The Path to Mending a Broken Heart- Day 10: Getting Things Done Plus a Little Bit of Nostalgia (5/12/19)

Today I woke up just before noon, happy to finally almost be getting 8 hours of sleep for once. As I lay in bed, mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, I finally decide to get up and get some things done. After playing a game of League, I decide to make myself some lunch and begin cracking down on the online course I’ve been going through to get my Food Handler’s License. It is a lot of reading and damn is it a pain in the ass, but I had to get it done. I was hoping to take the test as soon as possible so I could finally put my two weeks in with DialogueDirect and start working in a restaurant again. The main issue I had with each section was that I had to wait 15 minutes per lesson to take the test; and if you got even one question wrong you had to wait 15 more minutes to retake the test! Luckily most of the questions weren’t that hard, but there were a few that I got wrong once or twice, so I had to keep going back through the chapter and re-taking the tests. Again, pain in the ass, but I pray it will be worth it.

After getting almost all the way through with the lessons, I decide to go see Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, because I grew up watching Pokemon and still am a fan. So I got myself up out of my chair, hopped in the shower, got ready, and finally left just after 8 to head to the movie theater. Now the movie started at 8:10, but it took under 10 minutes to get there, and trailers last an eternity, so I knew I had some time to spare. Once I made it to the theater on 125th, I walked in, showed the worker my movie ticket and my ID (I have to show my ID because I have AMC A-List, which I gotta say has saved me a solid amount of money on movie tickets), and headed towards the theater. The worker gave me a pack of Pokemon cards, which I think is cute and very clever, because it really brought back the nostalgia factor of being a kid and opening up new Pokemon cards.

When I got to my theater and went inside, I found my seat, sat down, and immediately opened the card pack to see what I got. Now there were only two cards in the pack, which is fine, one of which is of course Detective Pikachu, but out of all the other cards I could’ve gotten, I got Magikarp. And if any of you has played Pokemon before, you know that Magikarp is the most useless Pokemon out there. Yeah of course it evolves into Gyarados which is bad-ass, but still rough all the same. Either way I was still happy to get the cards, so I put them in my bag and settled down to watch the movie. And I gotta say- It wasn’t bad! I was expecting from the reviews to have the plot feel a little loose, which is definitely was, and for the twist ending to be weird, which it very much was, but all in all I still enjoyed myself. The CGI Pokemon looked great and were a lot of fun, and I think Ryan Reynolds did a very good job as Pikachu. The male lead was okay, though some parts fell flat for me, and the leading lady, though she had a rough start, got better as the movie went on. But seriously, her acting when she is first introduced just feels bad and awkward. Like really not good acting. Also I wish that they’d paid homage to the original Pokemon when Ash and Pikachu become close when Ash saves Pikachu from the flock of Spearows in episode 1, or like Detective Pikachu has this huge battle and becomes hurt because of it, but instead he just becomes hurt because a rock hits him. It just didn’t feel earned, and even though it should’ve been a heart wrenching moment, it just wasn’t. Also I’m not sure if I totally bought the chemistry between the male and female leads, at least not for most of the movie, but that’s just me. But again, at the end of the day, I had fun and that’s what I wanted out of this movie. To feel nostalgic and have fun.

Finally I made my way home, calling Mags and telling her about my thoughts on the movie. Before going back to my apartment, I made a stop at Rite-Aid to pick up some paper towels because we were out, as well as withdraw $10 so I could get a ticket to my friend Andy’s thesis tomorrow in New Jersey. He’s been working on this thing for a year now, and I know it’s gonna be phenomenal. As the day winded to a close, I finished the final four lessons so I could finally register to take the exam so I could get my license, all the while binging and finishing up Chris Fleming’s Gayle. If you don’t know who Chris Fleming is, do yourself a favor and look him up. He took me a while to get into, but now I’m hooked to be honest with you. Also really side note, someone left a really wonderful comment on my first post of this new series, and it was super kind and thoughtful and if you’re reading this, I just wanted to say thank you. It means a lot! ❤

Anyway, I finish up the lessons and go to register to take the test, to find that the first available test date isn’t until June 4TH?? Are you shitting me?? I was told to go and take the test as soon as I could, so I could get it done and start working, and their giving me this? Whatever, I’ll figure it out when I wake up tomorrow. For now, I gotta sleep. This week is gonna be busy.

Until next time,


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