Why is It Cold and Rainy? I Thought It was Spring… (5/14/19)

So today started pretty rough to say the least. Like I went to bed by 12:30 or so last night, but for some reason my body said “Hey, do you know what would be a great idea? To get up at 5AM!” And that’s what happened. I woke up sweating in my bed, looked at the time, and sighed. I opened my window to cool down my room, and then tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately for me that didn’t last long, because I woke up again around 6:30, this time freezing. I begrudgingly got back up, closed my window, and laid in my bed, until I somehow managed to fall into a light sleep for a little while longer. After lazying about in my bed, annoyed at how I couldn’t sleep because my body hates me I guess, I finally got up, showered, and got ready for the day. I left my apartment by 8:53, and made it to the subway with plenty of time to renew my unlimited weekly metro card, which always costs a pretty penny and hurts my heart when I buy it, and get on the train.

As I got on the train, I somehow managed to get a seat, which is unheard of at 9AM, but I definitely wasn’t questioning it. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and tried to at least take a quick nap before I got to work. I didn’t work too well, but honestly, I expected as much. I finally made it to work by 9:25 and the day began. Now this is an aside, but one reason that I’m actually glad I’m looking for a new job is because I have an inkling that if I stay with this job too much longer, I’m probably gonna get fired. Like I work my ass off, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just not signing people up, and that’s the whole point of the job. Anyways, we go to 33rd and Park and after taking a minute to take a pit-stop at the Starbucks to use the bathroom, we head outside and get started. And I gotta say- it was not a nice day out today. All day it was cold and just kind of wet. The morning wasn’t the worst, but by the time we got back from lunch, the rain started coming down. It wasn’t like a heavy downpour though, just this light, cold rain coming down on us. All in all, the work day wasn’t too eventful- I managed to get one near to the end, and even though she was younger than we need to get credit (she was 23 but we only get credit if they’re 25; however we can still sign them up as long as they’re 21 and older), it still counts as me being on board, and that’s what I care about honestly.

The good news today was that as I checked the Food Handler’s website thing, hoping that something would open up at a decent time tomorrow, I saw “5/15/19- 2:00PM”. And I was like YES. DONE LET’S GO. I checked earlier on in the day, but then the only offering tomorrow was at 5PM, and that doesn’t work because I’m going back to FDU to see my friends perform at their senior showcase. God I’m broke. But I got registered to take the test and now I’m going to actually be given the chance to take the test tomorrow at 2PM and I am overjoyed. Honestly thank god that good thing happened, because the rest of the day was pretty depressing. Before I finally got my sign-up, I had two stops that I almost got, but they complained that they couldn’t do a one time donation and left. That, added onto the fact that I let my team leader, Ray, borrow my metro card so he could run some errands during lunch, only to realize after he had left and I was on my way about to enter the subway that he hadn’t given it back to me, really left me in a bit of a sour mood. I had to buy a whole new unlimited metrocard, since I’m going to be going back and forth on subways tomorrow, and would prefer to not have to pay every time. I let Ray know though, and he knows that he has to pay me back for that shit.

Either way, I made my way home and finally got to relax for a while. I played some League before giving Maggie and call and talking to her for a few hours, as I actually took the time to make myself a decent meal- just some chicken, rice, broccoli and corn with some curry sauce, but it was pretty good. I even made enough for three portions, so now I not only have dinner tomorrow, but I also got dinner for Thursday! I ended the night chowing down on my dinner, while playing a little bit more League, and watching some Chris Fleming. Truly an icon to say the least. I watched his hour long comedy special that he posted a bit back and damn he’s funny. Finally I looked over the material that I need to know for tomorrow, and am about to go the fuck to bed. I am EXHAUSTED. Pray for me that tomorrow will go well and I’ll get my license no problem. Time to get some sleep.

Until next time,


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