I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends (5/13/19)

So I’ve decided to go back to my original style of titles, partly because the title “The Road to Recovery Starts With a Single Step” sounds like I’m a recovering addict, but also I think it’s just better in general. Counting how many days since my -ex broke up with me doesn’t help anyone. Maybe I’ll come up with a new title for these blogs at some point, but for now we’re back to basics.

***Edit- I’ve now changed those 10 posts to be called “The Path to Mending a Broken Heart”. I think it is much MUCH more fitting, and definitely makes me sound less like a recovering drug addict, and more just like I am- I guy just trying to pick up the pieces after having his heart broken. All love ❤

Now today began with me being more stressed about my life than I have been in a long time. When I woke up, I just laid in bed, thinking about how little money I have at the moment, and worrying how in the actual hell I’m going to pay rent next month. After getting up and making a sandwich, I decided to do the math on about how much I spend every month, on basic necessities like food and my weekly subway pass. It added up to a good $500, which makes sense, but is not great. I mean spending $500 a month on basic necessities is not that surprising, especially in New York, but when you calculate the fact that at the amount I’m making right now, all I’m doing at the moment is bleeding money, it made me begin to panic. I know I’ll be okay for this month, at the end of the day, but needing to wait until June just to get my Food Handler’s License is not ideal by any means. As I tried to calm myself down with a good shower, I knew that I needed to get ready and hurry out of the house; I gotta get to Jersey to see my friend Andy’s thesis at 6PM.

As I checked the time, I decided it would be best for me to catch the 4:18 train, so I could get to New Jersey a bit early. (I’d much rather be early than late) I left my apartment and caught the next subway I could at 3:50, and thankfully made it to 34th St. by 4:14, giving me just enough time to quickly walk to the train and get on. As I walked through the crowded train, I finally managed to find a seat, sit down, and breathe a sigh of relief at last. I activated my ticket and took out The Catcher In The Rye. Also really side note real quick- I don’t know why, but I always seem to forget the name of the book. Like I’ve been reading it for a bit now, but whenever I try to remember it by name, it just slips my thoughts. Maybe it’s because The Catcher In The Rye is a strange name for a book, or maybe I am just extremely forgetful; I’m gonna go with the latter of the two. Anyways, so for the next 45 minutes I am in my own little world, listening to music as I read Catcher, ignoring the stress that seems to be circling around me with no plans on slowing down. I feel like at times I’m just trapped in a cyclone of my own stress, but at this moment, I was at least in the eye of the storm; finally calm and peaceful.

Just after 5 I arrive at Convent Station, and go inside as I wait for my friends to come pick me up. As I wait, I of course pull out Catcher again, and read for a while longer before I decide to get up and stare out into the rain until I finally see my friends pull up. I hurry through the rain and get in, and am greeted by my friends Cat (Cassidy), Maddy, and Roni. They decide to make a pit-stop for some quick food before we head to the thesis night, so we stop at Quick Check. I thankfully found enough self-restraint in myself to not buy anything, and just like that, we were back on our way. We made it to the Morris Museum, which is where the theses were being shown. We walk in and are greeted by family of Andy and Cat, along with friends from FDU. We were even given free tickets, so I didn’t have to spend $5! (Thank goodness) Catching up with some friends, we made our way inside to watch the six theses being presented this year.

Now I have to say, they were all different and had very different styles, but Andy’s was by far the best out of the six by like a mile. Like I know I am of course biased because Andy is my friend, but his genuinely felt like it was on a different level then the other five. The first three were pretty rough to say the least. The very first one was live action with some terrible CGI thrown in, but I couldn’t follow the incredibly loose plot and was ready for the next one to come on. The second was actually animated, but there was basically no story and the animation was rough to say the least. Now I knew the third one was going to be long, but holy fuck it was 18 minutes, which felt like 5 hours to be honest with you. All of the others were under 10 minutes, some even being under 5. And this was 18 MINUTES LONG. Also it wasn’t even that great. There was a shit ton of text at the very beginning of the thesis, with some ominous music playing in the background as it zoomed into a pixelated eyeball. Now this one did have potential but the entirety of the 18 minutes was so pixelated, I could genuinely not tell what was going on for 90% of the story. Like come on man, just render things better so it doesn’t look like shit. This is supposed to be your thesis; the thing that should display everything you’ve learned over the past four years.

Now the fourth thesis felt like a true breath of fresh air. It was simple and short- about a cat and dog fighting over who gets to play with a ball, only to have to work together in the end when the balls flies out of both their reaches. It wasn’t very long, but the animation and overall design was so much sharper and cleaner than the other three films. Everything looked really nice, and moved just as well. Just a very cute, very well done piece. Next was the fifth piece, which was good, but I learned after the fact that the creator was very big on kind of stealing Andy’s ideas, aka using models that looked like Andy’s and the like. But despite that, it was still a fine thesis, about a boy and a swamp monster. The swamp monster was very cute and the story was done well. I’m just not happy to see some of Andy’s artwork taken and used for another project. And finally, Andy’s piece. Now it is on Youtube, and I’m putting the link here for anyone to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94BuCfciH-E&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0eAok-8h8YsHLyrK8iDmDZIxkuGXUtHDffGdN5WAVSD4CEfDI0GXDGGWQ

Now this guy has been working on this for a year now, and honestly- it shows. Like I know he’s my friend and again, I am biased in a sense, but you can tell from the get go just how much effort he put into this project. All of the movements are clean and crisp, he designed everything down to the smallest, most minute detail, and the finalized product is absolutely amazing. Honestly it truly is on a different level than the others in his class. I cannot express how impressed I am from this kid’s dedication and true talent. Please if you read this blog post, take 10 minutes and watch it.

After the theses were done and over with, I said my goodbyes and Cat drove me back to Convent Station, where she, Maddy, Roni, and I chatted for a little while before I finally had to get on the train and head home. As I rode home, reading some more of The Catcher In The Rye, I realized again just how thankful I am to have these incredible people in my life. Sure I don’t get to see them very often, but they are some of my closest friends and I love them all so much. They, along with my family, have helped me get up again after this breakup, and keep moving, even when everything seems to have gone to shit, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

After a long train ride from Convent to Penn, and then from Penn back to my apartment, I finally settled down for the night, heated up my leftover pasta from last night, and have spent the final hours of tonight relaxing, playing some League. I also discovered that there was a new time added for tomorrow in which I could take the Food Handler’s License test, along with the options in June. Of course I’m working tomorrow so it didn’t matter, but that means that earlier times will appear every so often!! Aka I am going to be constantly checking the site tomorrow so I can hopefully take the test on Wednesday. God that would be amazing. Anyways, I have been rambling for far too long, and I really need some sleep. Tomorrow I head back to work.

Until next time,


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