent with friends (Monday and today). After all the shit I’ve been going through, I really, REALLY needed this. Now, onto tomorrow.

Until next time,


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