The Path to Mending a Broken Heart- Day 9: Finally Doing Some Much Needed Grocery Shopping (5/11/19)

Last night I definitely stayed up a bit too late; aka I was up till almost 5AM. I haven’t done that in a good while now, but I gotta say, my body waking me up at 11 in the morning did not feel too great. I haven’t seemed to be able to get a solid eight hours of sleep in some time now; my only guess is that I’m just stressed and it’s affecting my sleep schedule. As I lay in bed for a few hours, wasting the day away, I got an email from my manager at Emma’s Torch, Z, releasing the schedule for the week. Unsurprisingly at this point, I was not scheduled at all, which makes me think this will be something brought up during our meeting next Saturday. Oooo boy I cannot wait to get fired because of some petty shit that Z feels like pulling. I truly have no idea what other possibility there can be than Z saying “We’re going to have to let you go.” I don’t agree with that position and I don’t believe it is fair by any means, but I think it just may happen. But we’ll have to see.

I finally got my sorry ass up close to around 3PM, and took a much needed shower, before prepping to leave for Trader Joe’s. I put off shopping for a while now, but I really need to start making my own food again; I am spending way too much on food that I can just as easily make in my home. I finally left my apartment just after 4, caught the A down to 59th St., and transferred to the 1, which I took to 72nd. It was a gorgeous day when I stepped on out, and I enjoyed some much needed warmth from the sun after some dastardly dreadful cold rainy days. (Why did I just use the word dastardly? I have no idea) I headed inside the Trader Joe’s to find it, unsurprisingly, packed full of people. I popped in my headphones and started listening to some tunes on Spotify, grabbed a cart, and started getting what I needed. Before I left my apartment, I made sure to write down a grocery list for myself, because I knew that if I went in unprepared, I would have spent WAY more than I would’ve liked to. I picked up some frozen veggies, ingredients to make sandwiches, pasta, sauces, etc. As I waited in line, grabbing my final few items that were just an arm’s length away from me and my cart, I passed by some cards that are for various events; whether it be for Birthdays, Graduation, Anniversaries, Pregnancies, whatever you wanted. However there was a blank card (aka no words on the inside) that was just a painted picture of a window with a view of a body of water with a sailboat, and I decided to buy that, too. I figured it would work pretty well as the letter I will eventually send W. I will say that it did feel quite strange getting a card for a letter that I won’t write for another month and a half, but it is what it is.

I finally paid for everything, with the total coming to just under $70, which I gotta say is not too terrible; hopefully all of these things together last me about 2-2.5 weeks. I got back on the train, which I thought was the 1, but made express stops for some reason, skipping 59th and going directly to 42nd St., but that didn’t really bother me. What threw me off was when there was a guy asking for money, as many do, only to be interrupted by a couple, who asked for money so they could, at least from what I could tell, feed the homeless? Either way, the woman apologized to the man she interrupted, but kept GOING. Like damn bitch, I respect the hustle and all, but I would be PISSED if I were the other guy. And like, I don’t think anyone gave him anything, but then a woman immediately gave this couple a few dollars; like damn what a cutthroat game it is here on the subways of New York.

I finally got on the A and made it back home just before 6PM; instantly putting everything away and making myself a sandwich, because I hadn’t eaten all day, except for a granola bar. I made myself a turkey sandwich with spinach, tomatoes, and cheese, with some mayo on the bread, along with some dried mangoes, a cut up apple, and a small bag of chips. For the rest of the night I’ve been playing some League, I watched an anime movie because I am SUCH a nerd, I watched some Youtube, and have been going through the online reading portion that I have to get through to get my Food Handlers License. It looks like it’s a lot of reading, but I’ll get it done. I also reached out to my friend, since she’s graduating today from grad school. For some reason, the only time I talk to her really now is via Instagram dm’s, which is not ideal but it is what it is. It’s nice to talk to a friend again, and maybe I’ll be able to get my friend group back together during the summer to grab a drink. Who knows? Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m probably going to go see Detective Pikachu. I love Pokemon, always have, and am going to have a blast. Other than that, I’m just kind of stalling until I have to head to New Jersey for the day on Monday for my friend’s thesis, which I can’t wait for, and then I have to head back to New Jersey on Wednesday to see my friends’ showcase that they’re going to perform in front of agents. Should be a good time, though I have a feeling that I’m going to feel a hole in my pocket. Fuck I’m broke.

Until next time,


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